Tevin Coleman added to Maxwell Award watch list #iufb

Tevin Coleman was added to the Maxwell Award watch list on Wednesday, putting his name into the conversation for college football’s best player.

Coleman, who leads the nation in rushing yards (1,060) and yards per game (167.7), was one of three Big Ten players added to the Maxwell watch list this week, joining Minnesota running back David Cobb and Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett.

“It’s a great accomplishment,” Coleman said Tuesday about leading the country in rushing. “I’m just gonna keep working hard to get more. That’s pretty much what I’m gonna do.”

Semifinalists for the Maxwell Award will be announced on Nov. 3 and three finalists will be revealed on Nov. 24. A winner will be announced during the Home Depot College Football Awards Show on Dec. 11. Coleman was previously named to the Doak Walker Award Watch List.

NFL.com ranks Coleman No. 9 in the Heisman Trophy race, but adds that he has “zero shot.” The Sporting News calls Coleman the No. 13 best player in college football.


  1. If Tevin can put up numbers against Michigan State and IU wins, that has to put him in the national conversation. Without a credible passing game and against a good defense, that scenario seems unlikely, but IU football history suggests that we can beat anyone (or of course lose to anyone). Anything is possible – even IU football success. I’ve been a fan since the 60’s and if I can stay optimistic, the rest of you should be capable. .

  2. Jonnie boy…you clearly have no idea what a team is…and you have no idea because you’ve never been part of one…and you’ve never been part of one because no one wanted you…and no one wanted you because you are too weak, way to walk to offer a team anything but self-centered obsession with…your belly button. No concern…it will stop in your generation.

  3. oops…mistake… ‘walk’ as in way too ‘walk’ should be ‘weak’ as in ‘way too weak.’.

  4. Tevin Coleman is a SPECIAL player. When you accomplish what he did against Iowa’s run defense (I believe they were holding opponents below 100 rushing yds per game) you can play. As much as I hate to admit it, if he continues to produce, he’ll be off to the next level in ’15. I don’t mean to hopscotch, but I just read an article saying Zander Diamont is the starter on Saturday. Can anyone confirm? Go Hoosiers!

  5. Coleman deserves to be on the Heisman watch list, but we all know that’s not going to happen this year. He deserves all the praise and recognition he’s getting and then some. He is outstanding!

    Unfortunately, without a viable passing threat (Sudfeld), IU’s going to be looking at eight defenders in the box determined to stop the run, and Coleman’s going to find those 100 yard games much harder to come by for the remainder of the season. It’s too bad, because he is a great running back. Maybe the best IU has ever had.

  6. Any QB, even a freshman, can get on a roll..I wouldn’t be quite so pessimistic….A couple solid completions and the approaches/momentum can change quickly….I big strike deep and the defense gets just honest enough to open things up for our run game.. Coleman doesn’t need much before he’s off to the races.

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