247 names Tegray Scales Freshman All-American #iufb

Indiana’s postseason honors aren’t limited to running back Tevin Coleman.

247Sports recognized linebacker Tegray Scales as a True Freshman All-American after the Ohio native appeared in all 12 games and led IU freshmen with 46 tackles, including 29 solo stops. Scales tied for the team lead with three interceptions and finished with 4.5 tackles for loss and two sacks.

Scales also earned Scout.com Freshman All-America honors, as well as an All-Big Ten nod from BTN.com and 247.

Receiver and kick returner J-Shun Harris was selected to 247’s Big Ten All-Freshman team and was an honorable mention on BTN.com’s All-Freshman team. Harris caught 18 passes for 168 yards with two touchdowns. He started six games and played in all 12.

BTN.com also recognized three IU players on its All-Freshman honorable mention list, including nose tackle Nate Hoff, safety Chase Dutra and kicker Griffin Oakes.


  1. When was the lat time an IU freshman football player on defense get honored as an All American? Wow, that’s impressive. Congratulations to this young man.

  2. Indeed PO. I’ll also add this if Dutra had not been playing behind a Senior he would have been awarded higher too. You know even though the stats did not come tumbling down 60 spots I sure did like the attitude of the D even when they were over matched.

  3. …also MSU’s DC Pat Narduzzi headed to Pitt…somewhere the lines on the graph of filling the pipeline and the supply side line may have someone tugging on Knorr’s sleeve…with Pitt needing a DC, Memphis needing a DC and MSU needing a DC those lines will intersect…

  4. There is the possibility arising from the success of T. Coleman, RB Coach Deland Mccullough could have suitors.

  5. Congratulation to all these young man and the rest of the young man that are helping to improve the Indiana football program…Coach KW keep recruiting young man of this caliber on and off the field….Some of us can see that the IU football program is improving in all areas.

  6. HC, all those coaching scenarios threatening to lure and IU coach away is why IU needs to increase compensation for the football coaching staff. Being proactive in compensation policy will reduce the financial incentive for IU’s coaches to make a lateral transfer and is essential for getting this program over the hump and creating a winner.

  7. Not so. As long as IU can afford(and they can)to counter an offer 49 out of 50 will not uproot and move to a lateral position unless there is already discomfort in being at IU.

  8. My experience in various levels of business management over the last 35 years, including a few years running Human Resources for a large corporation, inclines me to believe that a proactive compensation policy is far more effective in reducing undesired turnover as compared to relying on counter-offers to employees who have already accepted a competitor’s better offer. And IU Football’s recent string of coaching defections supports that principal. Of course money is not the only source of motivation, and IU should not go crazy in compensating its most valued coaching personnel, but when a highly competitive person realizes that his or her peers are making significantly more money doing the same job at another location, it’s hard to keep them from resigning once they’ve gone through the recruiting process and accepted a better offer. If Fred Glass believes that a stable coaching staff is essential to transforming IU football into a winning program, he simply must make the investment necessary to keep key assistants at IU for several more years. That’s how Oklahoma kept Wilson for nine years! When he left OK to take the IU job, he was one of the highest paid Offensive Coordinators in college football.

  9. Agree, it’s not necessarily the case that we can avoid having offers made to some of our top assistants. What Glass will have to do (and here I emphasize) >through KW<, is to make it clear to those assistants KW considers critical to HIS program, that Indiana is in a position to meet and exceed every REASONABLE offer the assistant coach may receive. It's also time that IU make it clear that being a part of the staff that made a 20 year dead-program nationally and, certainly, B1G program a winner can only underline and attest the value of the contribution of the assistant coaches within KW's staff.

    And, it is also important to point out some of the benefits accrued by the assistant coaches beyond money. A great University in a great town and a great community they are a part of. Excellent school system for their children; perks such as 'free tuition and books' for the families of the coaches (and if these are not already part of he deal, A.D. Glass needs to do the necessary negotiating to make sure they are quickly added to the package. The value of having a wife, 2-3 (or more) children with IU undergraduate/graduate degrees is incalculable and certainly extends to the hundreds of thousands of dollars for each dependent/family member.

    And there are few places that can offer the lifestyle of a Bloomington, IN/IU-B. We need to think how indeed rare and valuable our link to IU is…way beyond the 'money offer' to a coach say in Boise, ID a Los Angeles, CA, a Knoxville, TN or a South Bend, IN (South Bend is lots of fun for the ten weeks of the football season…what do you do he other 42 weeks of the year (besides go visit your coaching friends who live in Bloomington, IN)?

  10. Hoosier Clarion, MSU has no interest in Knorr. His expertise is in the 3/4, and MSU doesn’t have the personnel to run that scheme. MSU is a 4/3 defense that plays press coverage, and has recruited defensive athletes exclusively who fit this scheme. Expect Dantonio to promote from within, and hire another defensive position coach to fill the vacant position.

  11. Snow bunnies or corn fed heffers ? Who needs to see the the bikini models on South Beach and who dosen’t love to shovel snow ?

  12. Ram. Just spent 4 days ay South Beach. Seen the latest in enhancement surgery. Kind of surprised the MD’s don’t apply some type of ‘tag’. Label noting ‘Enhancements by Dr. Quack’.

  13. PO is right, nobody seriously entertains a counter-offer after going through the arduous process of obtaining an offer elsewhere.

    Tsao overrates “quality of life” both in relation to Bloomington and to how it is valued by job-seekers. Bloomington is warmly remembered by most of us as a great place to go to college. But it’s basically no different than a lot of college towns; some may sport more ivy or less, but the essence is the same. My sister worked for years in Eugene (U. of Oregon) in the city’s economic development office, tasked with helping to recruit businesses (and help existing businesses recruit employees) to that college town. Her informed opinion was that “qualilty of life” factors (friendly college atmosphere, low crime, access to the great outdoors, etc.) ranked pretty low with most job seekers. They were far more concerned with “How much does it pay?” and “Where’s it gonna get me?” As for colleges in larger communities, given that position coaches in the Power Five confs. routinely earn around a quarter-million dollars a year, most of them can afford to insulate themselves and their families from the unsavory aspects of bigger towns.

  14. Po, Not so. I made countless counter offers over the decades and I doubt I lost 15% of those competitions. Also, your comment “recent string of IU coaching defections” is questionable at best. I certainly can’t identify a string.

    Spartan, I’ve reread my post twice and do not see where I stated MSU would go after Knorr. I only used MSU, Pitt and Memphis as starting a domino process which could in fact sweep up a # of DC’s making moves. Including our Knorr.

  15. Davis, I do not think I over ranked ‘quality of life’ issues. I do believe I included them as part of a package that is led by substantial compensation. Others, of course, include how the prospective assistant perceives the program and its impact on his own aspirations (most want to be head coaches some day). I actually think where IU is now is a good place to recruit good assistants as the possibility of making the Hoosiers a winning program will get them (the assistants) national exposure and reputations.

    The other point to consider is Cost of Living. Bloomington is a relatively low COL city compared to a city Oregon or Arizona by a significant margin and that inputs into the equation.

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