Shane Wynn to appear on Wednesday’s season premiere of ‘The Journey’

When they sat him down to talk at Big Ten Media Days in July, the team at Big Ten Network’s “The Journey” came away pleasantly surprised with Shane Wynn’s ability to engage, entertain and, most importantly, tell stories in front of the camera.

“We were all blown away,” said Bill Friedman, coordinating producer of BTN Originals. “There are very few interviews where we all go, ‘Wow!’ He had us all laughing and he’s exactly the way he was with his team and in life. He’s a guy that embraces life and he’s a friendly guy that has a big, electric personality and he’s accomplished a lot as a wide receiver.”

So look for Wynn to be one of the central focuses of Wednesday’s season premiere of ‘The Journey: Big Ten Football 2014,’ which airs at 7 p.m. eastern. Wynn was identified as a subject to follow by senior feature producer Julian Darnell, who is also an Indiana graduate.

Cameras from ‘The Journey’ picked up footage of Wynn during the summer, at Media Days in Chicago, at early-season practices in Bloomington and also during Saturday’s game against Michigan State.

“One of the things we were able to do was put a mike on Shane during practice to get to see the behind the scenes stuff of how Shane interacts and times when Shane is being Shane,” Friedman said. “It’s very interesting. Coach (Kevin) Wilson was also interviewed and has some fun lines about Shane as well. We like to have a mix of stories on the show — some serious and some are a little more not so serious. We were able to do that with Shane. With Shane’s story, you get a little bit of both where he talks about where he’s been and about his big personality. He’s just fun. You could watch hours of tape of Shane and smile the whole time.”

Friedman said his producers got to chat with Wynn’s family, including his sisters about going from Cleveland to Indiana. He added that it’s a goal to revisit with Wynn leading up to IU’s game at Ohio State on Nov. 22, when Wynn will be playing in front of his family and friends in his home state.

“There are lots of layers to him,” Friedman said. “Those are the types of characters we want to profile on ‘The Journey.'”

If you can’t catch the episode at its original airtime at 7 eastern on Wednesday, look for the reair at 9:30 Wednesday night. Nebraska’s Ameer Abdullah and Michigan State’s Tony Lippett are also expected to be part of the show. Viewers can livetweet the show and follow along with the producers by tweeting at @BTNJourney.