Kevin Wilson lands 4 players on big recruiting weekend

Indiana’s 2015 recruiting class grew by four on Sunday, as the Hoosiers picked up verbal pledges from Carmel athlete Isaac James, Missouri offensive lineman DaVondre Love, Maryland defensive back Tyler Green and Virginia athlete Mike Majette.

The banner day in IU football recruiting is headlined by James, an in-state quarterback who is expected to play receiver in Bloomington, according to 247Sports. James received offers from Wisconsin and Northwestern, among others, and is ranked as a three-star recruit by Rivals and 247. He’s the No. 8 overall player in Indiana.

Green, a 6-foot-3 safety, is a three-star recruit who decommitted from Ohio State on Tuesday. The Hyattsville, Md. native is considered to be among the top 40 safeties in the nation and was also offered by Maryland.

Love is a 6-foot-7, 290-pound prospect from St. Louis, who also had an offer from Syracuse.

Majette represented Indiana’s fourth and final commitment of the day, announcing on his Twitter page around 9 p.m. that he plans to play at IU. The three-star prospect was a Maryland commit until last week, The Baltimore Sun reported, when the Terrapins rescinded their scholarship offer after learning Majette had visited Indiana without first notifying anyone at Maryland. Majette is a 5-foot-10 native of Woodbridge, Va., who could play receiver or corner at Indiana.

James, Love and Green enjoyed official visits to Bloomington this past weekend, with Love telling The Herald-Times that he and his mother were impressed with the family atmosphere of the Indiana program and the honesty of Hoosier coaches.

“They treated me like I was already a member of the Hoosier family,” Love said. “They treated my mom really good and she was happy about it and comfortable with the place. They made it feel like home. My mom has no worries about me going there and I’m excited to be a part of it all. It’s very family-oriented and it was something that was easy to gravitate towards.”

The flurry of commitments brings Indiana’s 2015 class to 14 players, not including former UAB receiver Marqui Hawkins, who announced last week that he plans to transfer to IU in January. The Hoosiers expect to sign at least 10 more players over the next few weeks, as IU coach Kevin Wilson has said that he expects to have a full class of 25 prospects.

“In reality, we got a program that’s been very, very close,” Wilson told reporters last month. “It’s coming. I think we withstood a pretty good gut shot this year. We need one or two more classes to back it up, and I think this will be a huge year for this program in recruiting, because if we can back up a core with the seniors coming back — we lose some good seniors, and whatnot, but with the guys coming back, the youthfulness of the freshmen, sophomore talent — if we can put class we need together, it’s going to be pretty good. It will be a complete class.”


  1. Great day for IU football. The future is bright and hopefully we can still pull a solid QB and a RB. Doubt TC stays but that would be like pulling a 5 star if he did. A solid non-conference schedule as well. Take care of business and IU should be bowling.

  2. Very good pickups. I think it’s safe to say that our days of recruiting kids that wasn’t on the radar of power conferences is out the window. Hope we have a QB in the wings. It’s been an interesting ride seeing this program gutted out to now seeing it on the upswing. Just hope this translates to more wins soon.

  3. Hoosier Clarion:

    In your opinion, how far away do you think we are with IU Football having that “breakout year”? Wilson says two more classes, but I thought we had the talent to win six games. (Had Sudfeld not gone down.) Wilson’s vision of a breakout year is probably more ambitious than mine.

  4. Coach Wilson and the Hoosiers have gained conference respect despite the bad breaks with QB injuries,
    and it shows. He has put together an excellent coaching staff now, and our players are on board.
    I do think 2015 will be a very good year for IU.

  5. LydiaF, with one noticeable exception, Wilson has had a good coaching staff since he arrived in Bloomington. The key will be his ability to keep the current assistant coaches for a few years. And that’s also the responsibility of Fred Glass, who needs to make sure Wilson has the compensation budget necessary to retain quality coaching talent.

  6. I am not sure anyone would say Doug Mallory = Brian Knorr. Jon Fabris who I liked from afar but must have had methods Wilson did not like was like wise discharged. So I cannot say Wilson has had this strong a staff for the whole tenure. As far as Wilson having the salary budget necessary for staff retention, he has it but you’re not not going to read about it officially from IU.

  7. No question, based on his first year in the job, Knorr appears to be an upgrade over Mallory. I knew nothing about Fabris. I liked the job Wilson’s original Offensive Coordinator did and am still scratching my head about why he would take a huge pay cut to transfer to UNC, but he appeared to be very effective in all aspects of the job, especially recruiting skill players for the offense.

    Going forward, I think it’s key that Wilson hire coaches who want to be in Bloomington for a while, and who don’t see the job as a one or two-year stepping stone. That’s why compensation is so key. If you’re happy being an assistant coach and you know you’re being paid at or above market value, you’re less inclined to take a lateral position simply for more money. Unless you’re from a warm coastal area (Florida or California) Bloomington is a great place to live and raise a family.

  8. Littrell was not original OC. He did do well when good receiving weapons were at hand. He did not like being in Wilson’s offensive shadow and went where he was more comfortable, no big deal. I like Johns better because he also coaches QBs which SL did not. There is plenty of $ to retain coaches or hire better assistants. Glass has a firm handle on it. If and when Wilson pulls the trigger Glass will make it happen.

  9. If you’re right about Littrell’s motivation for taking the job at UNC, giving up over $100,000 per year is a lot of money to forfeit just to get out from under someone’s shadow! You’d think that learning from one of the acknowledged “offensive geniuses,” Littrell could have endured the shade for another year or two. He must have been miserable to forfeit all that cash. Just think, if his income does not increase in the next 18 months, Littrell will have forfeited more money than he currently makes in a year. Ouch!

  10. It’s the only thing I can come up with. His wanted had to be bigger than his not wanted. Control vs $. Who knows maybe there were other benefits or promises for the future. Wished I knew. Another 1 of those human quirks. I did like him at IU. But I do value having the continuity of the same QB/WR coach(Johns) than I do OC in this program because of KW’s talents. We’ll know more after the Spring camp about our QB, RB and WR pecking order. We’ll have depth.

  11. I keep waiting for that breakout season. I thought this year would have IU at least going to a minor bowl game, but we couldn’t beat BGSU, or the two newcomers Maryland and Rutgers.

    IU went 0-6 in their own division, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. OSU and MSU are the elite of the division. Michigan and Penn State, even though they were down were still able to beat IU, and will likely get better from here on out. Maryland showed that they are a middle tier team. Rutgers and IU will battle for the basement each year. I just don’t see IU’s record ever achieving more than 7 wins a season. That means IU has to win all their OOC games, and win at least two in conference games, probably requiring they win two games against western division foes, but who besides Purdue currently is beatable?

    IU has considerable ground to make up defensively, and I believe Knorr is capable of getting IU to play at a consistent, competitive level, but whether that will be good enough to get IU to six wins is another story.

    I’m still uncertain if our recruiting has improved the way some of you have indicated. Maybe Wilson has improved recruiting, but if their is a lack of development it is hard to see the improvement in recruiting talent. My judgement of Wilson and his staff to develop the talent being recruited, especially defensive talent is still undecided. Other teams have recruited very similar to IU and have shown the ability to develop lower rated recruits and win enough to get bowl eligible in the same amount of time as Wilson has had at IU.

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