1. Hey Meek, I’ve struggled to find much coverage at all on the football Hoosiers, particularly since the loss to Michigan State. I’ve also struggled to find much written coverage. You seem to have lost your taste for Hoosier football which none of us masochists gave. Add that to the fact that video taping appearing to be the preferred mode of communicating to readers for those who consider ‘writing a job’…,get the point? This is a particular problem, since you seem to prefer covering basketball to football on a ratio of 3:1 over the last three weeks…

    Very recently Meek (last week in fact), I received a communication from a T. Davidson in the HT’s office informing me that, as agreed, he has renewed my subscription. I thought about it and decided to leave the agreement with the HT as is. I subscribe to the HT because of my passion for IU sports. This includes my passion for football, soccer, basketball, track and field, baseball (a recent add) and other IU sports. But, lately Meek, I’ve seen a larger than expected loss of interest on IU football in the HT. A two line story about the noon game time for the Penn State game doesn’t do much to quell my hunger for IU football stories, in spite of our recent setbacks.

    I’ve also noticed a tremendous surge in basketball stories, despite the fact that our football team is still playing. I love basketball, IU basketball. I do…but it seems as if TC’s publicity office is operating at high gear, while someone is ignoring the calendar in coverage of football vis a vis basketball (and before some idiot mentions it, no I don’t care that some here see IU as a ‘basketball school’ exclusive of other sports); I’ve seen a rather curious increase of pro-Notre Dame stories through links in Hoosier Morning. And, were it not for my belief and hope in a football resurgence in the last half of the season, and a series (very well written) soccer stories, I may have decided to have allowed my subscription to lapse, when it came up for renewal last week. (“Just the facts, Ma’am”).

    I’m relatively sure I’m not the only reader to feel this way.

    So Meek… Put your best, vigilant, Jimmy Olson persona into contemplation mode here and try to understand what this post may be saying. In all likelihood not much that puts much at risk for the HT, given $100.00+ is not a whole lot of money in these Democratic times. But, do think about what it might mean in the medium range to a print publication in a market so voracious to swallow print media, especially when it does count on income from an out-of-town audience that is hungry for IU multiple-sport coverage. And, a niche-market specifically interested in football, soccer and sports other than basketball (though certainly not excluding it). You might thus call us a niche-audience…and we get ba vote!

    Ohhh Meek!! While I’m on the subject of ‘reading habits’, one last point; ‘reading habits are called reading habits because we ‘old f__ts’ actually like reading (you may be able to find a similar ‘old f__rt’ in your town, maybe even your own sports dominion. So, the replacement of written material with videos or sound tapes may be great for some, but not for us old________ (don’t want to overdo it), especially when the videos are not followed by written text on ‘the story’.

    Welcome to ours, the world of those who still love to read, love Hoosier football, remain forever hopeful and polish our glasses daily with the hope you young’uns will somehow notice we are a huge part of your world…nice to talk to you Meek.

  2. Yes, sure. Over the bye week, you may have seen less football coverage. There were still four stories — two notebooks, a charticle and another story on Tevin Coleman — that ran last week. And yes, during the week leading into Hoosier Hystera (which was also the one following men’s basketball media day) you may see more men’s basketball coverage. There was also time spent at the fieldhouse talking with Ron Helmer and a couple of his cross country runners for a story to run this week leading into Big Tens. We’re also preparing for our IU basketball special section, so there’s that, too. I was also hoping you wouldn’t mind, Tsao, if I took a day off before the basketball/football overlap kicks in.

    But I know you love giving me a hard time, Tsao. You wouldn’t be here otherwise. So, sure, have at it.

  3. Not gratuitously Meek. Take a good and honest look at the points I raised. My concern is the belief that IU is so skewed towards basketball that it loses legitimacy in football. Most fans here would like to see the moment when the football program is taken seriously and now that we have many things in place (coaching, budget, facilities, solid recruitment), we’d like a good start and to sustain pace. The media’s view is important and just as fans pressure the programs through the media, we should pressure the media. (You’re the guys making $5000 a week, just as Joe Willie once said).

  4. Tsao,
    My response was not to say that our coverage is perfect. It certainly is not. And, to another point, I don’t want this to read like I’m completely blaming anybody — because I’m not — but we only had one, 10-minute informal Q&A session with Kevin Wilson last week. No other coaches, no players. I also planned what I thought would be a really fun player feature (one that I still hope to do in the coming weeks) but it fell apart last week through no one’s fault in particular, so we were down another story.

    You must realize that there is also a certain point when you can only write so much about a team that allows little access during a bye week. Could I have found more to write about? Absolutely. Did I have one thing fall through? Yep, sure did. Was the IU basketball elephant in the room staring at me, too? Oh, it sure was. Quite honestly, I really enjoy covering Wilson. He’s smart, he’s funny and he’s usually a good quote. I tell people often that the IU football beat is a fun one. I hope that has been translated through some of the things we’ve posted here on the Scoop over the last couple months. We devote a lot of resources toward covering the hometown Big Ten football program. And the men’s basketball program. And the men’s soccer program. And the women’s basketball program. The only thing that hurts IU football’s legitimacy is its inability to win games consistently. When it starts winning more games, there will be a hunger for more content. I’m confident in our ability to deliver that.

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