Spriggs could be ready to play at Michigan

Indiana left tackle Jason Spriggs could be ready to play in the Hoosiers’ next game, IU coach Kevin Wilson said Wednesday.

After a head-on collision with a Michigan State player late in Saturday’s game, Spriggs was carted off the field on a backboard and taken to a local hospital. Spriggs was discharged before 10 o’clock Saturday night and Wilson said the junior suffered neither a concussion, nor a stinger.

“He’s got some high muscular stuff between his shoulder blades,” Wilson said. “He was blocking down and he took a few more steps and when he fell down all of a sudden it spasmed up. Our medical guys will always do a good job and it’s in that area you want to be protecting. When you watch it on tape you’re like, ‘That didn’t look bad.’ You watch him on the field and he’s good. He should be good to go.”

Wilson added that while Spriggs was on the field for Wednesday’s practice, the staff is trying to keep him away from hitting. The Indiana coach expects to know more about Spriggs’ playing status by early next week. The Hoosiers are currently on a bye week and won’t play a game until travelling to Michigan on Nov. 1.

“I’m not sure if it was just whiplash, (but) it just got between the shoulder blades there. It’s more muscular than anything else. It’s kind of like he’s got a stiff neck now more than anything else.”