Kevin Wilson says south end zone expansion is coming

On his weekly radio show Wednesday, Kevin Wilson confirmed long-rumored plans to enclose the south end zone at Memorial Stadium.

Wilson was answering a caller’s question about Indiana’s football facilities.

“We’re gonna start a project here that, in time, will kind of close in the south end zone,” Wilson said. “With that, it’ll become a new cafeteria, Hoosier Room and really enhance our locker room to be awesome (with the locker room expanding into the current Hoosier Room). Our infrastructure is awesome. The set up is maybe as good as anyone’s, but in the arms race you never have enough money. … Our place is awesome, but we gotta keep reinvesting.”

A message left for Indiana athletic director Fred Glass was not immediately returned. An athletic department source could not confirm the expansion, but acknowledged facility improvements were under discussion.


  1. Sooo does that mean more seats or just a structure? I guess as soon as Glass comes forward we’ll find out.

  2. Go from little horseshoe-west from where big horseshoe-east is located to IU’s own identity and image.

  3. Hmmm. Not sure about this. I know that more indoor facilities are required in the arms race, but looking up and seeing all the empty seats sure is a sad site.

    They should schedule OSU 5 times a year so we can sell out and still look “red.”

  4. Empty seats are a very sad site. And it’s very sad to report attendance as 40,000 when only 20,000 are actually “in attendance.” I understand that the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department was still conducting a ‘Passion Hunt’ last night: Gathering up a strayed sub-cluster of the 20,000 that couldn’t find their parking spots after blankly staring at two quarters of a Hoosier football game..

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