Hoosier Morning

IU women’s basketball coach Teri Moren recently lost her mother to ALS, but she still heeds her parent’s one simple command to work, Jon writes.

Pittsburgh’s size and IU’s speed clash tonight in a test for two young team, Mike writes.

Tevin Coleman became the first Hoosier to receive All-Big Ten first team honors since 2010, Mike writes.

Kevin Wilson’s coaching career will hit a crossroads at Indiana in 2015, David Woods of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Rating the interest and importance of the Big Ten/ACC Challenge games with IU-Pitt not moving either meter much, Dana O’Neil of ESPN.com writes.

Somehow Indiana actually had an advantage at quarterback against Purdue and other takeaways from the advanced box score, via Billy at puntjohnpunt.com.

In honor of the Teri Moren story, “Mama” by Genesis.


  1. Tuesday Night’s 3-on-3 Game:

    Group 1 (pick 1): Kevin, James

    Group 2 (pick 1): Robert, Hanner, Troy

    Group 3 (pick 1): Stanford, Colin, Nicholas

    OPTION!!! You can choose a player from Group 4 at DOUBLE points to replace a player from Group 3. Obviously you must decide now…

    Group 4 (pick 1): Emmitt, Maximus

    Scoring: points (1), assists (2), def rebs (1), off rebs (2), blocks (1), steals (1), TOs (-1)

  2. Captain Jonas Grumby, Eunice Lovelle Wentworth Howell, Professor Roy Hinkley, Ph.D.

  3. Kevin, Troy, Stanford

    This was after consulting the spinning globe of Hoosier faces on the right sidebar area….Basically, closed my eyes and clicked my mouse onto the globe until I had one face from any of the groupings. Interestingly, this exact grouping had not previously been chosen by the current committed participants.

  4. 3-on-3 RESULTS for the PITT game… (sorry it took so long – I’ll tell you the story in a bit)

    Kevin – 18, James – 20
    Robert – 26, Hanner – 17, Troy – 18
    Stanford – 6, Colin – 20, Nicholas – 9
    Holt – 48, Maximus – 6

    So if you had Holt you won…

    Geoff – Yogi + RJ + Stan = 50
    HC – JBJ + RJ + Holt = 94 Perfect score!!!
    DD – JBJ + Troy + Colin = 58
    Jeremy – Yogi + Troy + Holt = 84
    Chet – Yogi + RJ + Colin = 64
    Omega – JBJ + RJ + Stan = 52
    HfH – Yogi + Troy + Stan = 42

    And of course the WINNER is Hoosier Clarion!!! way to gamble – it paid off big time!

  5. So here’s my little sob story, and the reason it’s taken me a couple days to get you the results…

    Yesterday my newly installed K-1 tank decided to spring a leak at the filter gasket. Several gallons escaped into the yard before it was discovered and I shut the valve. Last night wife and kid had to stay at my folks while I dealt with reporting, and today they officially moved in with her folks for a few days while everything gets cleaned up. I’ve been dealing with the DEP all day and will be for the foreseeable future.

    We have to have the tank removed, a support column from our brand new deck removed because it was saturated, the concrete tank pad removed, surrounding earth excavated, a 200 yard drench excavated where the kerosene drained down through the yard, a radon fan installed for a minimum of 2 years to eliminate the vapors, all of our clothes and bedding professionally cleaned, and then everything put back together.

    A really awesome experience.

    Luckily, the DEP has an emergency insurance fund set aside for these things and we’ll only be responsible for a $500 deductible.

  6. It sucks that that happened but it sounds like Maine has a pretty good system for smaller spills…without bankrupting a homeowner. That’s enough to take out at least a few wells if ignored and, in many places, that’s exactly what is done.

    Good for you folks.

  7. Department of Environmental Protection… Here is the lovely mess. Well guess not. Not letting me link pics. Oh well. Currently have 2 Dump trucks, 2 excavators, and 4 heavy duty pick-up at my house, plus 10 guys in hard hats and neon yellow safety vests.

  8. If you lived in the South, as I did for the past 30 years before moving to Colorado, state officials would direct you to where you could buy bottled water. Of course, you’d never be able to sell your home (nor could your neighbors) and you’d possibly go bankrupt. It’s a common story down there.

    As bad as it seems…it could be a lot worse. It sounds like they are actually trying to remedy the problem as best they can. Be glad about the guys in the hard hats.

  9. Yeah, they’ve been great. Super-responsive, empathetic and very helpful. Now I hope they really do a quality job because I’ve invested a lot of money in the area they are working on just this summer.

  10. Geoff, Not having gone through your particular ordeal but with lots of past 2nd hand observation and personal experiences, just do not sign off until every blade of grass is leaning in the direction you want it to. For if there is an insurance company somewhere in the middle(and you bet we all need insurance)soon some 3rd or 4th level manager is going to feel his budget threatened(which affects his bonus) and he is going to tell some underling to cut corners and the corners are where the job is finalized to your satisfaction. It won’t be the guys in the hard hats doing. Good luck and keep your lawyer in the loop, the $ are too big not to.

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