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QUESTION: MODERATOR: Good morning, and welcome to today’s IU sports chat. It’s a little chilly, little rainy — definitely, fall.
Hope everyone is doing well on this Friday.
Mike, Andy, Jeremy: How are you today, gentlemen? Ready to get started?

JEREMY: This weather is less than inspiring, but a little chat seems like a good idea. Let’s get to it.
MIKE: Doing well. I’m actually getting ready to jump on the road for the ride to Iowa, so hang with me today.
ANDY: Feeling pretty autumnal today … and ready to chat.

QUESTION: I dont know what to say except I am impressed with the team right now and just hope they keep it up and I hope I don’t jinx them with the praise this week.
Only complaint is while Armstrong is a good facility, compared to Louisville’s new stadium (which I went to this week) and Notre Dame and Akron (which ive been to also) it is slightly less nice. Armstrong is good at this point but not great and if Glass (or Kevin Wilson or whoever said it) is going to talk about staying in the Arm’s race for football where IU is woefully failing on the field its time to stay in the soccer arms race also and do something small (nothing major but just a slight renovation would be nice for a mil or 2 to keep up). I’d suggest covered benches, small updates to the restrooms and locker rooms on the north side etc just for a touch up.
IU SOccer FAN, Bloomfield

JEREMY: IU soccer fan,
I know where you’re coming from on Armstrong, but it’s still a very nice facility all in all. Touching up the restrooms or locker rooms is feasible enough, but so long as the Little 500 exists, there are limitations. I’ve long thought covered benches would be nice, but unless there is a way to make those removable, it’s not going to happen. I think the addition of the paneling along the edge of the field, which is put up and taken down each game, was a nice touch a few years ago, and having the bleachers for the Hoosier Army right on top of the field was also a good move. I think such little things are probably the extent of the changes any time soon. Obviously, a new facility for volleyball and wrestling is currently at the top of the list for IU.

MIKE: It would seem that addressing a new volleyball/wrestling facility comes before any renovations to Armstrong. Not sure if this was addressed before my time here. Maybe Andy or Jeremy, our resident soccer dudes, can be of better help.

Todd Yeagley, while praising Louisville’s Lynn Stadium post-game Tuesday night, mentioned that he harbored hopes IU might incorporate some of the innovations there. Obviously, Armstrong remains an outstanding college soccer venue, but coach Yeagley inimated that some sprucing up would be discussed sometime soon. There are some things IU won’t be able to copy from Lynn, such as the ribbon board disply that circumnavigates much of the field. Because of Armstrong also being the Little 500 venue, it wouldn’t be able to have the sort of concrete retaining wall necessary to mount such a board. But in terms of the locker rooms and whatnot, yes, I think that could be in the works at some point.

QUESTION: I’ve had enough of IU dumping money into football with no return on investment. Until IU wins more, Memorial Stadium just got an update in 09. Instead this money needs to be spent on either the golf course, gladstein fieldhouse, tennis and rowing facilities or even Armstrong Stadium (which is in good but not great shape relative to other facilities at this point) which have gone much much longer without any work.
This rant isn’t so much about the south endzone as much as I’m sick of Fred Glass continuing to dump more and more money into football only to get the same results we have had for years. If team is never going to win regardless of what we do at least go back to the 90’s where the program got little financial support. We can produce the same results we are now and spend much less money.
Darren, Martinsville

JEREMY: Darren,
Interesting debate with IU football — which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Does IU need to spend money to win, or need to win to spend money? The answer is probably both, but still.
Regardless, I don’t get the impression the South End Zone work is happening immediately by any means. A new facility for volleyball/wrestling is due up first, along with the Assembly Hall renovation. And there are certainly multiple other options after that. Not sure what IU can do about the golf course, though. They did some nice things with the practice area recently but are still behind the 8-ball compared to pretty much everyone else in the Big Ten.

MIKE: Darren,
Football revenue (and basketball, too) is what funds those sports you just mentioned. Keep in mind, too, that the south end zone project sounds like it’s going to contain services for all athletes, not just football. That’s in line with the North End Zone, which features the new weight room. I get the frustration with football, but results on the field don’t necessarily determine which funds go where. I’ve heard rumors about upgrades, or perhaps a new golf course in the not so distant so maybe part of your wish will come true.

ANDY: Darren:
Investment in football is a priority everyplace, not just at IU, because that remains the sport that largely funds all the other sports you talk about. It remains imperative at Indiana to try build the football program, which labored under inadequate and non-competitive facilities for so long. And I don’t think Fred Glass shares your view that the program can never win, nor provide return on investment. Updating and expanding the facilities at least gives it a fighting chance. Don’t think for a second that the recent uptick in recruiting doesn’t correlate with the upgraded facilities. Also, be mindful that the North End Zone weight room facility serves all IU sports, as do many of the other bells and whistles there, and the same will be true of the South End Zone facility. And I think recent evidence shows that Indiana is upgrading facilities pretty much throughout its 24 sports, with volleyball and wrestling next in line for a brand new venue. (Won’t argue with you about golf, though, which could have had a state-of-the-art Jack Nicklaus-designed facility in place years ago had things not gotten a bit screwed up on IU’s end of things, well before Fred Glass was on the scene.)

QUESTION: Good morning. In your opinion, how damaging would it be if Indiana fired Todd Yeagley at the end of this season? I’m asking this question, because I really enjoy these weekly discussions. For the most part, the regular participants provide insightful and thought provoking questions on Indiana Athletics. However, I’m tired of reading the same “doom and gloom” questions from the weekly participant who claims to be an IU Soccer Fan. Last week’s comment that IU needed to follow a big home victory over a ranked opponent by conducting a full analysis of the Men’s Soccer program at the end of the season was the last straw for me. What is their suggestion for IU following this week’s big road victory over a ranked opponent; disband the program entirely. It’s clear that this person wants Todd Yeagley to be fired, but doesn’t have the guts to declare their intention on this chat. I (and I believe many others) believe that Todd Yeagley is doing a great job as men’s soccer coach.!
This team has improved significantly from last season; earning big victories and generally getting better and better on a weekly basis. Yes, Todd Yeagley is not as good a coach as his father. Guess what, no one else is either! I’m not suggesting Indiana accept mediocrity with its men’s soccer program; it shouldn’t. Indiana should strive to be the best every year, but with increased competitiveness and changing dynamics, it’s unrealistic to expect Indiana to win the Big Ten and make the Final Four every season. If Coach Yeagley starts missing the NCAA tournaments on a consistent basis, then it’s acceptable to discuss a coaching change within the program. Until then, I have complete faith in Coach Yeagley’s stewardship of IU men’s soccer. I know you cannot censor or ban this participant from these chats, so let me provide them with some advice. To “IU Soccer Fan”, if you cannot get any joy or happiness from supporting this team, even when they win big games and accomplish positive results, please do something else with your tim!
e. No hobby or activity is worth the constant complaining and griping you bring to these chats week in and week out. I hope you take my comments and gain some perspective on becoming a more supportive fan of Indiana University Men’s Soccer.
Thank you.
Brian F., Chicago, IL

JEREMY: Brian F.,
I think you ably make your own point here, but just to answer the question — It would be exceedingly damaging to lose Todd Yeagley as head coach for any reason. Even in what was a disappointing year last season, Yeagley’s teams have shown the ability to develop and improve from the start of the season to the end, capped in 2013 by the Big Ten Tournament title that IU needed to make the NCAA Tournament for the 27th straight year. As a matter of fact, maybe a down year in 2013 did the IU program a favor, as some MLS teams might have come calling on Yeagley had the Hoosiers posted a second straight College Cup run.
That said, sports mean different things to different people, and that produces varying questions based on perspective. Some sports fans are pure Pollyanna and others can only see disaster around every corner. Such is the spice of life.

MIKE: Hi Brian,
Thanks for checking in and providing some well-intentioned soccer reasoning.

ANDY: Brian F:
You said it. I didn’t. But …
I will at least say this for IUSF-Bloomfield: he regularly supports the team in terms of attending games, home and road.
And I think I’ll just stop right there. Seems the diplomatic thing to do.

QUESTION: Good morning guys, I hope all is well. As always, thanks for your continued hard work and excellent coverage, I appreciate it. First, I was slightly critical of the playcalling against Maryland so I must give kudos when they are deserved and I absolutely loved the playcalling and gameplan for last Saturday’s walloping of North Texas. Short passes to get Sudfeld in a rhythm and force North Texas to tighten coverage, pound the ball, playaction passes to Wynn cutting across the field and then pound the ball some more. That was a good performance by all involved and I love watching IU physically manhandle an opponent. Also, congrats to the men’s soccer team on their great season thus far (perhaps even the most pessimistic soccer fan won’t be convinced things are headed down the tubes…at least for a week).
1. As we all know, IU has had monumental struggles with a couple of things…staying consistent and winning on the road in the B1G. The win at Missouri was a great road victory so perhaps that particularly issue is on its way to being alleviated. Can they give back-to-back good performances and find a way to win in Iowa City? No one can possibly know what to expect. IU has played semi-mobile quarterbacks in their past three games (not scramblers but Mizzou, Maryland and North Texas all had QBs capable of making plays with their legs). Breathard and Rudock don’t fit into that mold. My question, how do you think the defense will change their approach when going against this rather traditional Iowa offense?
2. Are you hearing positive things about IU’s opening basketball practices? I’ve read some good things but it’s very rare to hear anything but positives during the preseason from published articles. More importantly, how do you think the frontcourt plays out (is it mostly Hanner Perea and Troy Williams? Does Troy slide to the 3 and it’s Williams/Davis/Perea? Is Holt ready to be a factor? What about Hoetzel, Priller, April?)?
Thanks as always guys. I truly appreciate it. Have a great week, God bless and go Hoosiers!
TJ, Noblesville

1. There’s no “running” quarterback, and there’s no Marvin McNutt at wide receiver — that’s the good news. The flip side is that Iowa is most certainly going to challenge IU at the line of scrimmage, specifically in the run game, on both sides of the ball. That outcome will be telling.
2. Yeah, it’s all peaches and cream right now, but the rubber has yet to meet the road. For me, the X-factor in the frontcourt is Emmitt Holt. If the freshman is good enough to contribute right away, then you’ve got Perea, Davis and Holt giving Williams flexibility to shift between the 3 and the 4 as it suits the IU gameplan, rather than out of sheer necessity. Not sure there’s reason at this point to expect much out of Hoetzel, Priller and April other than a few cameos here and there. Hoetzel could certainly shoot his way into the mix, though, and perhaps we’ll get a better feel for April if and when he gets fully healthy from the foot injury that sidelined him in Canada.

You kind of it hit on it. There’s not a ton of difference between Beathard and Rudock, and Kevin Wilson basically said as much earlier this week. So it seems their preparation was not taken too far off track trying to scheme against two quarterbacks, both of whom will obviously play on Saturday. The key, it would seem, stems from Indiana’s ability to generate a push up front, or its ability to get creative with blitzing, stunting, etc. Wilson and company acknowledged earlier this week that Iowa will be the biggest, strongest, toughest team that IU has seen to this point, so it won’t be easy.
You’re right, it’s usually exclusively positive at this point in the year. For good reason. Andy Katz came out with a tidbit yesterday, saying Hanner Mosquera-Perea has been a nice surprise so far and that he looks “consistent and poised on the offensive end.” My guess is that it’s mostly Mosquera-Perea and Devin Davis right now. I think Williams, because of his length, will see minutes as a 3/4 type at times. We saw that in Montreal while Mosquera-Perea was unavailable. It’s obviously not going to be a strength for Williams to be there for long. I’m really expecting big things from Davis this year. He looked fantastic in Canada. I mean, Davis is what he is — he’s a big burst of energy, who can muscle around on the boards. He showed some versatility in Montreal, especially on the offensive end, but I don’t think his game really changes all that much over time. I do think he becomes valuable this season and I fully expect IU to rely on him quite a bit. The big question mark is Emmitt Holt. If he can give them quality minutes, that adds a ton to what you’re already potentially getting from Williams and Mosquera-Perea. As far as the others you mentioned — based off my first look in Canada — Hoetzel’s a shooter, who probably needs to get stronger before he becomes a bigger factor. He doesn’t appear to be an impact guy right away. I don’t see IU getting much at all from Priller this season. He can shoot 3’s when he’s open, but that’s about it. Still haven’t seen April, so the question is how much will his ankle injury hamper him moving forward?

Glad you were able to make the North Texas game in person.
1. Good question. The win at Mizzou was no fluke, because IU won the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, and a key from the defensive side of things was a very aggressive posture from the front seven from the get-go. As you note, Iowa’s quarterbacks are more pocket-passer types than is Maty Mauk, and one would think Indiana will again accentuate aggression in terms of its front seven. I think we’ll see a fair amount of blitzing and stunting — including “run-blitzes” against the Hawkeye ground game. I think the Hoosiers will come after Iowa up front. Having said that, I think Iowa’s offensive line is outstanding, and the Hawkeye defensive front is also formidable. This will likely be the most physical opponent IU has faced so far.
2. I’ll let Mike and Jeremy address this more fully, because it is their bailiwick and because I haven’t heard much, other than I think Holt has already made an impression. that Hanner reportedly had a good first day, and that April hopes to be fully ready, physically, by the start of the season.
Sorry about the belated e-mail last week, TJ. Will try to be more prompt next time.

QUESTION: MODERATOR: That’s all the time we have for today’s chat. Thanks for joining us. If you don’t already have it, be sure download the Hoosier Scoop app for live game updates, analysis and more.
Thanks for your time, Mike, Andy and Jeremy. What else should we know on the IU sports beat?

JEREMY: Women’s basketball started practice this week as well, and we’ll have more on both the men and the women from Big Ten Basketball Media Day next Thursday. Thanks for joining us. Have a great weekend, everybody!

MIKE: I’m currently riding shotgun as photojournalist Chris Howell navigates the wet and winding roads of western Indiana. We’re Iowa bound, so keep an eye on the Scoop over the next couple days as we enter Big Ten season in earnest. Thanks for checking in, everybody. We’ll see you next week.

ANDY: Indiana soccer resumes Big Ten play with Sunday’s game at Ohio State and the following Sunday’s home game with Maryland. Given that Michigan beat Notre Dame and Michigan State beat Akron the same day that IU beat Louisville, the league is flexing some serious soccer muscle lately. Mike is “flying solo” (driving, actually) from a writing point of view, alongside photographer Chris Howell, to Iowa City tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to his coverage of the football Hoosiers. Mike and Jeremy will be heading up to Chicago for Big Ten men’s basketball media festivities there in the middle of the week. Thanks, as always, to all those who checked in and/or chatted.

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  1. Re: the golf course. I think it was the 99 – 00 school year, but I remember we had a big thumbs up for a brand new Jack Nicklaus designed course that got nixed because the site of the new course crossed over into the Griffy Watershed. I always found it odd that they selected that as the site for development. I wasn’t surprised it was stopped the Bloomington government. I love golf, but I also am not a fan of development in protect or sensitive areas.

    There has to be a win win here somewhere. It is hard for me to believe there isn’t some land where a golf course could go without wrecking protected areas.

    Or, why couldn’t they do a deal with a local course for a couple of years and just gut and redo at the current site?

    I don’t know much about these things. If I were in charge, I’d probably bulldoze Martinsville and build there.

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