Crean unsure whether Davis will play this year #iubb

Indiana coach Tom Crean can’t say for certain whether he expects sophomore forward Devin Davis to play this season.

Crean was asked about Davis and a potential redshirt season on his weekly radio show Monday, explaining to a caller that no decisions have been made on Davis’ playing status.

Davis is living at home in Indianapolis, while going through outpatient rehabilitation stemming from a traumatic brain injury suffered in an accident involving teammate Emmitt Holt on Nov. 1. Davis has appeared at Indiana games over the last month, sitting with family members in the first rows of bleachers behind the Indiana bench.

Crean said he and the doctors are waiting to see how Davis responds to rehab over the next few weeks.

“His attitude’s been great,” Crean said. “He works extremely hard in Indianapolis. He came to our practice Thursday and he comes to the games. Hopefully, we’re gonna get him cleared to where he can sit on the bench with us. I don’t have much more to add other than that because it really comes down to how the doctors view it as far as how much he responds to all the work.”

Crean added that Davis, who hasn’t returned to class since the accident, would not be allowed to return to the team until he was fully and completely cleared by doctors.

“Our whole thing with him is his longterm health,” Crean said. “Do we miss him? There’s no question we miss him. We miss him on a personal level and we miss him on a basketball level — (that was no more clear) than the other night. He was, inch-for-inch, pound-for-pound, one of our best rebounders and toughest guys. We missed that in those types of games, but his longterm health and prognosis is far and away the most important thing.”


  1. If he hasn’t returned to class, how can he be eligible to play basketball? I was under the impression they were students first.

  2. I think it goes without saying that he would have to return to class to be able to play basketball!

  3. There is a point at which I don’t think it makes sense for him to come back and lose a year of eligibility. He’s been recovering and rehabbing for how many weeks now? His conditioning is gone; his on-court timing is gone and possibly his shooting touch as well. Is it really worth it to bring him back for maybe 1/2 season at best and realistically how many minutes would he play? Certainly not many for several games. I just don’t think it’s worth having him give up a full year of wearing candy stripes. Let’s let him fully recover and be prepared to give us 100% from the very outset of the 2015-2016 season.

  4. Just a sec! Isn’t this the guy who tried to jump over a 2013 White Jeep Cherokee? What sort of classes could he possibly be taking? I’ll bet he’s graduated by this time next year.

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