Hoosier Morning

Playing Louisville will be trial be fire for an Indiana squad still finding itself, Mike writes.

Tevin Coleman was not one of the three Heisman Trophy finalists named Monday despite his 2,000-yard season, Mike writes.

Indiana picked to upset Louisville among the weekly notes, from Seth Davis of SI.com.

Louisville is eager to test itself against IU and play at Madison Square Garden, Jeff Greer of the Louisville Courier-Journal writes.

Louisville forward Montrezl Harrell will be the primary matchup problem for Indiana tonight, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Turnovers, 3-pointers and rebounding will the deciding factors for the Cardinals and Hoosiers, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.

Garden Party favors Louisville’s defense over Indiana’s offense, Rick Bozich of WDRB.com writes.

Van Morrison performing “In the Garden” live at New York’s Beacon Theater in 1989.


  1. 3-on-3 Game for Louisville… Here are the groupings:

    Group 1 (pick 1): Yogi, JBJ

    Group 2 (pick 0, 1, or 2): Holt, Troy, Robbie J

    and worth DOUBLE POINTS…

    Group 3 (pick 0, 1, or 2): Colin, Stan, Nicky Buckets, Max, HMP

    Scoring: Points (1), Assists (2), Def Rebs (1), Off Rebs (2), Steals (1), Blocks (1), TOs (-1)

  2. I never got an answer to an earlier question…This 3-on-3 coin flip game is fun, but who has the nerve(or the foolhardiness?) to pick the Hoosiers tonight….? Too much Scoop cred to lose by partaking in such foolish leaps of faith…or lack thereof?

    On paper(and by all accounts of experts that rank teams), the game at MSG should be a really easy call….I’m assuming that silence and ignoring the questing is far easier than the admission of a true lack of confidence….Great to show confidence when we’re picking Hoosiers vs. Hoosiers….Who has the confidence in the intangibles and the belief that there really isn’t such a huge disparity between the two teams playing at MSG tonight?

  3. Harvard, you know I’m not a big fan of predicting scores, but I’ll answer your question. I think we have more talent than any team in the country in the backcourt (outside of UK I guess). Therefore, I think we can stay with any team on any given night. There is no reason we cannot beat Louisville. Clearly they have a superior advantage with Harrell at the 4, but hopefully we can counteract that making him have to guard a slasher (Troy/Stan) or a shooter (Max/Colin). If they don’t feel comfortable with him doing that and have to play some zone, then that relieves some of the relentless ball pressure that their guards normally dole out. The biggest thing obviously is we need to make shots, and when we don’t we need to be able to hustle back on D and limit any transition opportunities. I also feel like we have a very good FT shooting team, so when games get tight I’m very comfortable having Yogi, JBJ, and RJ handing the rock.

    On the defensive end, I think its pretty clear we’ll see at least 95% zone. Louisville has a traditional front court, and has 2 guys with size that see double digit minutes off the bench. There’s just no way we can guard Harrell man-to-man (unless maybe there are a few small stretches where Hanner and Holt are in together). But the other big reason for zone is that UL seemingly shoots very poorly from 3. They have 4 guard/wings that are really in the rotation, and none of them even make a third of there 3’s. Rozier, Blackshear, Jones, and Gill are a combined 34 for 118 from deep.

    So I certainly feel like IU can win tonight if they hit three’s, limit transition opportunities, nullify Harrell with the zone, force UL into a lot of 3’s, gang rebound on the defensive end, and make FT’s down the stretch.

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