First half run pushes Indiana to 79-59 win over New Orleans

It didn’t have the athletes, nor did it have the shooters, so New Orleans didn’t try to run with Indiana on Monday.

Rather, it tried just the opposite.

The Privateers’ plan to wear down the shot clock and limit possessions worked for a time, making IU’s final non-conference home game against an overmatched opponent something of a ballgame for much of the first half.

But Indiana matched stops with quick points late in the half, riding an 18-0 run into the break and running away with a 79-59 win before an announced crowd of 13,182 at Assembly Hall.

Led by Yogi Ferrell’s 17 points, six Hoosiers scored at least eight points. James Blackmon Jr. added 14 points and Hanner Mosquera-Perea scored 12 points and posted six rebounds.

The Hoosiers (10-2) close the non-conference season against Georgetown on Saturday at noon at Madison Square Garden.

Indiana never trailed against New Orleans Monday and the Privateers inched no closer than three points at the 10:55 mark. New Orleans guard Tevin Broyles hit a 3-pointer with 6:05 remaining in the first half to cut a 10-point Hoosier lead to 26-22. But from there, the Privateers wouldn’t score again until a minute into the following half.

THe Hoosiers scored the final 18 points of the first half and took a 44-22 lead into the locker room. Indiana needed the separation because New Orleans outscored IU 37-35 over the final 20 minutes.

Indiana shot 54 percent (29-of-53) for the game, while 48 of UNO’s 59 points came either in the paint or at the free throw line.

New Orleans coach Mark Slessinger, an Edgewood graduate, made his return to Bloomington and made the rounds shaking hands with friends and former classmates prior to the game.

Also before the game, Indiana honored coach Tom Crean for earning his 300th win in Saturday’s game against Butler. Ferrell was also saluted with a commemorative ball for scoring his 1,000th career point in Saturday’s game.


  1. 13,000 people in Assembly Hall? We used to get more than that during Crean’s first season, when we had no hope. I know the students ae on semester break, but it appears fan apathy runs beyond IU football.

  2. FLAT SCREEN TV is becoming a challenge to all spectator sports in America. Ticket $, instant replay and video recording and why wouldn’t it. It is starting to show up in the #’s of all Pro and College game attendance and it probably will continue in most places. Even streaming, last nights game on HD was not bad.

  3. These Hoosiers are fun to watch. But the big screen in Assembly Hall with its constant commercials and mindless ‘fan cam’ is a real drag. Better to watch on television, frankly.

  4. Jeffrey, I must mimic your thought exactly. It is a detriment more than positive. But revenue from advertising is always wanted. But outside of the ads it seems to me whomever is in control of the content and format needs to consider what a live fan wants to see and for my $ they never show enough replays of action that has just taken place. Yes, “down with the damn fan cam”.

  5. Well I cant blame people for not wanting to by tickets in the balcony for UNO. The one balconey had a few hundred and the other was 1/3 full. Plus a lot of good seats empty that i am sure people just sat on instead of giving the tickets away which is a shame.

    Better opponents equals better crowd. Not saying it has to be Geaorgetown or butler everytime but you catch my drift. It also didn’t help that the some concession stands were running out of food. My friend said the one balconey concession ran out of hotdogs, pretzels, and small popcorn boxes. People were turned away at halftime! If this happens often I can see that as a deterrent as well. You can’t run out of food for a dinner time game. Might as well watxh at home and eat cheaper better food.

  6. I attended the game, season ticket holder and drove 100 miles each way to attend. The real turn off is the number of poor quality teams during the November-December schedule at Assembly Hall.

  7. Let’s not be too critical on fans….I tend to think there’s also a bit of fatigue in the average fan’s heart ; possibly brought on by a feeling of pinched pocketbooks combined with stomaching prima donna athletes that walk the planet as complete spoiled lumps of coal… And speaking of prima donnas…? What better place than to find firsthand examples in professional football and Bears quarterbacks? Grossman and Cutler? They are my two favorite Scrooges. of the NFL….They will forever conjure up the memories of Ghosts of Bears Seasons Down the Tubes Past…and Bears Seasons Down the Tubes Present…They are the holiday “cards” that just keep giving…While I watch far less talented QB’s hardly noticed on draft night tear up the league and win Super Bowls, ‘Sexy Rexy’ and ‘Cuddly Cutler’ just never stop bringing the coal….and cynicism…and the feelings that drive me further and further from finding any joy in all sports. They have to be two of the most spoiled rotten chokers that ever played in the NFL…Yeah. let’s bitch about fans that have to dig into stagnant wages to find enough love in their hearts to support these fine examples of heart and gratitude…Both from Indiana. Makes me feel all warm, fuzzy, and proud to know the two biggest Bears clowns to turn ‘Monsters of the Midway’ into the ‘Whiners of the Windy City Wimpsway’ played their high school ball in the Hoosier state. No fierce competitive bone to be found but somehow they managed to just linger around….And, oh!…Look! Cutler got to sit out the last game while earning more in two hours as a benchwarmer than IU will budget and spend to redesign/bring back an outdated Assembly Hall….And just look at Rexy! He’s also in the news!….It appears a Brown Cleveland is calling for a white Christmas via an old Chicago Bears flake….But who needs $53.000 at Christmas time to simply do nothing? Just give me another lump of coal to throw at the game and the fans…Meanwhile, I’ll kite surf, do some major fumbling around on waves, and reminisce about all those stunningly marvelous plays I made at a Super Bowl game when wearing my Bears uniform…..

    Merry Christmas to all at Scoop…and no Bah! Humbugs! for my two all-time favorite Bears QBs from Indiana. …Tiny Tim(forever humble and living in the spirit of Russell Wilson) and the rest of our poor Hoosier household of grateful souls shall still pass the bread pudding and share in father’s goose of Bears football on Sunday without playoff presents….Later, maybe we’ll all gather around the flat screen and watch Crean’s Indiana chestnuts roast on an open fire.

  8. Omega, playing weak opponents is nothing new for IU basketball. Back when I attended IU in the late 70’s, and for the years after graduation while living in Indy, I attended every game in Bloomington and/or Indy. Every year Knight would schedule powder puff teams to destroy in non conference games. And good opponents or not, with great or mediocre IU teams, I never attended a game in Assembly Hall where only 13,000 fans attended! In fact, tickets were hard to come by! That attendance number for last night’s game really surprised me. It’s an indication that something has changed. The balcony seats are not that expensive, and no matter how good the picture quality on the high-definition flat screen TVs have become, going to a game in Assembly Hall, with the energy from IU fans, should still beat the hell out of watching a game on TV, regardless of the quality of the opponent. I could see 1,200 seats being empty for last night’s game, but 4,200? It’s only one game, but it appears to be a significant departure from the historical norm for an IU game in Assembly Hall.

  9. 13,000, and lack of attendance anywhere, is clearly an indication of the quality of the product. This up & down, undisciplined, poorly coached basketball, coupled with 6 alcohol & drug related incidences, is just not appealing to the bulk of the hard-core IU fan base.

    Even the Crossroads Classic looked like a very easy ticket this year. And IU is the main draw there.

    Nothing will rid the system of poor administrators faster than poor monetary flow.

  10. I know a couple of dozen fans/alumni who regularly attended 6-8-12(1 being mee)home games a year and now because of the home entertainment quality available at more than reasonable $ now attend 2-3 a year. And they readily admit it is because they have no better seat available to them than in their own, living, family, rec room or man cave. It is 2014.

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