1. Andy Graham needs to go easy on the aftershave fumes over at Floyd’s Barbershop on Bloomington’s Aruss Square…. Comparing Diamont to Fran Tarkenton and Johnny Manziel is what your passionate ScoopTalk viewers should “forget happened..”

    In all fairness, Andy did nail it a couple years ago when. he confidently compared Jonny Marlin to “Pistol Pete” Maravich.

    And we should never forget Hanner is the next Hakeem….courtesy of Dustin Dopirak.

    So much to forget…So little time.

  2. Can we finally conclude that the chrome helmets are silly and not giving us the extra edge in making the opponent dizzy and disoriented as originally planned?

    Can we please shelve the helmets designed by Mario Andretti…..? Dear Fred Glass, Elvis put on the rhinestone cape after a nation learned he had a winning voice atop the highly suspect, shaky leg.

    On the bright side, the 2nd half channel surfers that hit ESPN for more than a few seconds do not have the imprint of the authentic IU logo on any memory cells.

  3. Anyway…. so much white radioactive glow is emitted when the sun hits a chrome cluster of Hoosier helmets, that I’m constantly fooled into thinking ET is going to emerge when the huddle breaks (a.k.a. Grand Admiral Zanderflectoris of the Pinwheel Galaxy)…..ET Chrome Home….ET Chrome Home….ET Chrome Home…

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