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  1. 2:16
    TsaoTsuG(the real one):
    Fred Glass confirms Indiana’s plans to enclose south end zone – A day after Indiana football coach Kevin Wilson pulled back the curtain on plans to enclose the south end zone of Memorial Stadium, IU athletic director [Fred Glass] confirmed the university’s goals for expansion. […]. I fully support the staff, think CKW is the man who can change our history and would fight, very actively, any talk of change. Having said that: Both CKW and Fred Glass, rather than get caught up in discussions of another lounge by closing the south end of the stadium, please pay attention to your jobs. We started this game down 21 points, we fumble, we drop touchdowns, the same player goes off on off-sides negating another touchdown …who’s paying attention? Who’s teaching?? Who is building our defense…that’s 38 points up at the top of this page? Someone need to replace a qb, replace him, send the new in in and everybody shut the f… up. Give us a football team Glass, we’ve earned it and stop the dawn marketing show during the intermission of this bad movie! And no, leave CKW alone to coach and do what he has to do, not sell your damn new buildings Glass!

    Wow…Surprised at Tsao for abandoning ship in a game with so much time left on the clock.

  2. to Mike Miller-

    Your coverage of this game was pathetic. If you can’t at least act like you give a damn about covering IU football, then find another job. One or two updates every half hour. That’s total BS. Some of us can’t be in front of the TV for gamedays and we rely on this to suffice. Following IU football all these years has been hard enough. I’m not about to put up with your apathetic bs every weekend either. Get it together.

  3. Keep your head up, Covington. You did your best in an impossible situation. Just work on getting better every day.

    Next week’s homecoming game is going to be a disaster. How many IU fans will be in the stadium? We could see a situation where there are more fans for the opposing team in memorial Stadium than their are for the home team.

    I don’t want to hear anymore comments about how smart Kevin Wilson is for a while.

  4. Podunker-

    I agree. Covington is the last person to be upset with right now. For me it’s:

    1. Wilson/Glass
    2.Life in general
    3. Mike Miller
    4. Shane Wynn

  5. Harvard… “abandoning ship in a game with so much time left on the clock”, not at all. Frustrated with the extremely poor start, 0-21 before I could breath and 7-28 by the first breath. Criticism isn’t abandonment, Harvard you should know that. If anyone here has a high definition of loyalty for school and friends, I think I’ve shown as much as possible. And, it does give me the right to be critical once in a while. Surprised at you for thinking ‘abandonment’ is even in my vocabulary.

  6. Some of you have changed your tune on Wilson…been enjoying reading lately…he ultimately is to blame for not having a backup quarterback ready! I actually thought things had changed after Mizzou but this is no different. Sad that for whatever reason Indiana cannot win at football!

  7. J Pat

    CKW’s backup transferred. To bad for him he would have been a starter now on a pretty good team. Nice job Roberson.

  8. Boudreaux never will.

    Zander cannot take the pounding as a Frosh.

    Cameron and Covington have only been here since the start of Fall camp.

    I’m trying to figure out who you groom.

    Tre nailed the coffin lid down pretty tight on that dead horse.

  9. Clarion…good point. My thing is as a head coach you must plan for these things. This is like Yogi going down and the only point guard on roster is a mediocre walk on. What I saw from Covington…sure we have better right?

  10. Hey JP! As I see it CC is going to be the man. Wilson and Johns are damn good QB coaches. I doubt CC will look positive against MSU but the bye gives the coaches 2 weeks to PHD. Covington. + the O will be made simple enough he does not have to digest volumes of info each snap. We weren’t torching the sky with the passing game anyway. There is no other option. There is a reason Wilson had him moved from D to QB(which I think was the plan you are alluding to)the other Frosh are just not physically capable to carry the water. Boudreaux must be more like Dusty and Wright than TR or NS. Too bad it has to be rushed but the kid has possibilities. He really only has to be a little of what TR was at QB. Let me put it to you like this, I have a little more faith Covington can be a B1G QB than I do Perea can a B1G center. I do hope Perea proves me resoundingly wrong. Am I wrong? If I am I’ll gladly buy the ale.
    Like to hear Mike P’s thoughts also.

  11. Clarion…I sure hope you are right. I am hoping for the best and am taking a dozen people with me. It is damn hard for me to be positive right now as Sudfeld was starting to hit stride. I love watching Coleman and hope more plays like the toss and pitch are put in for him. I worry about the work load and his health. About Perea…the buzz is he is a different kid, much improved but we will see. There is a lot of negativity around the basketball program but with shooters like we have…anything is possible. Take care!

    I am up for some ale…if you come in town give Mike and I the heads up please!

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