Saturday’s win a boost to Stan Robinson #iubb

Stan Robinson’s first minute on the floor in Saturday’s win over Savannah State was symbolic of his season to date — frustrating, and out of control.

His final 12 minutes of action were something much closer to the player Robinson is aiming to become as he adjusts to a new role in his second season in Bloomington.

Robinson settled in nicely after picking up an early charge call Saturday, finishing with seven points, a career-best five assists, three rebounds and two steals in a season-high 13 minutes of action.

It was not only an encouraging development for Robinson, but a positive and important step forward for the sophomore, who’s learning how to adjust to losing minutes to freshman Robert Johnson and transfer Nick Zeisloft.

Robinson started nine of the 32 games he appeared in last season, averaging 16.9 minutes, 6.4 points and 1.0 assist per game. After serving a four-game suspension to start this season, Robinson has played in six games, averaging 11.2 minutes and 3.3 points, along with posting 15 assists against six turnovers.

“It’s not easy for him,” IU coach Tom Crean said. “I try to remind him that even in his second game back, he was even one of the guys at the end of the game finishing the game for us in the last five minutes of the game. But Stan works extremely hard. Since he’s been back, he doesn’t go home after the walk‑through. He eats, he sits around a little bit and then he goes back out in the gym and shoots. I see it countless (times). I’m worried, ‘OK, are you working too hard?’ I mean, he wants it so bad.”

Robinson opted for the simple plays Saturday, rather than forcing things. After the Under-12 media timeout that followed his first foul, Robinson dished to Nick Zeisloft for a transition 3 at the top of the key. He followed that on IU’s next possession with an easy dump off to Emmitt Holt, who laid the ball in for two of his eight points on the night.

“One thing about Stan, it’s kind of hard guarding him … he’s going full speed because he knows how to use it very well,” Yogi Ferrell said. “And that’s one of the gifts that he has. He can use his body going in for a layup or just driving down the lane. So when Stan just makes the simple passes — I saw Stan had some great assists to Nick and Emmitt and guys like that. So when Stan just goes downhill, doesn’t slow down, goes full speed, making simple passes, great things can happen for our team.”