Hoosiers overpower No. 24 Michigan State in 70-51 win

Not only did the Hoosiers upset the No. 24 team in the country, but they also outrebounded the Big Ten’s No. 1 rebounding team in a 70-51 win over Michigan State Wednesday night.

Freshman Tyra Buss and Amanda Cahill both produced double-doubles, and the Hoosiers finished with 49 rebounds, 15 on the offensive end, compared to 34 total for Michigan State. Along with only eight turnovers, the Hoosiers only surrendered six offensive rebounds and eight second-chance points.

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  1. Nice road win for lady hoosiers!! To beat the #1 rebounding team on there home floor outstanding!! Great job lady hoosiers

  2. Steve, the game was in Bloomington but, still a great win over a good team. A terrific game defensively tonight. Although Jankoska and Powers combined for 40 points, another player had 6 and no other player scored over 2 points for the Spatans. This turned out to be a vey good defensive effert! Out rebounding one of the best rebounding teams in the nation by 13 was a huge factor. Our bench out scored theirs 16-2. Another positive was only having 9 turn overs tonight. All of these things combined really helped in the victory. It was really nice to see us get Anderson more post touches resulting in 19 points, this is something we have went away from in the last few games.

    Buss having 10 points was not unusual but, her grabbing 15 rebounds was extrodanary for a 5′ 7″ player. Cahill had another double-double tonight with 13 points and 13 rebounds continuing her strong play. It was really nice to see us beat the Spartans which is something we haven’t done in a while and them being ranked # 24 in the nation is really a bonus. We now have to prepare for a tough road game Sunday at Purdue. Go Hoosiers!

  3. Missed seeing you at the game MikeC. This was a much different game than the Rutgers game. Despite having nearly the same height as Rutgers, MSU did not have nearly the same length and just seemed to move slower than our ladies were moving. If we can put together games like this in future Big 10 match ups, we are going to have an exciting year.
    Great way to end the year with a big win!

  4. Bryan, trust me I really missed being there! My wife and I have a New Years Eve tradition where we take in two movies and dinner on that day so, bummer about missing the game 🙂 Couldn’t wait to get home and go online to see how the game came out. I was ecstatic to read all the articles concerning the game and then I watched coach Moren’s post game press conference and the high lights on the Hoosier website.

    Bryan, although I didn’t see the game, you are correct in mentioning the Spartan’s not being is quick as Rutgers, nobody we will face this year is as quick as Rutgers! Although the Spartans are pretty athletic, they are not in Rutgers class in that area. Having now seen Rutgers twice this year and having watched the Maryland-Ohio St. game yesterday, I am now more convinced than ever that Maryland and Rutgers will be fighting for the conference championship. Anyway Bryan, back to us, if we continue to try to emphasize our post play which has been missing in the last few games, it will only make us tougher to stop offensively and that will certainly give us a better chance to win game to game as long as we can rebound and continue to emphasize defense. By the way, I really enjoyed our conversation before the Rutgers game, looking forward to many more in the future. Go Hoosiers!!

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