Purdue’s Versyp on IU’s Moren

Sharon Versyp was a senior on the Purdue women’s basketball team during the 1987-88 season, the same year a freshman named Teri Moren joined the team. Now the two former Boilermakers will be going head to head as Big Ten rivals, Versyp at her alma mater and Moren at Indiana, but there’s anything but hard feelings.

“I think (Teri being at Indiana) is great,” Versyp said at Big Ten Media Day Thursday. “I think Purdue is one of the colleges with one of the best pipelines for women in college coaching, and it’s unbelievable and exciting. Teri’s been in the game, has been a lot of different places and done a great job. I think you’re always excited for people that are great people, and Teri’s a special person.”

The two communicate regularly as well.

“We’ve talked several times,” said Versyp, who spent one year as the head coach at Indiana in 2005-06. “We see each other on the road, we text back and forth, that type of thing. It’s nice. You’re familiar, we’re friends, so it’s nice to have that already established, because I feel like Big Ten coaches have good camaraderie.”

That said, the two coaches’ common background won’t come into play when they meet for the first time on Jan. 4 in West Lafayette.

“We all have different philosophies,” Versyp said. “When you take over, you have different ideas of how you run your team, but it’s that disciplined, hard-nosed skill set — those qualities aren’t going to change because you grew up in Indiana, you played basketball in Indiana, that’s just how we were. There’s no intricacies of when we played, that type of stuff carrying over. You have to change with whoever you have in your group.”

No matter who each coach puts on the floor, each knows who is on the other sideline, and Versyp says Hoosier fans should like their new coach.

“Teri’s really driven,” Versyp said. “Growing up in the state of Indiana, she knows her basketball. She’s a very, very good coach. She has a good balance of getting the discipline and being a great teacher. But bottom line, she’s a good, good person — a good soul.
“If you have that type of character, and you have the teaching ability, and you have the discipline, and you have good balance, those are key ingredients for a very good coach who’s going to have a very good team.”


  1. If there is anybody whose comments on anything IU I don’t want to hear, it’s Versyps! Her leaving IU for her alma mater was understandable but, the way she did it left a lot of hard feelings for many IU women’s fans. After she accepted the job at Purdue which she did while on a cruise, she didn’t have the guts to face the IU team and tell them in person of her decision when she returned home. That is completely gutless!! She is certainly a really good coach but, her character as far as I am concerned leaves a lot to be desired when you consider the way she left the program! Just gives us IU fans another reason to hate Purdue as though we need another reason? Go Hoosiers!!

  2. Who cares what Versyp cares about our coach? Versyp is nothing but a dirty, lousy traitor. After she was hired at IU, she was sooo thrilled to be back in her home state, was gonna work hard to get IU on the right track, was dedicating herself to IU, etc., etc., etc. Then after one year, she bails. She went from Maine to IU to Purdue. If she hadn’t been hired in B-town, I have a feeling the PUkes would’ve never called on her for their opening. … And I would hope Moren would stop talking to her.

  3. Good for Versyp. I do not blame her one bit for doing what she wanted to do that was her dream. Moren, did a similar thing. Both, are living their dream. Everyone else who had the opportunity to realize a dream job in their opinion would do the same thing.

  4. T, as I said in my post, I understand why she left, who wouldn’t want to coach at her Alma Mater? It was the way she left by not personally addressing her team that was unacceptable!! A sure sign of a lack of class. I doubt very much that coach Moren did not talk to her players upon leaving Indiana St.? In saying that this is the same thing is certainly not quite accurate! Coaches always refer to their team’s as family, is the way Versyp treated her “family” at IU upon leaving the way you would treat yours? It was a definite classless move.

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