1. 3-on-3 Game for B1G opener…

    Group 1 (pick 1): Yogi, JBJ, Troy

    Group 2 (pick 1): Colin, Robbie, HMP

    Group 3 (pick 1): Max, Emmitt, Stan, Z

    Sorry, finding it difficult to keep up with this during the holidays and now it’s nearly impossible being with gramps in Charlotte. He keeps me occupied from dawn til well past dusk. Of course we’ll be occupied with the big game this evening…

    GO IU!!!

  2. Geoff-

    I’m still in Jeremy’s isolation chamber….Temperature is currently 51 degrees below Tom Pritchard’s free throw stroke…It is damn cold in here…I’m hoping for a Christmas cookie to be slid through the door feeding tube….Wait, do I here someone coming..? I think it’s Jeremy’s distinctive Hush Puppies squeaking as they grip to the highly polished asbestos floor tiles …..The hallway lighting has definitely been turned on…It’s casting just enough light under the 18′ thick door to provide a wonderful soft glow to the pictures of Tom Crean that Jeremy used to wallpaper my chamber.. I only see the glow-in-the-dark eyeballs when the hallway and my chamber is set to “Harvard Vacation” levels….I do think it’s definitely Jeremy approaching.. He’s whistling an Everclear tune and it’s strangely in beat with the Hush Puppies…How does he do that to “I Will Buy You a New Life”…? .Even a lead-lined, recycled battleship hull from the Battleship Korman built into a Harvard censorship door can’t serve as adequate barrier to this Everclear Censorship Shuffle….I bet he’s just taunting me……I bet there’s no cookie…He’ll probably feed a photo of Mike Miller in the Bahamas through the door feeder….Then it’s lights off again.

    Anyway, you guys have fun with the Big 10 opener….If I had some fingernails left, I’d try to scratch my way out of the chamber….At least I have Tom Crean’s 84 glowing sets of eyes to help pass the time….

    Lastly, Jeremy thinks locking me in the chamber will bring him better luck in picking a winning set of Hoosiers for the 3-on-3 …IHee-hee…Like that’s gonna happen..(insert giant Dopirak smirk)…I believe we have rather complementary skills at identifying a winning combo…..(Though I do believe Jeremy’s cumulative point total is somehow above my own solid efforts) If I were actually allowed to play, I’d go with LBJ, Robbie, and Z Buckets…(get it..? Sounds like a German person saying, “the buckets”).

    Happy New Year!……Help me….help me….help me….hel;akdjljal;ldakdjmald;adlakd;klua;[[[][p kk

  3. I can’t believe it…Rhinestones brought me a White Castle slider and a cookie! The cookie had a big bite taken out of it and saliva residue was clearly apparent,near the decapitation line of the frosted snowman offering, but it was thoughtful nonetheless… Thanks Jeremy.

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Everclear!

  4. among your most impressive musings Harvard. I never cease to be amazed with the width and depth of musical renderings you can cite…

  5. Thanks Geoff…

    Holy Toledo torpedo….! I gotta a one out of three chance to win this thing tonight..

    Man, was Holt impressive during a stretch of that first half…I know this is too big of a compliment, but there are moments that Holt reminds me of Steve Downing…Particularly, his breakaway bucket(when he kissed it off the glass in the style of a disciplined, classic, minimalist, no-flash layup) brought back some memories of the great Downing…His defensive posture also looks similar…And maybe the thin frame and the knee wrap…Man, did he look strong….What a boost if he can bring some more of that game on a reg basis.

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