Rahrig jokes with Coleman before big run: “You’re not even fast”

As if Indiana running back Tevin Coleman needed any more motivation to find the end zone, Collin Rahrig gave it to him moments before his big 74-yard run in the second half of Saturday’s game against North Texas.

Rahrig, the 6-foot-2, 285-pound senior center, made it quite clear to Coleman that he thought he could beat him in a foot race the next time Coleman made a break for it.

Only moments later, after Coleman stepped over a weak arm tackle and nearly found the end zone on the 74-yard break, Rahrig had his chance.

“I was actually out there on the left side and I had to knock my guy down, so I actually got up and I didn’t even see it and then I kind of looked because,” Rahrig said, pausing to laugh. “Before that I was kind of joking with Tevin on the sideline that he wasn’t even fast and that I was going to beat him to the end zone the next time he was going to take off. After that (big run), we went back to the sideline and I was saying he wasn’t really that fast. I was kind of joking around. … But it’s kind of a good thing. You have people checking each other and kind of motivating each other.”

Coleman, of course, was caught on the play by North Texas linebacker Jamal Marshall, a former high school sprinter. Marshall pulled him down at the Mean Green 9-yard line, but not before Coleman nearly yanked him all they way into the end zone.

Although he didn’t catch up to Coleman, Rahrig approved of the extra effort.

“That’s always good to see when your back can get those last 10 or so yards,” Rahrig said. “That’s just pure effort. That’s just his drive and motivation to get into the end zone.”

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  1. This new format will take a little getting used to…but I’m old and old people don’t like change. I really enjoy these types of stories. Kids on the sidelines staying loose and enjoying the moment. Mike you guys here at the Scoop are doing one heck of a job. Can’t wait to see the Hoosiers go into Iowa City and TAKE one. Go Hoosiers!

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