Holt sparks Indiana to 81-69 win over Pitt in ACC/Big Ten Challenge #iubb

All his coach could guarantee was that he would play important minutes in Tuesday’s ACC/Big Ten Challenge against Pittsburgh.

Indiana freshman forward Emmitt Holt responded with one of the most encouraging, if not one of the best performances from a Hoosier frontliner this season.

Holt came off the bench and led Indiana with 15 points, while adding five rebounds in the Hoosiers’ 81-69 runaway victory over Pittsburgh at Assembly Hall.

James Blackmon Jr. scored 13 points, Yogi Ferrell scored 11 and Troy Williams posted 10 points for IU, which has won three of its last four games in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. Robert Johnson finished with a career-high nine assists.

Holt was Indiana’s first man off the bench after starting forward Hanner Mosqera-Perea fell into early foul trouble. He held his own against a physical, but equally young Panther frontcourt. He remained in the game as Pitt’s top scorer and rebounder, Michael Young, earned two early fouls and sat for much of the first half.

“I guess it just came out of the blue,” Holt said. “We’re working hard every day in practice. It’s just something that came about.”

Holt was Indiana’s best player through 20 minutes, and his strong play translated to both ends of the floor. He was active on the glass and he fought for good defensive positioning, finishing with a final line that included two blocks, zero fouls and zero turnovers in 19 minutes. Coming into Tuesday’s game, Holt had played a combined 17 minutes over two games.

This was Holt’s night, but it also belonged to another Indiana role player.

Collin Hartman added seven points, including a team-high seven rebounds. He dove for loose balls, swooped in for rebounds and continued his impressive start to the season, looking nothing like the freshman that seldom saw the floor last winter.

The IU bench accounted for 33 points.

Indiana led 45-37 at halftime and boosted that advantage to as many as 23 points with seven minutes remaining in the game. Indiana shot 54 percent from the floor, while charging through Pitt defenders toward the paint. The Hoosiers scored 48 points under the basket and turned the ball over only nine times.


  1. A couple rushed shots when we needed to milk the clock with under 3 to go. Some issues inbounding and getting it up the floor against the press. And we gave up WAY too many offensive hoards. But overall, a very satisfying game.

    I didn’t watch the EWU game, so I don’t know how bad we looked last week. But aside from some unnecessarily tense moments against some teams we probably should’ve handled a lot more easily– coupled with some solid wins against quality Pitt and SMU teams– and we can’t be terribly disappointed in where this very young IU team is right now.

  2. Glad the game slowed down enough for Holt. He’s gonna be a winner.
    Stan. Kept wishing he would pass the ball. He did. Turnover.
    3 of the 9 TO’s from Yogi. Seemed like Yogi wanted to take the game over in the last 3-4 minutes.
    Hartman – looked active – looked good.
    Dare I say, nice game plan by CTC?

  3. This was an encouraging turnaround from last week vs. EWash. We looked like a completely new team. Holt and Hartman won this game with their hustle and good decision making. I was very impressed with both of them. Yogi had a decent game & so did Johnson.

    I will give it up to Crean, he had a 2-3 zone offensive strategy. Also an impressive turnaround from 18 mos. ago. He’s learning. Also a good call to play 2-3 on defense vs. a dominant interior based rebounding team.

    Overall, after 6 games, I’m very impressed with the freshmen, even w/o the 1 & done Blackmon. There are some players here who could actually be with us for four years and be major factors for the program.

  4. Hoosiers looked good tonight nice All around game by holt an Hartman job well done guys!! HC crean needs a Big payday from AD glass

  5. Holt should be starting. To say he was impressive is an understatement. My biggest concern on him is that he hasn’t shown any offensive game outside two feet from the basket. But he’s a MAN down low, and he plays a smart game.

  6. yes chaz, i was the first to say give hanner’s minutes to holt, so i feel vindicated. also first to advocate for hartman. and hoetzel, but crean hasn’t figured that out yet. more of the 3 h’s.

  7. Reggie
    Saturday, June 16, 2012 – 3:52 PM UTC

    Nice point David, Will and Vic did play at a higher level in high school than Collin Hartman. Also, Collin only averaged around 13 pg last year against pretty lousy competition in the IHSAA. CTC made a mistake, it’s not a huge deal it’s just one scholarship.

    Harvard for Hillbillies
    Saturday, June 16, 2012 – 4:28 PM UTC

    I’m by no means a passionate follower of recruits, but after viewing a mix tape of some Hartman highlights on YouTube, this kid looks pretty damn skilled to me.

    Really nice looking jump shot..very smooth release and nice arc/follow-through. We could be looking at the next Steve Green. I wouldn’t call this kid a mistake. You just don’t know how kids are going to blossom. He has good size…solid looking frame(by no means a long twig), fluid movement, and one sweet looking stroke. I don’t see this kid as a flushed away scholarship.


    Let’s hope the record is now straight on who was believing in Hartman when many on this blog were throwing him under the bus. Reggie was merely one dumping on the kid…But there were far more than a handful acting like he was not going to amount to diddlysquat. I’m sure they’re still here using different blogging names.

  8. Geoff-

    You dumped on Yogi last week…You pretty much said that Crean is a joke last week…You dumped on Hulls…You dumped on Watford…You re-dumped on Remy after his first couple games at Xavier…Have you noticed his numbers climbed up? All you do is dump.

    Do you really want to get into this discussion? VJ SUCKS!

    It was a good win…Let’s also keep in mind that we were at home…Pitt was without a couple of their top players….This was not the marquis game of the BIG/ACC Challenge….

    Do I like this team more than last year’s….? Hell yes. I think I already made that clear. I believe that I said they would “breeze” into the NCAA tournament and win plenty of Big 10 games…We finally have some shooters….a lot of shooters…It pulls defenders away from the paint and makes an athletic freshman like Holt look very, very assertive inside when things aren’t packed in.

  9. To set the record straight Harv, I did not dump on Yogi. I dumped on Troy and Hanner. said I was “done with them.” I’m fine with Yogs.

    Crean is officially on my “other” side now. Before he had slack. Now he has to prove. Every. Damn. Thing. Every. Damn. Game. I personally think he is the wrong guy for IU. It’s gonna take a lot of wins and deep, deep tourney runs to win me over.

    We are way more talented than most teams, including Pitt… And including Xavier… And including about 1/3 of the ranked teams. Doesn’t mean we’re better, but a better coach would have us in the top 20.

    Not much more to say. Happy about tonight. Big Holt fan. Think that I may have started a nickname with Nicky Buckets (heard LaPhonso Ellis yell “Buckets” when he took a shot during the game). Enjoy every minute of Hartman. Looking forward to Davis.

  10. I’m sure that you know my “soft” comment directed toward Holt and a few others was out of frustration….
    I was impressed with Holt tonight…Have said repeatedly that I’m very big on Robert Johnson as well….
    I’m more than willing to admit that I didn’t follow many of our freshman prior to their arrival at Indiana. I will also admit that this is some of the best talent Crean has brought in. Holt has certainly shown more fire than Hollowell. He’s even a big upgrade over Sheehey. Johnson is far more offensively versatile than Remy. Remy was just a kid that I liked and I thought had a lot of promise.
    Zeisloft(“Buckets”), RJ, Blackmon, Yogi, Holt, Hartman…..They are all really playing well. There’s more chemistry than I’ve seen in quite some time.. I like the speed and I like the fact that our plethora of dependable guards will be able to wear down many opposing backcourts…And as one of the ESPN reporters stated tonight …This is going to be a very difficult Hoosier team to press….

    There was good focus tonight…The ball was punched into the middle of the zone and our guards are aware enough to quickly face up to the basket…I’m far from an expert, but it seemed like this team does a hell of a lot better job cutting into and dissecting a zone.

    I won’t go hunting for your Yogi comments…But I do recall some ripping into him. Maybe it was the week before last. This won’t be an easy year for Yogi. He’s not the sole driver behind the prima donna wheel anymore. Slice of humble pie is already being served. The team didn’t miss much of beat when he was on the bench tonight.

    Wow…Spike Albrecht just keeps delivering. ESPN should be ashamed for not mentioning McGary as a top Indiana talent during their commentary during the game…They were going through a list of names over the last three years while emphasizing the fact that IU has only seen a drop in the bucket when considering the full array of talent that’s come out of Indiana, a undeniable “basketball state,” over the past three years….Simply because McGary went to an East Coast academy school to finish out high school doesn’t change the Indiana roots and his hometown influences…

  11. Good win. IU plays well and close to maximizing potential. 6 wins and 1 loss on way to 15 win 16 loss regular season. (Crean may coach a team of athletic slashers 6’6″, 6’7″ type players and guards well) Now, if he could recruit and coach 6’10” and up blue chips into that mix.

  12. HH. I believe 147 Hoosier kids are currently playing college bb. Not sure how I know that.

  13. Harvard- Post #13 was helpful. I’ve been catching highlight clips of the games this year, and you put your finger on it when describing the talent level and chemistry.

    Eastern Washington game was a shocker; you never want to lose to a team from the Dark Side of the Evergreen State. Those Eagles sports teams sure can sneak up on you . Have you seen their football team this year? 10-2 powerhouse. They’d be a middle of the pack team in the Pac 12 or Big 10.

  14. Geoff, you wrote, “but a better coach would have us in the top 20.” First off, we may be in the top 20 after this week’s sin. But regardless, you seem to “want your cake and to eat it too.” Crean is the primary reason we have the talent we now have. They’re young, and as such, they will be inconsistent as they progress through the learning curve. There will be bad games (like the loss to E WA) and there will be good games, like last night. It looks to me as if the loss to E WA was a valuable learning experience, because I certainly noticed a big difference in the way IU played defense last night as compared to last week. This team showed me a few things, aside from the obvious improvement in their shooting skills ability. They play well together and are unselfish. They like each other. They are hungry. They’ve demonstrated the ability to learn from their individual and collective mistakes pretty quickly. Yes, they should be undefeated right now, but that one loss may have been a very valuable experience.

    t, you wrote, “Now, if he could recruit and coach 6’10″ and up blue chips into that mix.” Huh? Have you been in a coma for the last three years? Need I remind you that Crean recruited and coached two blue-chip guys who were top-ten NBA draft picks over the last few years. And last year’s very young 6’10” blue chip recruit lead the Big Ten in rebounding. IU is not Kentucky. IU still believes in the concept of “Student-Athlete.” IU’s players actually have to go to class, do homework, and make an honest effort and progress toward getting an education and their degree. Truth is, a lot (not all, but many) of “blue-chip” players don’t want to go to class, study and be held accountable for their academic performance, so they go to places like KY. I, for one, never want to see IU become a glorified NBA layover like the bait & tackle shop to our south. And so, until the NBA eliminates the ridiculous one and done rule, or until the NCAA gets serious about enforcing the concept of student-athlete, I don’t expect IU to be able to recruit like the “unconventional program” KY does, with 6’10” blue-chippers coming through the revolving door so fast that in ten years, no one on campus will even remember they were there.

  15. My only question is how did Crean realize he made a mistake mot playing Holt more. If he continues to make smart sections like giving the right players more playing time this team will go far. After seeing Holt today I can only wonder of the EW game could have been much different with Holt playing. He didn’t magically get better in one week but I am glad Crean is making the right choices with personnel. It is a good sign and I am excited to see how the rest of the month goes before Big play.

  16. Omega ; I suspect Holt’s “real” problem was emtional distress over the devin davis incident. Hoosiernation’s roar of approval can help support him and I expect similar effort …..results may not always be there but effort will be. T; 6’10” blue-chippers? There’s a real possibility that Holt could grow another 2 inches by next season;I dont think he’s done growing, I was impressed with unselfishness on offense, I thought JBJ showed great patience not wanting to shoot all the time and working within the offense.

  17. With those 2 guys IU barely wins big ten by the skin of their teeth (though they did win it) and goes all the way to sweet 16 before getting blown up by Syracuse. Not KY…..Should not be good enough for IU BB standarsd. Big blue chips are going to more places other than KY and not all are 1 and done. IU has to get its share meaning 1 or 2 blue chips every year. (example: 4.8 to 5 star). So enjoy your continued struggle for 15 win 16 loss rebuilding year with goals to build for tournament bid and if not NIT and then re-build again. Sounds like IU football to me. BB is on a different expectation level. Pitt win was a good win even though fools gold due to competition level.

  18. The fan base is so delusional right now. We lose to eastern Washington junior varsity and everyone wants crean out. We beat an unranked but well coached team in our house which we should never lose in and crean is safe again. Can’t have it both ways fellas. Either you’re okay with mediocrity or you’re not

  19. Seahawk Tom (in Ottawa) –

    I pepped up when I saw your name on the string…If we were a bubble team going into Selection Sunday, I would be concerned about the Eastern Washington loss. After getting six games to look at our Hoosiers and watching some of the other “more respected” teams from the BIG last night(especially those getting early attention in the polls), I’m more optimistic. I do not think 3rd or 4th in the conference standings will be out of the realm of possibilities. Our freshman have moxie and play like they’ve been there before…Was Hartman on this team last year? I checked…He did. I guess he just seems like a freshman because his presence was simply nil last year. He had a total of 11 points and 72 minutes for the entire 2013-14 season….He’s already at 33 points in 103 minutes this season…He’s diving for loose balls and is really active on the floor.

    Tried to find some of our old Basketblog posts a couple weeks ago…Saddened me. It appears they’ve all found the Dark Side of the island…Captured and burned by a team of frat-rat natives that raided our huts and burned all of our creations to the ground. Pierre was captured and clubbed to death with the petrified baguettes we left behind. My EJ painting that comforted my solitude was thrown off the pier where toes no longer dangle and eyes no longer tear. My Tom Jones pants are now in the possession of Chris Engel.
    There’s no sign of life…There’s no sign of death. Our words just lost and only tied to our memories…It’s exactly where it belongs. It was all too strangely beautiful to end up in the glass cases of some rarely visited cyberspace museum.. The Island of Basketblog was always an untouchable place of hope and laughter…..And a marvelously unique friend fed the palms of my dreams tall where sunshine and warm waves would always prevail.

    But what do I know….? I’m losing major Scoop Street cred getting my ass kicked weekly in Geoff’s 3-on-3 game.

  20. t, you are a walking contradiction. You wrote, “With those 2 guys IU barely wins big ten by the skin of their teeth (though they did win it) and goes all the way to sweet 16 before getting blown up by Syracuse.” First of all, it was just one of those 6’10” blue-chippers (Zeller) on that team that got beat by Syracuse in the sweet 16. That Syracuse team had three or four current NBA players on it and they still did not win it all. I guess that make Boeheim a bad coach, right? Secondly, IU did win the Big Ten Championship that year. Whether by the skin of their teeth or by a mile, a Big Ten Championship is a Big Ten Championship. Imagine if you’d written, back in the spring of 1976, “IU barely beat Michigan by the skin of their teeth to win the National Championship.” Or how about Keith Smart’s “shot” that “barely” beat Syracuse for the 1987 National Championship. I guess that margin of victory was not big enough for you? Wasn’t that by the skin of that IU team’s teeth too? How many blue-chippers did IU have on that team? See how stupid such comments sound?! Furthermore, most knowledgeable basketball fans understand that the problem in that Syracuse sweet-16 game was IU’s relatively short guards, one of whom was a true freshman (check the turnover stats from that game). He’s gone on to do a pretty darn good job since that tough game. t, your main problem is that you have unrealistic expectations and have forgotten how effective a recruiter Crean is. I don’t think any IU coach has ever signed more McDonald’s Americans over a period of five years as Crean has. He’s got two of them on this year’s roster, and they’re both playing pretty well.

    Bobby Knight is retired and he’s not coming back. Coach K will retire as Duke’s head coach, as will Jim Boeheim and Tom Isszo and their respective schools. You’re not going to lure Bill Self away from Kansas. IU is not going to hire the scumbag from Louisville, and Calipari’s “unconventional program” is not a fit for IU’s core values, even IU could afford to pay him $7M per year. So please tell us, who should IU hire to be the head basketball coach? What man will magically elevate IU to the glory days of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and lead IU to it’s next National Championship? Come on, give us the top three candidates you’d replace Crean with if you had a magic wand?

  21. IU fans delusional? Maybe in a couple of weeks. Who knows. For now, just enjoying a win.

    Speaking of E. Washington. 6 & 1 and moved up to #116 per KenPom. We did boost their season. Hope they follow-up with 20 wins.

    Next couple of weeks will tell. Louisville sitting at #3. Delusional – I don’t expect an IU win. Within 15 points would be success . Not sitting a low bar, being realistic. Currently #56 IU soon plays # 30 and #38 on neutral court. Than we face # ‘s 13, 15, 19, 24, 27, 31, 33 and 43. (all KenPom #’s for what that’s worth)

    Butler (#38) will be a good indicator. CTC won’t have Cody to bench for the last play of the game. Hope for a win, but as they say, ‘ that’s why they play the game’. Win or lose this year, I’ll cheer for the Hoosiers and probably buy an IU shirt or two and attend 3-5 games. I’ve introduced IU bb to my son, granddaughters, nephew and neighbor. Win or lose.

  22. Now Podunker terrorizes hoops as Crean’s official athletic supporter…When will the nutbag madness end…? Fire! Retain! Fire! Retain! Sun! Rain! Sun! Rain! Who can we get!? Who wants IU!? Who wants the pain?!!! Maybe Doctor Smith from ‘Lost in Space’…:? For the glory of old IU!…I do declare, I now like the smell of Wilson, though just a couple weeks ago, I took upon his name a major soft poo-poo. Crean is a rose. In the light of a “New Generation” his holiness grows…Someday, soon, his name will be the hankie for slime out my nose. Who can we pay enough to come to scummy IU then? The old days are gone….Our elite status forever a melancholic song. Sun! Rain! We play the game, but we play in vain. My friends all talk of Hoosiers with honor in their disdain…I am Podunker. The rest of you shame! The rest of you are insane! My Hoosier daisy…My faith gone lazy… She loves me…She loves me not…She loves me…She loves me not…She loves me…She loves me not. Commitment of the heart is a Hoosier ship in the desert…Crean players enjoy weed? To hell with Sampson…It’s time to legalize Hoosier locker rooms…Prayer now blends a nice spice into legalized Hoosier pot! Did I mention my Hoosier ship of loyalty suffers from irreversible dry rot? Fire! Retain! Fire! Retain! Fire! Retain! Tsao! There you go again! I told you it was sunny….with always a chance of rain! Send me some chocolates for Christmas with a photo of Saddam Hussein. The power of Christ compels you…The power of Christ compels you…The power of Christ compels you to offer Crean the eternal contract extension while holding Wilson’s paycheck by only the loosest of loose silk thread from the devil’s hood. For the glory of old IU, of course…For the glory of old IU…For the glory of old IU…Is this understood? Must I spell it out!? I love you more than poison ivy spreading into the “Dark Side” my anal cavity spout. The world must be ending….I just agreed with Harvard…Could Harvard be the asteroid that ended the dinosaurs? Of course not, I’m still here…..and, I should remind you…..just one MORE time! I’m here for the GLORY….glory, glory…hallelujah… glooooorrrrry, glory, hallelujah….For the GLORRRRRRRY of old IU!

  23. Yet support for Kevin Wilson? One of the assistant coaches at NC during the review period and has refused interviews with the independent team researching the concerns. ( I don’t blame him, I would try to stay as far away as possible.)

    That has to confuse your moral compass.

    Wilson “refused interviews with an independent team researching the concerns”….Now that’s how you build major Scoop Street cred. Did you also introduced your son, granddaughters, nephew and neighbor to that mysterious “independent team” that follows our Hoosier teams? Major cred…Major cred just 15 miles north of truth..

  24. Oh, one more thing.

    It’s Tom Izzo now joining hands with Isiah Thomas. You should really be more careful with the spelling of Crean’s Godfather of Hoops.

  25. Here’s ‘Godfather Isszo’ explaining to his protégé that he’ll one day be assigned his own territory in Bloomington…It would later be known as the “academic hit-job” given to one of the brightest assistants in the Establishment mob game….Yes, jaw-dropping stuff, indeed. MSU and Michigan would no longer have any Big 10 and Final Four street cred. It would all go to Bloomington with Mitch McGary, Branden Dawson, Gary Harris, Zak Irvin, Glen Robinson III…and Sweet 16’s galore..

  26. I’m sorry Mr. HH. Not sure what I said to upset you. Was it ‘I’ll support IUbb win or lose?’

    Introducing family to IU football?. Never occurred to me. Have only a passing interest in football. Now my nephew is a starter on his high school team which just won their second straight state championship. Only get to see him every couple of years. I did suggest IU for college. He laughed, shooting for UCLA. Football brings me to ‘The Wilson Comment’ I made. Sorry to upset you so much that you felt the need to do some archive diving. Uhh. You forgot to include my apology. Have you been watching too much Fox News? You know, only report the one side of the story which supports you’re idea.

    My ‘Scoop Cred’. This is one of the great things about being old and retired, don’t really give a darn what anyone thinks about me.

    “Mysterious team” ? Sorry. No idea what you mean

    But, reading the last few postings by you. Sounds like you are heading to that ‘dark place’ again. Chin up old buddy, tomorrow will be here soon and it will be a beautiful. .

    Have a nice day.

  27. ‘[Wilson] refused interviews with the independent team researching the concerns…”

    It’s your quote. It’s your words…How in the hell do I know what “independent team” you’re talking about…You simply made the crap up…But, as I said before, it was creative. Wilson refused nothing and there was no “team” researching anything. You didn’t “connect any dots”…You simply told an untruth and even went to the trouble to doctor it up with clever deceitful clauses(“independent teams”….”refused interviews”..”researching the concerns,” etc.).

  28. Hey Harv-

    I’m an old professor Emeritus here, too; I know the feeling. For your part, at least you are still able to express keen observations relevant to the topic; I, on the other hand, just come around for the occasional satisfaction of nostalgic or emotional longings.

    The Basketblog was like the 80’s; a momentary flash in the pan of uninhibited true exchange of creativity and exuberance, sans the judgmental and exacting eye of yacht club purists. I miss those times. Still, I am thankful that I can still find my faithful interlocutor of all those years here on the Scoop.

  29. Reference to #28 Back when IU won big ten by beating Mich by skin of their teeth they played way better than 500 ball. So enjoy the 15 win 16 loss regular season for 2014.

  30. t, you’re sounding more and more like a troll. But what year are you referring to “Back when IU won the big ten by beating Michigan?” Are you talking about the 1975-76 team or the 2012-13 team? Both teams were a lot better than 500, and both teams beat Michigan to win the Big Ten Championship. Of course the 75-76 team was the last team to ever go undefeated and win the National Championship. Ironically, it was the 74-75 team that was the best IU team ever, but due to a late season a broken arm to the team’s leading scorer (Scott May), they lost a close game to Kentucky in the tournament. Otherwise, IU could have had back-to-back undefeated National Championship seasons. But those days are long gone, t. It’s a different world, and this is not your father’s IU Basketball program.

  31. King Vocab-

    When reminiscing about Basketblog, I guess we shouldn’t forget Remora…..”Remora rules the internet!”

    Remora was a lot of fun..Never a yacht club member. His photo creations were always far more clever than anything I could produce. Very creative and had a great sense of humor..Of course, not a very big fan of Crean. Taught me a lot about many of the internet tricks I had no clue…He was generous and let me play on equal ground.

  32. Can’t wait to visit again all season to watch the delusion. IU beats Penn state: “oh man look at these boys now!” IU loses to Nebraska and northwestern at home: “Crean can’t run an offense. He needs to go!” Crean hangs a banner for an NIT 1st round win: “man we sure are on our way boys”. Mediocrity. That’s not the IU team that was handed down to me. And not the IU team I want to hand down.

  33. Sue me for hoping that our Indiana Hoosiers win a game. I was happy to watch a game where we beat Pitt. No one here, and surely not me, were making anything bigger of it than it was. Just like losing to EWU wasn’t the end of the world.

    Spending all season watching IU through the lense of how it’ll affect its coach’s job status is just depressing and cynical. Have at it all that you want. I prefer to enjoy watching our hoops team play and unapologetically root for them to win.

    If you don’t look can see that there are some seriously fun kids to watch on this Indiana team, that’s just sad. Who knows how this season is going to turn out. But I will certainly be hoping we win every night so I don’t have to come online and post 40 times a night, “I told you so.”

  34. King Vocab? I don’t see Tsao or IUfanPurduePhd anywhere.

    I loved Remora’s pictures. Briliiant, brilliant stuff for sure; if I were a politician and ever needed someone to completely demolish my rival’s image through photoshop, I’d have Remora at the top of my short list. The guy was/is a cheap shot artist, though; the name stealing was so annoying and pretty much ruined the fun of Scooping for me. “Huge Kellenburger” was never sharp enough to realize who the real mischief maker was.

    I still found it odd that he never imposterized you, though. And the similarities between your posts, just uncanny. One of those unsolved mysteries that will always leave seeds of doubt. Like True Detective…maybe someday we’ll have to get together to finally solve the mystery of the blogging Yellow King, you and me, like Marty and Rust…and of course, like in the show, there will be plenty of suspicion cast on you as the possible detective/perpetrator…

  35. From Branch McCraken Hurryin’ Hoosiers, Lou Watson and Jerry Oliver, to May’s broken arm plus 1974-75 season ending loss to KY and BK crying in the bathroom stall….to the broken glass @ IU after the 1975-76 championship game….then 1981, Turner, Tolbert, Thomas & Thomas , Wittman, and Kitchell and rest of gang…. to Alford, Smart, Garrett, Hillman, Calloway, and company in 1987….and a few good years thereafter. I look forward to a consistent high level of competition according to what IU standards should be; one of the dominating players in this collegiate sport.

  36. I graduated from IU and live in Louisville. Over the years, I’ve become more of a Card’s fan than a Hoosier fan because Bloomington lives way too much in the past. The style of play down here is much more exciting to watch in both basketball and football. The facilities are top notch and the fan support is great. Call Coach Pitino names, but like Coach Knight he gets the most out of his kids and the program is successful. It will be interesting to read the comments on here if Coach Calipari’s “unconventional program” becomes the second undefeated national champion.

  37. If it’s just about winning basketball games then Louisville does, indeed, have some sort of claim.

    That’s about it.

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