Ridiculously early IU bowl projections: Hoosiers in Motown

We hope you like oil changes.

Because, at this point, it’s the Quick Lane Bowl or bust for Indiana’s football team.

Indiana’s win over Missouri three weeks ago rightfully sparked national interest in the Hoosiers, but a loss to Maryland and a win over North Texas haven’t done enough to keep IU in the bowl conversation.

Of course, it’s still quite early and these projections don’t mean a whole lot. But let’s take a look at where the national prognosticators have Indiana slotted for postseason football.

Right now, SB Nation is sticking with the Hoosiers in the Quick Lane Bowl, where they’re picked to face Virginia on Dec. 26 at Ford Field in Detroit. Last week, SB Nation had North Carolina slotted as IU’s potential opponent.

BTN.com is still cold on Indiana and doesn’t include the Hoosiers among the 10 league teams it expects to go bowling.

For yet another week, ESPN.com is not including IU in bowl talk.

CBS Sports doesn’t have a place for Indiana in December.

USA Today had IU in the Duck Commander Independence Bowl after the win over Mizzou, but they’ve cooled on the Hoosiers over the last couple weeks.

Phil Steele had Indiana as a bowl team during the preseason, but he, too, has dropped IU from the predictions.

Once again, these are all ridiculously early and they change week to week. If you ask me right now, I still think IU attains bowl eligibility and plays a 13th game.

We will, of course, see if that holds true. A win at Iowa, a favorite to win the Big Ten West, this weeked would almost certainly catapult the Hoosiers back into the national discussion.

We’ll check in again next Wednesday.


  1. Assuming they struggle against Iowa, it will be a few weeks before we have any idea where they’re headed.

  2. I just don’t understand how anyone can think this team is going anywhere but home. They need to prove on the field that they can get to 7 games (Yeah…I know they only need 6 but one of the wins is North Texas State?) before anyone should consider their bowl prospects.

  3. I suppose MSU is not going anywhere this year as 2 of their W’s were against Wyoming and Jacksonville State.

  4. This should only be a Thanksgiving weekend discussion. Anything else just represents a second class fan.

  5. This weekend against a 4-1 Iowa team at Iowa City will pretty much tell the story on this season. A win would be very significant…a loss also significant. This will be a tough match up. Iowa’s only loss was to Iowa State, their instate rival in a game the could well have gone either way. Iowa is talented, well coached with a die hard fan base. They have a solid running back who will be difficult to stop. Their passing offense is spotty but if one or both of their starting QB(s) has a good day, we probably can’t defend their passing attack. Their defense is always tough and this year is no exception. We will need to bring our a+++ game to Iowa City!!

  6. Post#5 Good direct to the point pre-game summary for Iowa game on Saturday. The question regarding this game; is IU in or out of this game.

  7. Post #6…and the answer is that IU has the horses to beat Iowa. We are not outclassed in this game. That said, we cannot have the emotional cave in that we had against Maryland because Iowa is a better team and they are capable of hanging a lot of points on us. So, if we aren’t super sharp on both sides, this game will be over in Q1. My prediction is that we will either be trounced early on or go down to the wire.

  8. If IU is “in” (meaning they are playing close to their best) they can win a close one or maybe by 7 to 10 points and lose by less than 6. If IU is “out” they will lose by 3 tds.

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