Jason Spriggs released from hospital

An Indiana spokesman reported late Saturday night that left tackle Jason Spriggs has been discharged from the hospital with a “clean bill of health.”

Spriggs went down late in Saturday’s homecoming loss to Michigan State on a head-on hit that knocked the junior face down on the turf with five minutes left in the fourth quarter. Spriggs lay prone and appeared motionless on the field before being moved to a stretcher and taken out of the stadium.

While Spriggs’ status was uncertain when IU coach Kevin Wilson addressed the media after the game, Wilson said the left tackle was moving on the field.

“He was conscious, breathing, but just had some upper neck pain,” Wilson said. “Took a step and fell down, but he did have movement in his forward extremities so that’s a positive. At the same time, we’d like to do X-rays. That’s all we know right now. Keep praying for him.”

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  1. Thank God Spriggs appears to be O.K. and is out of the hospital. That was really frightening to see him laying on the turf that long.

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