1. Good job guys, and especially Mike, for letting Jeremy talk without constant interruptions from the host. Kudos.

    About Brad Stevens, I think any IU fan that appreciates coaching wants Brad Stevens on our bench vs. Tom Crean. And Crean is going to have to stomach that for as long as he’s here. But Glass is not going to fire Crean. They will go out together & ride off into the sunset with millions. Glass, like Crean, is a 2nd tier AD. He won’t admit he made a mistake extending that contract through 2020. But fret not, unless Butler hires Stevens back first, he’ll still be out there, financially secure, and waiting to jump on the IU job someday. When, is the question.

  2. Brad Stevens is not coming to I.U. ! He would be a excellent choice. I like the way the team seems to be coming together . They are fun to watch. I have like others many concerns about CTC in the last five minutes of a close game lack of X and O skills is very evident and he panics every time we need him to step up. I also have a problem with the fact since he has been Indiana’s coach we do not a out of bounds play drawn up ! It almost cost us the Butler game ! If he can’t handle it ,he needs to hire a good bench coach . The same thing happened with Zeller and Hull’s team. I can think of $3 million reasons that needs to get fixed. Also we have two kids Holt and April who sit the whole game against the cup cake teams and get limited or no time when we have a big lead. We need bigs so bad and Crean seems to space out in games and forgets who is on the bench that need PT to develop. Holt has shown all the signs of good front line player. April will never develop on the bench. You can’t have Yogi taking the ball out he can’t see over the bigs that guard him on that play. Defense still needs work we can’t just outscore everyone.! BUT WE HAVE SHOOTERS ! ! ! THANK GOD !

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