Notes and quotes from Indiana’s 49-24 win over North Texas

Tevin Coleman smiled at the question.

Was he surprised that North Texas linebacker Jamal Marshall caught him on his 74-yard run in the open field during the third quarter of Saturday’s game?

You bet.

“He’s a fast guy,” Coleman said of Marshall, who ran a personal-best 23.17 seconds in the 200-meter dash in high school. “I was kind of dead because I had a couple runs before. It wasn’t my fastest.”

But it didn’t need to be. Coleman’s big gain set up an ensuing touchdown run by D’Angelo Roberts in a 49-24 win over the Mean Green that saw an explosive, yet balanced output from the Indiana offense. The Hoosiers outgained their Conference USA opponents 593-348, while rushing for 363 yards against the No. 10 rush defense in the nation.

A series of short passes by Sudfeld to a collection of seven receivers opened that part of the offense up in the second half. IU posted only 74 first-half rushing yards before running it straight through the gut of the North Texas defense.

And it wasn’t just Coleman. Yet again, D’Angelo Roberts followed him as the No. 2 back with a fine day. Roberts pulled of a career-long 47-yard touchdown run in the second before finishing with his 102 yards — his fourth career 100-yard game.

“D’Lo is one of our great teammates,” IU coach Kevin Wilson said. “He’s a little knucklehead. You have to keep him kind of tight, but he’s doing a heck of a job in school. He’s growing as a man. In his own way he’s one of the kids you can be more proud of because he does some neat things and plays with a lot of passion. But he understands his role, and he plays his role as hard as anyone. He goes after his role. He’s good with his role.”

— With five catches for 127 yards and two touchdowns, Shane Wynn authored his best performance of the season. IU used Wynn both in the slot and on the outside, allowing him to get free in the open field and do what he does best — make plays. Asked where he felt most comfortable, Wynn said he’ll do whatever is asked of him.

“I’m probably not supposed to answer that,” Wynn said with a smile. “I’m probably more comfortable in the slot because I did it three years. I’m just getting used to the outside.”

For his career at Indiana, Wynn is fourth in receptions (159), fourth in receiving touchdowns (19) and in a tie with Coleman for ninth in total touchdowns (22).

— Chase Dutra has had both good and bad moments in his first season on the field for the Hoosiers. Count Saturday as a mostly good day. Dutra intercepted the first pass of his career late in the third quarter.

Dutra said he was pleased to pitch in and help the Hoosiers to a 3-1 non-conference record — their best under Wilson

“Coach Wilson always preaches that,” Dutra said. “He doesn’t want us ever going up and down, up and down. We need to be consistent with improvement. But a win always helps. Definitely just need to be ready for Big Ten play now.”

— J-Shun Harris started, but missed the bulk of the game after suffering concussion-like symptoms in the first half. Harris caught one pass for eight yards.

“We’ll see where he is,” Wilson said. “We kind of lost him. He got hit in the first drive and we didn’t have him, so hopefully he’ll be fine. We’ll see.”


  1. Nice win Hoosiers…now comes the challenge of winning at least 3 B1G games to have a shot at a bowl game. No easy task, but team has show the potential to get the job done. Now let’s go to work!

  2. …anyone else heard IU commit Tommy Stevens QB has just been offered by the Irish…

  3. Meek- He was at the ND-Stanford game; and, while it may mean the Irish are taking a second look and invited him. Why not enjoy? Stevens seems to be pretty clear headed and to have a lot of respect for Coach Wilson. When he committed he gave a hard to beat reason for the commitment:

    “I’ve been their guy since Day 1 and that means a lot to me,” Stevens said at the time.

    Glad you follow recruiting Meek.

  4. The problem is that the “hard to beat answer” may actually get beaten by the question…Should I go to Notre Dame or Indiana to play football on a Full Ride Scholarship? That answer seems to be obvious.

  5. In light of the posts on another thread about how attendance is figured, how do we count the tickets dished out to recruits and their coaches? These tickets weren’t “sold” but their holders were in the seats.

  6. The problem of students leaving early isn’t just at Indiana.. According to newspaper reports 3/4 student section left before the game was over at Michigan State.and that game was a very close game…

  7. Attendance and particularly student attendance is going to be a conundrum for any college outdoor(indoor?) sporting program for some time to come. So many options available to them. If you have not witnessed yourself let me list a small but very frequent occurrence I observe every time my bride and I go out for a meal. There will be more than 2 couples or even groups in the joint where not much face to face interaction is taking place because they are occupied with their thumbs. I know I’m a throwback to different times but I just don’t see a positive to that behavior. I do admit to still being enamored with my wife. But just the same college sports has a problem.

  8. I think we’ll soon see marriages to iphones….(my ibride?…my ihusband?…”My iwife and I will meet you at the iHop for pancakes.”)

  9. Yikes…The end is near. You just made your page look like a Walmart store. You Hoosier Hyped it…Everything in aisles and boxes….I felt like part of the family when my posted comments weren’t in imprisoned in definitive borders… The previous primary motivations to type thoughts inside a box was always knowing the ideas were valued enough to break free of the box…You killed it. You just succeeded in putting all unique into the standard office cubicle…My comments now stink of forced conformity and the stripping of individuality…..Goodbye Scoop as I once knew you in soft shades of gray that never enclosed my words into a generic cardboard shipping box…Hello fencing….Hello commonplace. …Hello sticking the baby in the playpen while the parent organization displays their powers of freedom that bestow limits upon your own…

    Some wiseguy at Scoop secured the borders…The bus has been segregated…The classroom has been divided…The gates have been erected to separate the public streets from the private neighborhood….Congrats to the builders of a wall where my comments can never stand tall…Congrats to egos Price, Miller, and Graham for showing us our place is to never share anything near their word space…..

    Somebody had way too much time on their hands…Somebody that was obviously left for hours upon hours in the playpen while mom and dad were pretending to parent…Somebody transferring such repressed childhood frustrations onto the pages of Scoop…

  10. Harvard, I just about died laughing at your post. Way to summarize! At least the boxes are contiguous, though, separated from the previous post only by a very thin “partition” along the northern border.

    On the other hand, the font is really annoying. It seems more like Inside the Hall now, that insipid, dull “X’s and O’s” site where they discuss what vegetables potential recruits might eat and who the state’s top 7th graders are.

  11. Meek!,with assistance from DD’s ‘legacy notes!!! I haven’t been this confused since I was introduced to a map shortly after we docked in New York harbor and was given a map and told to make my way home…only I didn’t read English. Honestly, Harvard has hit it on the head…I knew I was waking up to a bad day when I read an early post; and Hoosier Clarion (who takes pride in looking up the meaning of words), used conundrum …and I found myself in one. Where am I…where is the Scarecrow … Alice?

    It was Meek wasn’t it? (Using DD’s legacy notes). You could have given a warning. What is the point? Why? As imperfect as it was (and surely that was the point), that was the attraction… a bunch of guys trying to yell their point over each other and wipe the beer foam off their faces at the same time. Yeah…we weren’t very good but we are 3-1, that has to count for something. Now, we need a Purdue degree to figure out what we are reading and when. It took me half an hour of blasting away at a comment before I figured out I was answering my own earlier comment. This is demeaning, even the access sum is a five sums, multiple choice test.

    One word: Reconsider.

    1. Sheesh. First off, you guys give us too much credit. We don’t have time to redesign a web site. That’s something the H-T has other people to do. And to be honest, until I read Harvard’s rant, I hadn’t even seen the new look or had any idea it was rolling out today.

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  13. In fact I see now no one has posted anything on the Monday threads. Bloomington is there a problem?

  14. Yes HC, to your question, “Bloomington, is there a problem?” A: Yes, there is a problem, Bloomington… “. From J. Price’s comment, I draw the HT has hired some techies who have to justify their bill by changing something, anything and…there goes the Scoop! Too bad, not sure it will be worth following the new format…nor keeping a subscription. Even in the bad days, I appreciated the loyalty of old friends and a Hoosier place that was recognizable…like you, HfH…even Podunker. “Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot…A-a-a-nd Ever Brought to Mi-i-n-d…”

    JP,Andy,M…m….m…eek! This is not a good idea!> Please use your influence. (And really bad timing…not in the middle of the first winning season in decades…bad mojo!”

  15. Chet, Podunker and Tsao met last winter in Iowa. Tsao’s idea was to go to a drive-in movie and they did. Podunker chose the movie. It was a classic … I forget the title … something like … “Closed for Winter.”

  16. Goodbye HIllbilly, Tsao and Geoff. TTG threatening HT with his subscription. That’s funny. This finally feels like a major league website and not bush leagues anymore. I bet you guys cried when clothing stopped being made of wool. Get a grip!

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