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A new appreciation for the game he loves and the support of the mother who can relate to his knee surgery has helped make Collin Hartman a surprising force for IU, Mike writes.

It was a different IU team, one with more defensive intensity and more attention to scouting report detail, that took the court vs. Pitt, I wrote.

The guard play of Tyra Buss and Larryn Brooks helped carry IU women’s basketball past Boston College, we reported.

IU swimmers won the 800 freestyle relay at the Winter Nationals Wednesday, we reported.

A film session breakdown of Emmitt Holt’s career night against Pitt, by Ryan Corazza of Inside the Hall.

The IU football defense closed the season on a high note against Purdue in the final film study of the year, by Dan at puntjohnpunt.com.

Victor Oladipo has been raising his game and growing as a point guard for the Orlando Magic, Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel writes.

Former Hoosier Cody Zeller made a poster out of Pau Gasol with a two-handed dunk Wednesday night, via sportingnews.com.

The obituary for Columbus native and IU fan Andy Russell, known better here on the Scoop as Aruss.

For Mr. Gasol, Marcus Miller with “Run for Cover.”


  1. Our hearts go out to his (and his fiance’s) kids and his parents. Always sad when someone so young leaves us, but a parent with young children, and at Christmas……

  2. Jeremy, how did you figure out Andy (Aruss) has passed away? That is really a sad deal and so young. I wonder why his heart gave out. Just awful! I am glad I can say I never gave him a hard time on the scoop…may did. You never know how you come off and how you can hurt people. I was so crushed on here a couple years back getting continuously attacked I had to leave for well over a year. Not that words on a blog led to a heart attack but it does make you back up and look at the situation from a different perspective. He was a Hoosier till the end!


    1. J Pat,
      Aruss was the founder of the off-topic forum at Peegs.com, which is why he linked that site in his sign-on here. Peegs tweeted out the news on Wednesday, which was how I found out.

  3. My condolences to his family. Very sad.

    I don’t recall Aruss as ever being anyone’s victim on the Scoop. He was very assertive and staunch on his positions.

  4. My deepest respect and my condolences to his children and fiancee. We never met, we often argued but you always were and remain a true Hoosier, friend. We’ll say a cheer or make a comment and remember you, I’m sure.

  5. I am sorry to hear about the passing of “Aruss.” To pass at such a young age is especially tragic. I pray that his children, fiancé, friends and loved ones will be comforted by nothing but good and positive memories of their time with him.

  6. My heart goes out to his children for the loss of their loving dad taken far too soon.

    Rest in peace, Aruss.

  7. I watched the video highlights of Zeller. It’s the first time I’ve seen him play since he left IU. I was surprised that his physique looks the same as it did when he wore candy stripes. I thought he’d have put on more weight and bulk in order to better “bang” in the paint. But obviously he’s running the floor as well as ever and has opted to use his quickness instead of getting big. It was nice to see him hitting those mid-range jumpers too.

  8. Speaking of IU Football’s defense ending the season on a high note against Purdue, I was reminded today that these college coaches have enormous incentive to produce winning programs. I read today that several recently fired football coaches will receive enormous severance packages from their former Universities. It’s almost obscene! Brady Hoke will get $3 M, but that’s pocket change compared to Bo Pelini, who will collect $7.65 M from Nebraska. Will Muschamp is crying all the way to the bank with a $6.3 M buyout, and Charlie Weis is getting a combined $4.6 M next season from both Kansas and Notre Dame. His severance from Kansas continues to pay Weis through the end of 2016! I’m all for a free-market economy and realize these coaches work very hard, but those severance numbers are ridiculous. I’m not blaming the coaches for getting what they can get, but those numbers make me wonder how smart these University Presidents and Boards of Trustees really are. I mean, unless they’re fools, these coaches never need to work another day in their lives and will still die wealthy! When you read about these types of compensation packages, it’s disgusting to realize that many of the student athletes these men are coaching have not gotten enough money from theses same Universities to makes ends meet. Student athletes deserve a lot more financial support, and it’s not difficult to figure out where the money should come from. The system is way out of balance, and changes need to be implemented immediately.

  9. I didnt know Andy (ARUSS) on the Scoop very long;not as long as some of you all have. But I read his statements ,staunch IU supporter ? you bet. Mean…never.His statements seemed to make points that were rational and made people think. I lost my wife at age 48 to heart disease.Reading his Obit made my eyes well up cause I KNOW the pain.I wish I had some magical words to ease that pain. I just hope his family knows that his “other” family here on The Scoop..sends out much love and support to them at this time.

  10. In many cases it is deep pocketed fans/alumni/corporations who kick in to hire or fire these HC’s. Also I have no bleeding heart for student athletes financial wealth who are on full scholarship. They presently have enough dough to spend unwisely, check the headlines at nearly every school. A kid kept broke is not a bad thing. In fact it fosters appreciation, appreciates opportunity and opportunity spurs motivation.

  11. Very sad about aruss. My thoughts immediately turn to his children. I hope they have a strong community and family to support them through this…. devastating.

    Thankful for all my Scoopmates… even the ones that don’t (ever) agree with me, and aren’t afraid to let me know what a dolt I am. I wish you all the very best.

  12. HC, I’m not suggesting that scholarship athletes get paid a lot of money to play, but there are just too many verifiable stories out there about scholarship athletes not having enough money to make ends meet while in school. Current scholarships don’t come close to covering all their expenses and they are often prohibited from working. That can create a lot of other problems for these young adults, especially those whose parents can’t make up the difference. They’ve got enough on their mind between sports and academics. Surely universities paying football or basketball coaches millions of dollars a year, and then agreeing to pay them enormous severance packages upon termination, can afford to pay their student athletes, who generate all that revenue in the first place, a couple hundred dollars a month extra for living expenses without eliminating the incentive to pursue their degrees and stay out of trouble. In fact, it might provide an incentive to stay in school and/or stay out of trouble. At $200 per month for each scholarship athlete on a BCS football team, it would amount to about $200,000 a year for these schools. That amount would get lost in the rounding of some of these head coaches’ annual incomes. Any system that pays coaches millions of dollars a year but keeps students from low income families in poverty while on campus is fundamentally flawed. And given what they risk to play, and that in most cases being an athlete limits the time they can apply to academics, it’s simply immoral.

  13. Sorry but that snowball only computes into more increases to the monthly give out as more hair brained ideas are conjured up as to why more $ are needed. The model presently used is most successful.

  14. So that’s why Northwestern’s football team started a movement to unionize college athletes? That’s why the NCAA rushed to embrace significant changes for what’s provided by scholarships? So that’s why we continually here from players who say that there were/are many nights when they went to sleep hungry because they did not have enough cash to order a pizza? That’s why some athletes from low-income families find to necessary to compromise their future by taking money from boosters and/or agents under the table? As I suggest, if you want to find the money to pay for these “give-outs,” take it out of the coaching compensation budget. I doubt any of those well compensated men would change professions because their players are getting a modest monthly stipend. The model presently used is out of date and a disgrace, and it creates a lot of counter-productive behavior.

  15. 40? Unbelievable. Aruss will be missed. Always enjoyed the back and forth with him. I like J Pat have not been on here heavily. Was more active from 2008-2011.

    Heartfelt condolences to his family and children. 40 is a half a decade away for me and its events like this that make you take a step back and contemplate ones own mortality.

    Forever Cheers Aruss,

  16. I was born less than 2 years later at that same hospital in Columbus… Wonder if we were ever in daycare or pre-school together…

  17. Kindly list the names of the scholarship players who have starved from malnutrition, froze for lack of shelter and walked around in public w/o clothes. I am waiting. This is how all shams start, by bleeding hearts.

  18. College coaches like most professional sports, high level political, CEOs and entertainers etc to include other groups are grossly overpaid. Major college coach wages need to deflate, players should not get a penny more than what they are now getting. Profits should be divided among among the total college population to decrease cost of going to college (with some type of grade criteria and need attached to (distribution)

  19. Some random year end thoughts on IU Football: 1) Indiana St played in the NCAA Championship Division play-offs; 2) Bowling Green played for the MAC Championship; 3) Mizzo played for the SEC Championship; 4) Plus 8 B1G conference games, makes for a tough schedule; 5) IU’s record at the time of Sudfeld’s injury and Carrington’s injury was 2-1 with a victory on the road at Mizzo; 6) With Sudfeld and Carrington injured, and Robeson transferred, Diamont had to play 1 year earlier than expected. We all saw how good Coach Wilson and his staff are at developing QB’s in Diamont’s improved play from the MSU game on 10/18 until the Purdue game on 11/29. Now if Coach Wilson and his staff can get a 3rd straight good recruiting class for 2015, then things are definitely looking up for a bowl appearance in 2015!

  20. Podunker-these make no sense whatsoever: “…players who say that there were/are many nights when they went to sleep hungry because they did not have enough cash to order a pizza?”…(present scholarships include room and board and, as I understand it, a small ‘incidentals’ allowance (laundry, etc). I don’t think these scholarships are meant to cover ‘everything’ at a better than basic level. It is not at all too much to expect scholarship athlete families to contribute ‘something’ to their child’s college expenses. Especially when not only the cost of school related expenses are covered but also tutors, study hall administrations, etc are paid for. Scholarships should sustain not coddle student athletes. While on the subject, in many cases the scholarship student-athletes should be expected to, in the very minimum, be expected to meet their academic requirements as well. Beyond athletic performance, academic performance is a two way street that should be met with effort.

    “That’s why some athletes from low-income families find to necessary to compromise their future by taking money from boosters and/or agents under the table?” This makes even less sense. Let me suggest the two reasons for taking money from boosters. The student-athlete’s and the booster’s moral breakdown/decay. There is no excuse for this- none! Next train station is the athlete’s contracting to throw games for gambling interests… we should blame the schools for this? One of the reasons I thought it was bordering the ridiculous to drop our series with Navy or to give into the demand to not schedule the academies (Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard) was because their athletes are exemplary of the idea of what the college athlete should be about…. a student who represents the school without further privileges against similarly motivated opponents.

    No, I don’t buy the idea of a college in-training semi-professional minor leagues. If these are going to exist as such, we should send the rather hefty bill that it cost for their prospective players to the professional leagues that benefit from their would-be players participation; or send the bill for services rendered to the athletes themselves once they are in the professional leagues.

    Or still yet, leave it as is and live with the contradiction that these athletes are already getting a damn good deal.

  21. Beat Purdue- that’s a good summary; and the reason why I feel strongly that we have made a great deal of progress with Kevin Wilson as our head coach and his staff recruiting, teaching and coaching out student-athletes. For the first time in nearly 20 years I feel we got value for our (IU’s) investment and that we can look forward to the day when IU will have a program competitive with the rest of the B1G.

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