Talkin’ Tommy Stevens and Penn State

With no game to play and one of its top commits set to visit a conference rival, it all sets up for an awkward weekend for Indiana.

2015 quarterback Tommy Stevens, who verbally committed to IU in June, will visit Penn State on an official visit Saturday, Decatur Central coach Justin Dixson confirmed Friday.

Stevens is a three-star prospect and considered the No. 15 dual-threat quarterback in the nation according to Rivals. Penn State offered Stevens in the last month after four-star recruit Brandon Wimbush decommitted and flipped for Notre Dame. Now, the Nittany Lions are looking for a similar flip from Stevens.

“Talking to Tommy and his dad, I think it’s really a push from his dad to make sure Tommy explores all of his options,” Dixson said. “He committed to Indiana in June, he was really comfortable with that and that hasn’t changed. He’s still committed to Indiana. I think it’s just that the Penn State offer came really late in the process and it wasn’t an option before then. They just want to make sure they go through the entire process with all of his options. He’s still committed to Indiana.”

Penn State coach James Franklin was a dual threat quarterback himself as a college player and thought he had a player in Wimbush who could’ve been the heir to Christian Hackenberg. He’ll make a strong push for Stevens this weekend, with Penn State expecting over 100,000 fans in a white-out game against Ohio State.

Stevens previously considered offers from Michigan State, Nebraska, North Carolina State and West Virginia before choosing to become a Hoosier.

“He weighed all of his options as they were up to June,” Dixson said. “I think he did that to the best of his abilities with the options that he had. He felt strongly about Indiana and everything that goes along with that. This Penn State thing happened late and he’s just making sure he can make the best decision possible for him and his future. From what he’s told me, he still feels real strongly about Indiana.”


  1. If he is confident in his abilities he is gone. Last week his family watched IU get blasted with 5,000 fans watching in the second half. Tonight…a rabid 100k+ PSU fans going nuts. Apparently the alumns at PSU do not have to beat the traffic and the students can actually stay at the game and wait to to their parties at 11:30.

  2. Totally agree. I would think he is confident in his abilities. Besides no comparison between programs there is just so much help for Qb from defense and offense. No brainer. However, penn state will recruit better qb’s than Stevens every year that Stevens is there. This is totally different than what coffman and Roberson did.

  3. Braxton miller not playing. Osu uses 4 qb’s in one drive. Iu qb’s transfer. And to lower level programs because neither Qb that transferred was a star but decent in way iu played them, but both quit iu. Collectively iu had a decent stable of qb’s. Now top 3qbs are gone and injured. Ridiculous.

  4. Yep, if you’ve been paying attention over the last 30 years, you could see this coming. Whether Stevens signs with PSU or not, it’s a part of a cycle that has repeated itself over and over again with IU football. You could anticipate Stevens re-opening his recruitment when IU lost to BG and then got blown out in front of a sparse homecoming crowd. What high-potential High School talent wants to play for a program that appears to be in decline and that plays in front of sparse and disinterested crowds, when he can play for a resurgent program in front of 80, 90, or 100,000 people who are fanatical in support of their football program? The difference in game day atmosphere and energy between Bloomington and College Station, and several other Big Ten schools, is night and day.

    A friend of mine was in Bloomington for business on the Friday before the Maryland game. He told me that if he hadn’t known the schedule, he wouldn’t have had any idea that IU was hosting a Big Ten game the next day. And this was the week after IU defeated a ranked Missou team! He told me that to compare the atmosphere, energy and excitement in Bloomington that day, to the atmosphere and energy found in any other Big Ten town the day before a conference game, was “depressing.”. He said, “that’s all you need to know about what’s wrong with IU football.” I think the news about Stevens opening his recruitment is as much about attendance at home games and lack of fan support as it is about IU’s current W/L record. It’s just common sense to realize that if the majority of IU fans are not willing to support the football program by going to home games, they can’t expect enough quality football players, the type and number necessary to build winning, to commit to IU. At some point, Glass and IU’s trustees need to break this cycle that has plagued IU football for decades. To do that, they need to demonstrate strong leadership, which requires vision, and not just good management, which simply requires competence. And spending money so that you can boast of flying the largest American flag in college sports inside your football stadium (to site just one example) is not good management or the type of visionary leadership IU needs right now. Glass and IU’s Trustees are probably very competent managers (or stewards), but given that they seem to have been majoring in minors for a while now, they may not be providing the visionary leadership required to break the cycle that plagues IU’s perpetually losing football program.

  5. Penn State can have him…After what went on in their locker room for 15 years, I would be ashamed to even step foot on the campus….And now UNC caught in hideous academic scandal….Two of the most prestigious schools in college sports flourishing for decades while proving just how despicably low the character of men can go to preserve winning..

    You can scrub their walls with bleach and fill their stadiums , but they are no less the disgusting …The stand as shining example of how deviants, cheats, and losers truly operate……The fact that these programs continue to operate, has made college athletics the far bigger joke than any shortcomings and struggles ever left on a Hoosier football field….The reputations of PSU(Pedophile State U) and UNC(University of Numerous Cheats) have been solidified in their perversions; a winning score, a big bowl game, or a Final Four become nothing but high-priced whore… The 100,000 fans in the stands are sick voyeurs and a representation of the lowest common denominator in college sports and a dignity forever gone or ever heard in a decent cheer….

    I’d more proudly wear the cream and crimson if Memorial was empty than don the uniform of any program that has permanently damaged the spirit and the humility of amateur athletics. ….To even consider either one of these programs is a massive character flaw….For the NCAA to put the dollars ahead of children and ethics in education, makes me wonder why I even waste my time watching any of it….

  6. At the end of the day, Indiana can’t compete with Penn State for recruits. We just can’t. Makes me angry that our idiot student body is more concerned about partying than trying to sell recruit at homecoming, but it is what it is. People are morons, and the vast majority of IU students are no different.

    For what it’s worth, CKW has done a good job. I mean look what he inherited. He’s landed some very decent recruits and up until Nate went down, this team was competing, just not winning. I guess I just have to get use to the fact that this is what IU football is. I just don’t literally think it’s possible to turn this program around without some miracle thing happening, i.e. getting nick saban to leave alabama for iu lmfao.

  7. Kw had some recruiting momentum and was knocking on the door. However, the first chance iu qb’s got chance to leave they exited which I think were dumb decisions plus hardy in past and receiver from last year exited to nfl and there has been no one to replace them. This has killed iu offense. How much is on kw i do not know but a big time physical wide out and the 2 qb’s that transferred would probably put iu right there for a somewhat of breakout season they were looking for. Now best hope is to hit pause and regroup if possible.

  8. Po, I absolutely understand you work tremendously hard to be a poor IU FB fan but it just does not influence me to take part. By the way in your rag above you mention AD Glass and the trustees need to provide leadership. You expound on it greatly but fail to list 1 example of the leadership actions they must take. What gives? Sounds like lukewarm dishwater.

  9. Sorry Jon, while I share your appreciation for Wilson, I just refuse to ever “get used to the fact that this is what IU football is.” The problem with IU football is that too many people have drawn the same conclusion. They have very low expectations. It is possible for an organization to change. It does not require a miracle, just strong leadership, a vision and a plan. IU needs to give Wilson all the support he needs, then hold him accountable. If he needs a bigger compensation budget to make sure he can keep his best assistant coaches on staff (instead of bolting for UNC, USC, Texas A&M, etc.), then that is what IU should provide him. If he needs more money to hire scouts that can expand recruiting to a wider portion of the country, then he should get that too. I doubt Wilson ever went to Glass and said, “hey boss, I think our football program needs IU to spend tens of thousands of dollars so we can fly a giant American flag inside Memorial Stadium! I think that would get people excited and help us pack fans into Memorial Stadium.” No, I think the problem is that a significant number of IU administrators feel the same way you do about IU football, and as a result have gotten away with providing half-hearted or less-than-full support for the program. If there’s a will, there’s a way! It’s been done many times before and at Universities far less attractive than IUB.

  10. HC, you’re starting to sound like Tsao and Harvard with their juvenile insults. But that aside, I think #9 should address your request for specifics. How about IU compensate the people we hire to transform IU football into a winning program enough to keep them happily on the staff long enough to accomplish the objective? A revolving door of assistant coaches does not help Wilson achieve his stated objectives. If memory serves, IU has lost three talented and coveted assistant coaches to programs willing to pay them significantly more money to do what they were doing at IU! That’s a problem. In each case, Glass came out and said, “hey, we tried to keep them by offering them a raise, but it was too late.” Well no s&!t, they had already accepted another offer. How about we pay them in the top third of the market in the first place so they won’t be vulnerable to get lured into making a lateral move for more money? That might work better than flying the largest American flag in the country.

  11. Po, Please understand if you believe I make juvenile insults it is only because of your juvenile posts. You do overextend your energies in being negative. Also understand Inge is better than we lost, Littrell wanted more say so in running an offense, as far as Hagen I do wish we could have kept him in Bloomington. As far as what you consider specifics please prove they are being shorted by AD Glass, as I see no indication you are remotely correct. Also I feel much better about a FB program that has competitors after our assistants than none being coveted by no one. It is a sign of strong leadership by IU.

  12. Glass is a…snake oil salesman and the board of trustees r a total joke….they have all kept IU FB in the toilet with their constant bad hires (and BB also with the Davis and Sampscum hires)……clean house and get rid of those know nothing losers and liars……

  13. “You do overextend your energies in being negative.” Spoken like a true no-it-all! You are consistent, I’ll give you that. But you should pay closer attention, HC. If you read my post #9, I was actually refuting Jon’s negative comment that he has to “get used to the fact that this is what IU football is. I just don’t literally think it’s possible to turn this program around without some miracle thing happening.” If refusing to give up on IU football, or believing that Iu can transform the program into a winner is being negative, than I guess I’m guilty as charged. You must have missed that, right?

    No heavy lifting or over-extension involved. You should spend some time directing your insults at those posters that are truly negative, like Jon and Bob in #6 and #12 respectively. Plenty of those targets for you to shoot at.

  14. Regrettably, we can color Stevens gone. While the program’s condition is steadily improving, it is no where near competitive with any of the other B1G programs and I agree that the game day fan experience is more akin to a FCS school than a major program. I’ve said this before…fact is IU is about at the level of a competitive MAC program. This is an improvement…four years ago, we weren’t even at that level. That said, there is still a world of difference between our program and our competition and not just on the field but in every other aspect of the program. And, until that changes, very few athletes with NFL designs will choose IU if they have the opportunity to play elsewhere.

  15. I just went and looked up the newspaper for Ann Arbor;I cant see Brady Hoke surviving the end of season. Here is good reason,sometimes,to fire coaches midseason: in last month (1 just recently) they have lost 2 committments a 5 star TE and a 4 star DB and 4or 5 other 4 stars are wavering on committments. I would think if Michigan wanted to keep their committed “stars” they would look at replacement now and not wait … Take a hint Fred Glass

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