Wilson wants Diamont’s play to speak for itself

Indiana quarterback Zander Diamont isn’t talking this week.

When you throw for only 11 yards in your first game, you don’t get a microphone.

“He needs to work instead of talk,” IU coach Kevin Wilson said. “I’ll talk for him.”

So Wilson was quite clear during his weekly media availability Monday afternoon. No, the true freshman Diamont was not effective in his first start on Oct. 18 against Michigan State. But Wilson and the Hoosiers expect improvement when they take the field at Michigan on Saturday at 3:30 p.m.

While many of IU’s local players returned home for a couple days over the bye week, Diamont was one of the Hoosiers who stayed in Bloomington. He used the team’s downtime to get extra repetitions with his available receivers, he tended to his footwork and he watched film. Offensive coordinator Kevin Johns said Diamont’s eyes were bigger after he came off the field against the Spartans, realizing for the first time exactly how big, how strong and how tough defenders at this level tend to be.

So he went to work, and the Hoosiers are hoping to see the results pay off this weekend. That’s because no one is conceding the season with five games to play.

“We have all the confidence in the world in Alexander Diamont and the players do, too,” Johns said. “So does Alexander. I don’t think any of us are walking around with our heads down like we have no shot. We’re gonna be just fine.”

The bye week came at an auspicious point in Indiana’s season, allowing the team to tailor the playbook toward Diamont and what he does well. The coaches have scaled back and returned to the Hoosiers’ basic plays that were installed over the spring and summer to get everyone, especially Diamont, on the same page.

Diamont completed only 5-of-15 passes in his college debut against Michigan State, finishing with 11 total passing yards with a long throw of 13. He was not helped by an uneven effort from his offensive line, but he also didn’t show initial signs that he’s ready to lead the offense.

Yet, with Nate Sudfeld and Chris Covington both shelved with injuries, he has to be the guy.

And Indiana has to make it work.

“Let’s just go back and rehash everything,” Johns said of the team’s prep work with Diamont under center. “Let’s see what sticks and what do you remember and what can you process. What we have to do is gear things toward what he can handle, what he can do, what he is good at and what he can manage. It’s not easy at all and we’re not in a good situation from an experience standpoint, but we still have all the confidence in the world in him.”

Although it’s not an open competition at the quarterback position, Wilson said he expects Diamont to “go out there first” unless he has a poor week of prep heading toward Saturday. Redshirt sophomore Nate Boudreau and true freshman Danny Cameron — son of former IU coach Cam — are the next players in line.

Right now, Diamont is getting a chance to shake off that first outing.

“It’s not his job to lose,” Wilson said. “It’s his job to play better and help us win.”

With two off weeks worked into this year’s schedule, Wilson said he treated the first one in early September as a work week in order to prepare for Bowling Green and a stretch of six consecutive games. The second bye week was used as a rest and recovery week.

At least a couple players in Indiana’s starting lineup needed it.

Wilson said junior left tackle Jason Spriggs, who was carted off the field on a backboard late in the Michigan State game, is doing light work and should be available to play against the Wolverines. Spriggs suffered spasms in his upper back after a head-on collision with a Spartan defender, but was cleared of any possible concussion or stinger.

Junior bandit Nick Mangieri is also on the mend after suffering a minor knee injury against Michigan State. Mangieri has been practicing over the last week and a half, but hasn’t been used at full speed. If he cannot play Saturday, the team will decided between playing Zack Shaw and Robert McCray.

“We didn’t do a lot last week where anything’s worse,” Wilson said of the injury situations. “I think we’re a lot better, a lot fresher, and we’ll see how we stack up this Saturday.”


  1. Well Michigan is right at the bottom with IU right now. It can’t be easy to play in the Big House but still this is a great chance to get a W. Diamont needs to be a game manager and do enough to keep the D honest with the pass. This game will be very telling for just how much better Diamont can get in season and what hope if any remains for 6 wins

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  3. I think we need to be realistic.. Our FB program is making positive strides and, yes, Michigan is down this season. That said, we are in no sense competitive with Michigan at this point and Saturday’s game is likely to be a blow out. Not a lot we can do about it. We have a very young, inexperienced QB behind an Oline which should be better than it is and a defense that is not B!G competitive at this time. On the plus side, we do have Coleman who is hard to stop even when opponents load the box so hoping he’ll have another good day which would be great,

  4. Early Vegas line Meatchicken by 7.5. Not bad for being at Ann Arbor and IU without Nate. I still view it as an opportunity for a W by the Hoosiers. If so Knorr should earn his bonus this week.

  5. Michigan is beatable with the players we are lining up with on Saturday. I think the game slows a bit more for Zander. I think Michigan’s DE’s will continue to crash down during the read option, giving Zander a minimum of 5 yds per carry. If Zander and the WRs develop some chemistry, the offense will have balance (a couple deep throws @ Iowa were nearly big completions.) If the offense can sustain some drives and come away with 7 instead of 3 we’ll win in Ann Arbor. Can’t wait to see how our guys meet this challenge. BTW, not may people gave Colt McCoy and Washington much of chance last night, and look how that turned out. Go Hoosiers!!!

  6. Keith I too think ZD will play better against blue. With Coleman’s success against MSU”s D I think he hustles Meatchickens bunch for sure and then easily in the 2nd half. That may give Zander the cover he needs in the way of play action passing and running any kind of zone option to be successful. Knorr still has to rally our troops for success. I am also starting a drive to collect $ to pay off the refs just so we get an even break. We’ll need it from them as the past has indicated.

    Desmond Morgan LB and Jabrill Peppers DE still won’t be playing this Saturday against IU.

    Anybody else read Rod Smith has been dismissed by the Bucks. No specifics available, yet.

  7. You have to appreciate the optimism expressed above, but I believe iufan23’s post #4 is the most realistic scenario. IU could have beaten Michigan this year with a healthy Sudfeld, but not with Zander playing in his second game in front of 100,000 fans craving a win. My hope is that Zander will stay healthy and improve enough in the weeks ahead to allow a win over Purdue. That would be a good ending to an otherwise disappointing season.

  8. Podunker – we’ve grown tired of your constant negativity towards #iufb. Either support CKW & Zander like the rest of us or focus your energy on your #FireTomCrean campaign.

  9. …ya that’s right I forgot we won’t have a decent day on D knowing Meatchicken has only 5 plays from the LOS over 30 yd. this season, or our punt team hasn’t improved enough to give desirable field position advantageous to both the O & D, or facing a 3-4 D for the 1st time gives any reason to think vs. react for Gardner who who has 6 TD’s and 10 Int’s, nor do we have a FG kicker who could score the decisive points late in the game to win and I especially feel sorry for Coleman who gained 132 against MSU but will be ineffective against blue…Hell cancel the game to avoid future injuries, expenses, wearing out turf on our end of the field and embarrassment…I just turned the VCR off!…

  10. Podunker, don’t try to be realistic around here. Get all jacked up on sugar and caffeine , become delusional and be a
    “real fan”.

  11. Aruss..well, I’ll be….! That’s a contribution (#9)that I agree with. Well posted Aruss!

    For whatever reason, Podunker loves to accept the ‘Voice of Hoosier Doom’ role (for Halloween he’s going ‘trick or treating’ in the IU athletic department offices dressed as Miss Ebola 2014, wearing only a black silk sheet and going ‘whooo…whoooooo’, while making the sound of body fluid movements. No, it is not that he is so blatantly screaming “I love losing because it is who I am”. No….it is that somewhere in him, somehow I believe he is really a passionate Hoosier fan…but one who has absolutely accepted misery, has his heart in hiding, believes will has nothing to do with it and really, really enjoys that the misery he shares with the rest of us is his religion.

    Aruss…I like you a whole lot better as a Hoosier fan.

    I really do believe he believes most of the cr_p he spews.

  12. Ram, I took no offense. Indeed no caffeine as it does affect BP and sugar only in the homemade goodies the Bride bakes. You mentioned my age as criteria for not indulging; I would add a caveat that only the best when I do, Maker’s Mark, Heineken or Famous Grouse Scotch. Remember that as you travel to the age of simple pleasures..

  13. Po,
    You have to remember that this season they’ve given away tickets to the Big House with the purchase of two Pepsi products to get butts in the seats. I don’t believe their home field will produce it’s usual advantage this Saturday.
    Mistaking enthusiasm for delusion offers more insight into the mindset of the observe than the ‘real fan’. I make no apologies for supporting my Alma Mater. Our this program deserve enthusiasm from it’s fans, that’s how bad traditions are broken and programs are elevated. There are too many jaded IU Football fans that want to sit the enthusiastic fans down and say ‘this is IU we’ll never be good’. I wholly reject that attitude and stand by my previous comment, Devin Gardner doesn’t make good decisions with the ball, the AD and Hoke are gone after the Ohio State game and they’re losing recruits daily. We can beat them in their house and the delusional fans will drag the jaded ones down to Nick’s for a game of Sink the Bis’ afterward. Go Hoosiers!!!

  14. Whoaaa Keith!!! I bow in respect and admiration. Hoosiers don’t need 100,000 butts for the seats. A few thousand like you and we’re fine.

  15. The Hunger to be Heard

    For in these boxes anything can be said…..
    The typing of words to gain an alliance
    There is no face-to-face in agreement or defiance
    It ;s the typing of a recipe that unveils no true conviction
    Only words aimed at chosen mouths and minds
    to be fed.
    Where a man rests an honest heart remains the
    only certain mystery living here unsaid
    In this cyberspace world of targets and labels
    All can build quite their own giant fable
    The fuel to an ego for a crowd of support
    or a witty reply begging of cheers for a hostile retort
    blurs the lines of true compassion in this phony court
    where the hunger to be heard becomes the only addiction
    Be careful in this dark room of judges so easily manipulated
    No morsel of evidence for what is left or devoured from plate
    Stays empty as a full stomach in a bed of truth
    or become scraps for lies on hooks to bait and regurgitate.

    Tsao may take to bed the deceptions of bait absent and cold an honest fan’s heart…and Podunker may sell
    the seas of negativity from a most hopeful and loyal Hoosier heart.

  16. Thanks TsaoTsuG,
    I am as painfully aware of the program’s history as anyone. I’ve seen the incremental progress in the program since Coach Hep was on the sideline. CKW and this program are on the verge. It’s a Zero-Sum Game. If fans fill Memorial Stadium (not just the tailgating lots) and buy apparel the Athletic Department’s coffers fill more. More money means we can pay to keep good coaches, good coaching means good student-athletes in Cream and Crimson. This is the process, it begins with the fans.

  17. Wow, “constant negativity?” You have not been paying attention for very long. That’s just BS. You can tell it’s BS because Tsao jumped on it and lapped it up like a hungry kitten. I didn’t notice anyone attacking iufan23 for his post #4, so I guess this is an example of selective outrage! As he said, “I think we need to be realistic.” Being realistic is not being negative.

    All I said was that iufan23’s post was the likely scenario. I’m rooting for IU to beat Michigan, believe they could have defeated Michigan, at Michigan, this year (said so in a post earlier this year and was mocked for it. How’s that for irony), but now, after losing our first two QBs and relying on a true freshman who was fifth string in spring, I’m being “negative” for agreeing with another poster who does not have confidence that IU will win this game.

    Is celebrating Tevin Coleman’s outstanding performance and enormous talent constant negativity? Is saying that Knorr is a major upgrade as a Defensive Coordinator being negative? Is saying that IU’s defense has improved a lot this year being negative? Those are some of my recent comments on this blog. Do your homework before making broad generalizing comments.

    And if you want to see an example of someone who demonstrates true “constant negativity,” just read almost any post written about IU basketball by Harvard. Hell, the man goes out of his way to express his constant negativity about Tom Crean. He’s so obsessively negative about Crean that he feels free to highjack any string on this blog, even if it has nothing to do with basketball, just to express his hatred and demonstrate his constant negativity about IU’s Basketball Coach.

    As for being positive and supporting IU Athletics, I’ll put the money I’ve donated to IU Athletics (and other departments) over the last 35 years up against any of Poly Anna cheerleader. Not boasting about it, but when it comes to supporting one’s alma mater and the school you love, “money talks and BS walks.”

  18. Proves my point all along, the poster (postor?- if there’s an impostor there must be a postor) who wrote ‘money talks’ here (#23). My theory: for a long time contributors to IU athletics were those who did not have enough spare money or were simply too cheap to become investors and purchase a professional football team in Indianapolis. So, they made contributions (puny in comparison to the magnificence of athletic donations at Ohio State, Michigan, PSU, Kentucky, Louisville) and, in return for their ‘puniness’ to the Hoosiers, they expected to be treated as ‘Team Owners’.

    That all fell apart and got worse when the Baltimore Colts ran off in the middle of the night and landed in Indianapolis. Some (those with enough to be invited) invested in the Colts; those who had to put up or shut up and didn’t expected even more for their $73.50 annual contribution to the IU Varsity Club…they wanted (and some are now demanding) private boxes, a beer garden…. Welcome Podunker!….how would you want it furnished? with what amenities? is service by a student serving croissants and 57-year old bourbon be sufficient? Should she be wearing a cheerleader outfit that ends around her clavicles? And, of course they saw it as carnally important to periodically inform the rest of the world of their $73.50 contribution……What’s the point if noone knows of your ownership?

    Ahhh, that carnal drive to be an ‘owner’ (of someone or something) is such a primal force isn’t it Po? Glass, you just has to understand and acquiesce and be sure to put the engraved copper name-plate on the table in the beer garden. “Podunker Play Pen”, how’s that Po?

    Stop trying Po,… you’re not smart enough.

  19. Thanks Keith…you see the power of finding one other Hoosier follower who cares and believes. Thanks for inspiring! Maybe others will join us.

  20. Podunker-

    Why are you attacking me? Did I attack you on this thread? …You truly show just what an infantile twit you are…..So frustrated by the growing numbers recognizing your cold and clammy attitude and the constant blanket of snidely posts rooted in a defeatism aimed at the totality of IU Football, you decide to attack me.

    Maybe it you showed some hint on warmth…..a sense of humor…a human element to poke fun at yourself occasionally…..to accept your wrongs and find some humor in life…..Do you have a sense of humor? Do you ever laugh? Do you ever forgive? Do you ever suggest a restaurant to eat…Do you ever talk of a nice vacation you took with a friend or significant other…? Do you ever say you’re sorry when you realize you’ve crossed the line? Do you ever find joy in anything outside of examining IU Football as if you’re a proctologist with a passion for imperfect anuses?

    I simply don’t see Wilson as having any part in the world that defines a man like Podunker….Kevin Wilson takes the program serious enough to still make it fun…It is a game, after all…Why on earth be anal? He doesn’t chase villains…He doesn’t blame fans for years of lackluster support…He’s not guarded….He’s not afraid to have his competency tested. He strives to be open and the only judgments he makes upon young men(or ex-coaches) is their ability to perform in the classroom and on the field….He will not take those that fail to live up to those standards and use them as targets for public ridicule and vilification …I see him as a winner to hold onto such dignity within a football program he perseveres to find pride where others choose mockery and tragedy.

    We have seen stories of recent winners….Programs like UNC and Penn State…..Winning on the scoreboard can live in a lot of places where dignity has failed to exist. I’m sure those programs chased away plenty of villains that didn’t meet the high standards of a Tar Heel or a Nittany Lion…Unfortunately, the most grotesque of men in leadership/prominent positions are often the same ones choosing the villains. And to think we recently had a blogger on here attempting to attach Kevin Wilson to such despicable activities at UNC….? I’ve heard he’s a sinner because he enjoys a couple beers know and then….I’ve heard that he chased someone in dorm while he was intoxicated…Oh, the shame, the shame… I’ve heard that he’s usually so hungover that he won’t go to church on Sunday morning….I’ve heard he doesn’t kiss the ass of cynical supporters because they send money to the school …You don’t put your “talk” with your money you send to your alma mater, Podunker…You put your proctologist scope up the same canal your attitude and ideas live….and it’s always for “the glory of old IU.”….or my “I”(eye) always looking int/ up “U.”

  21. Some people enjoy crucifying, villain-chasing, and pointing out all the horrible “wreckers” of the world…..Some people would rather remain positive…Some people approach being young as sometimes careless and carefree…The college years are truly the last years of innocence…I guess those that had it stolen too early, just want to steal everyone’s fun….Let’s have some fun….Let’s be young and undaunted by the negativity…Let’s go into Michigan and do our best to play the game with joy in team, camaraderie, and a hope that change will never come if we consume ourselves with past misforunes….

  22. Questions: Can a terrorist ever have fun? Is it fun to kill people? Is it fun to kill hopes? Is it fun to take innocent and good people to the grave because it satisfies your aim at he few bad? Where did the innocence die when it forgot how to forgive and have joy in simple things? Can sports continue to be a simple thing in such a world? Can it remain innocent of such infections of greed and winning at any cost? Can we ever play these games and cheer them for something as pure and simple as fun? Must there always be a lesson beyond a love…? Must their always be a good above an evil? Must there always be a Podunker telling us we’re not deserving of happiness and fun because we’re all sinners ? Can we not seek forgiveness unless it’s forgiveness found on some doctrine of proclaimed faith or some symbol of our own image on a cross?

  23. All you guys do is attack each other. So much for the proposed peace agreement between TTG and Podunker. Get a life. Does each of you really think getting the last word on each other really matters? You’re all worn out jokes in my opinion.

  24. Was a portion of Clarion’s post #10 removed..? I just seem to remember more…

  25. Savio, you are right. Thank you for the reminder. And shame on me for forgetting a lesson taught to me many years ago. It was best summed up by Sarah Cook, who said, “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

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