South end zone, road routines and more from Kevin Wilson’s radio show

Kevin Wilson pulled back the curtain on Indiana’s long-rumored plans to enclose the south end zone during his weekly Inside IU Football radio show on Wednesday night at the Bloomington Holiday Inn.

Wilson, in response to a caller’s question about IU’s football facilities, said there are plans to move the Hoosier Room and build a cafeteria in a proposed addition in the south end zone of Memorial Stadium. The proposal would allow IU to expand its locker room into the adjacent Hoosier Room.

IU athletic director Fred Glass did not return a phone call to the Herald-Times. A department source could not confirm the expansion plans, but acknowledged improvements have been under discussion. You can read a bit more on the H-T web site.

Wilson hit on a few more topics during the show, including the Hoosiers’ routine for traveling to road games and his time as a band member.

The IU coach said the plan for away games is to be on the road, or headed to the airport between 1:30 and 2 p.m. on Fridays.

“We practice in the morning,” Wilson said. “Our kids do not have classes at 9, 10, 11 o’clock. We’re doing football till 11, then we go to class. This week, because this is fall break, nobody has class (this Friday). So, we’ll get some meetings after practice at 1:45. At 2:30, we actually screen and to all the things that the TSA needs. We’ll go over here to the airport locally, we’ll fly out directly to Iowa City. When we get there, the first thing we do is have a walk-through practice that says we’re here to play football.

“So, for 10 minutes as soon as we get to the parking lot, it’s ‘Hey, we’re there to play ball. Offense over here, defense over there. Focus.’ We’ll feed them a meal, we’ll have chapel service, we’ll get them some downtime (and) we’ll get them a snack. … In their room on their own, we ask them to watch that Friday night football game. Not a lot of R&R time. You don’t try to wear them out, stress them out, but we got a pretty good routine we like.”

An audience member at the Holiday Inn asked Wilson what position “BAN” represented on the roster, to which the IU coach had a little fun.

“That’s the band,” he said. “At halftime, instead of going in the locker room, they play for the Marching Hundred. The “BAN” is short for bandit, which is a term we use for one of our outside linebackers. That’s the position Nick Mangieri and Zack Shaw play. … I played in the band back in the day. In elementary school when you were in the band, you got out of class a couple times a week. I thought that was cool. My school was so small that in the seventh and eighth grade, I was actually on the varsity marching band. I’d play at halftime. … I love the band, love the music guys.”

Wilson said he wasn’t sure which helmets IU would wear this weekend at Iowa, noting that they’ll figure that out on Thursday. The topic allowed Wilson to rewind to last week’s game against North Texas, when the Hoosiers wore pink helmet decals in support of breast cancer awareness.

Wilson told the audience that he gave his players a pointed message before the game.

“If we’re gonna wear pink, we’re gonna fight,” Wilson said. “People going through cancer are really fighting and there’s not an off day, there’s no out of season, no walk-through. It’s brining it every day. If you’re gonna represent not only IU — the third largest alumni group in the nation — you need to bring it for those people, you need to bring it for yourself, but let’s not wear pink because it’s cool. Let’s wear pink and go fight for people who are fighting for a great cause. That’s how we did that last week.”

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  1. KW does a pretty good radio show with players, live fans, call in fans, and Don Fischer. His talk about the team and its football goals are on target for future success (at least in talk anyway). Even when things do not work out on the field in game situations because he tries to get the most out of IU’s talent for both, players and coaches; questions arise about coach Wilson’s ability. I think he is a competitor, raising talent level, trying to win games, and build a solid football program. I think he knows what he is doing.

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