1. You remember Wynn’s drop that occurred 2 plays before Sudfeld’s shoulder separation(3:00 mark of gas station ScoopTalk)….You fail to mention that Covington’s first pass was also a drop..It was thrown to be a short gainer…It was delivered accurately across the middle(hit the receiver squarely in the numbers) and dropped….It would have been for positive yards and you wouldn’t be obsessing over the “negative” and the “negative yards” example you’re broken record chooses to obsess. All plays can have fate attached….But it’s your job to be objective and balanced in critiquing and reporting. I don’t know why you’d choose to ignore a first pass attempt by Covington that was dropped….Maybe you simply forgot…Maybe you choose to forget….Maybe you were to busy dealing with the impostor/troll on the LiveChat … Maybe gas fumes were coming into the car….Maybe you want to add pressure to Covington’s shoulders or paint him as “not ready” by not recognizing his start could have been less shaky without the drop that came before the negative yards play.

    I don’t really care where you keep your allegiances….Maybe they’re somewhere back in Baltimore…What I do know is that you’re ignoring of the facts hints of bias and agenda. It hints of painting something differently than the facts presented based on personal desires of the final portrait for your audience…It’s a bit troubling.. I’m very confident that a Dustin Dopirak would have instantly interrupted you and clarified your statements surrounding Covington’s pass attempts…….Dustin always attempted to edit misrepresentations….He would have acknowledged Covington’s expected early jitters, but he would have also acknowledged that his first pass attempt for POSITIVE yards was a clear drop. ..A completely accurate throw from the arm of Covington would have been accurately reported .

  2. The crucial 3rd down pass to Harris(freshman from Fishers) was described by the ESPN announcer as one of “two big drops by the Hoosiers offensively today”… It was actually worse than a drop because the drilled pass was subsequently deflected and resulted in an Iowa interception…The ESPN commentator described the pass as a “bullet from Covington”(it needed to be a bullet because it was in very tight coverage) ..It had some definite heat, but it was accurate and it was catchable.

    Announcer: Harris couldn’t hall it in…It went right off his chest and high into the air.” After the playing of the replay, the announcer went on to say that “Hoosiers receivers, first, have to catch the football.”

    Note: The drop resulting in a caromed ball being intercepted was actually Covington’s 2nd pass attempt…His first attempt was basically a sideline throw-away ball after being rushed out of the pocket in his first series.

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