1. What is this exercise about? Savannah State does not have to show dignity playing (though they do through their very limited talent), but Indiana does when it comes to scheduling. Hoosier fans should stay away from games like this, hard to believe they are willing to pay to watch it. Mr. Glass and Mr. Crean need to receive the message that ‘this is Indiana’, a name not to be sullied or mocked.

  2. Exercise explained.

    Tsao- Tell it to Don Fischer …Fischer couldn’t give Crean enough compliments in the postgame interview regarding how well the Hoosiers “executed” against Savannah State….Ugh…Don, It was Savannah State(a,k.a. “see above pincushion video”)….I.think Don is ready for the retirement village…All those sit-down’s with Bob Knight must have made him forever scared of his own honest shadow. Note to Don: “The General” is gone.. No need to check your gonads at the Assembly Hall doors…The guy you are now interviewing is Betty Crocker’s illegitimate child conceived with Colonel Klink. It’s o.k. to remind Tom Crocker-Klink Crean that it was Savannah State. The five best hoopsters on our football team could offer more resistance to our execution and more strength to our schedule….It really is o.k. to offer up such a carefully crafted qualifier before you go sucking on Crean’s toes.. You’re a seasoned broadcaster..What’s he going to do…? Jump out of a cupcake a pummel you to death with sewing pins?

  3. Sounds like Harvey’s just upset that his boyfriends lost to NJIT up in Ann Arbor today.

  4. Much like your mother, that game was so big it could only play seek…

    Thanks Phyllis.

  5. Much like your mother, the game was so big that it went to group therapy all alone….

  6. Harv, does your wife have to hire a rodeo clown to distract you while she puts the groceries away?

  7. Now that’s funny……

    i thought we were on “big” mother jokes and not wife jokes….?

    What do you call your mother and wife in a Texas hotel room? The Astrodome.Express.

  8. i don’t get that last one Harv.

    Why do I have to re-enter my name and email all of a sudden for every post? annoying.

  9. Yo mamma so fat when she wears pumps she strikes oil.

    When she jumped up she got stuck

    And her belt size is equator!

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