SI reporting Big Ten Tournament is headed to New York

The Big Ten Tournament is headed to New York.

According to a report from Sports Illustrated’s Pete Thamel, the league will stage its annual tournament at Madison Square Garden in 2018. It will be the second time in as many years that the Big Ten Tournament will be held on the East Coast. Commissioner Jim Delany announced in May that Washington D.C. will host the 2017 event.

Holding the tournament at Madison Square Garden means the tournament will be moved forward one week to accomodate the Big East tournament, which will also be held at Madison Square Garden in 2018. The Big Ten Tournament finale will take place on the Sunday prior to Selection Sunday, meaning there will be an almost two-week layoff for Big Ten teams from the end of the league tournament until the start of the NCAA Tournament.

Chicago will host this year’s tournament, followed by a return to Indianapolis in 2016. According to SI, an official announcement is expected to come on Tuesday.

From Thamel’s report:

The move is part of Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany’s push to position the conference better in vital East Coast media markets. Rutgers and Maryland are playing in their first seasons in the Big Ten this year, as Delany has identified a presence on the I-95 corridor a key to the league’s future. The announcement doesn’t come as a huge surprise. Delany had made clear how much he coveted New York, especially Madison Square Garden, as a showcase to the league.


  1. Okay, so the Commish wants a major market for the Big Ten? That makes sense up to a point. Columbus is a major media market and a major media-testing market; so is Chicago and both are a lot easier and less
    expensive for the average fan to get to and to pay for. NYC area hotel and food rates are out of sight and so are tickets. But then, who cares about the “average fan” anymore in the sports-entertainment empire?

  2. It is such a joke when the NCAA and BIg 10 talk about the “student athlete” when it is obvious that $$$$$$$ is the ONLY driver.

    Unlike Indy, NYC will not care about the tourney, it is a pro town, this will just be another trade show in the city and the hotels will be expensive.

    On top of everything else finishing the tourney and waiting 11 or 12 days before the first NCAA tourney game is STUPID. Teams would never take 11 days off during the season and to do so before March madness makes zero sense.

  3. I seriously question just how much they fill the stadium to capacity. I know that’s not the goal but there is nothing like having your premiere tourney half empty

  4. Yes sir the cost$ will be lofty for fans staying in NYC but to think the B1G will have a half empty BTT at MSG is asinine. They can give 100’s of tickets away/discounted and will make a boodle on BTN advertising sales. A brilliant business move by Delany. Not to mention positive posturing for recruiting. I like it much better in Indy too but for the vast majority of fans who do not travel to the Circle City or the Windy anyway what difference does it make?

  5. I still don’t like a B1G tournament at all. Shorten the pre season and play everyone twice in conference

  6. i agree with everyone for all the obvious and stated reasons. not sure how moving it to msg means more advertising revenue for big ten network, unless you think new yorkers with no rooting interest are going to watch it just because it is being held in the big apple.

    while we’re at it, does anyone else think assembly hall should be razed and replaced with a new facility? seems like a waste of 46 million that could have been put towards a state of the art facilty. assembly hall is ugly inside and out. watching from the upper level is awful. they could have built a venue that sits 22,000 and would sell it out if the team is good. over the years the additional seating would recoup a lot of the cost of the stadium. obviously naming rights would offset costs as well.

    something with a vintage, historical feel would seem appropriate, like some of the newer baseball stadiums. sure it would help with recruiting. seems like an expensive band-aid. put it this way. if we hadn’t won 3 championships while playing there, would you care about keeping assembly hall? is that enough reason for delaying the inevitable?

  7. I’ll be the giant a-hole and say, I like this move. I’ll buy tickets the second the come available.

    NYC is filled with transplants from all over. They’ll pack MSG. There are probably more Indiana basketball fans there than any big cities outside of Indy and Chicago. I went to the IU/Duke NIT game and the place was a sea of red. 15 of us that went \lived in NYC and went to IU (I was the only one still in school at the time).

    I’ve seen a few Big East tourneys at MSG and it is just an incredible place. I’ll be the farm on it. You guys are insane if you don’t think the Big Ten basketball tourney wouldn’t sell out.

  8. “I’ll buy tickets the second the come available”

    Spelling error meets another Freudian slip….I presume.

    They may pack it the first year or two, but then attendance would plummet….Why put added travel expenses on students? At least when it’s in the Midwest, It’s a one tank trip for most of the schools…I still favor Indy for its ease of access, safety, and influx to an economy that only has two professional sports teams. Why bankrupt the poor to make the rich cites richer?

    Hey, it’s been a long time, but we still have five banners…Who’s in second place? How many do they have? Indiana is still the basketball mecca of the Midwest. Indiana University still has three more banners than the school in 2nd place…The rest of the “elite” from the conference(OSU, Michigan, Wisconsin, Maryland)have one a piece.. We’ve earned it…Until another one of the Big 10 schools can even get close to our dusty numbers, we should get the a-hole, overkill, tournament near our campus….

    It’s all overkill….Play the conference teams enough in the reg. season. I would favor resting the top 6 teams and letting the scrubs fight it out in a bottom tier tournament…Take that ugly mess to MSG…Winner gets a bid and free trip to a bridge in Jersey for the first round..

  9. Yeah…Good point. I’m like the sand in the Sahara bitching over an ugly oasis wasting water.

    What do you call Tom Crean in the home of the New York Knicks?
    Answer: Two squares in a garden.

    I always thought “The Garden” was a natural fit for the Crean basketball equation…
    TC + MSG = NIT

  10. Geoff, thirteen comments on this thread. Twelve of the thirteen about the BTT in MSG; some like it, some don’t, some think the issue is ridiculous…

    One of the thirteen is not about the issue. One of the thirteen is about…another blogger (Harvard). This is a consistent pattern. Geoff, stick with the basketball, forget the obsession.

  11. Basically, the Big 10 tournament becomes the undercard/opening act at MSG to the headliner, the Big East tournament(which will get all the interest because it comes to close on Selection Sunday).

    And this is to give the Big 10 added prestige? Now you boys go back to the cornfields, and cheese farms, and broken down auto graveyard cities, stretch and flex for a couple weeks, while the rest of us bask in the revved up attention feeding into March Madness….Yup, sounds like the Little 10 to me …Sounds like expansion turned artificial Eastern enhancement. Sounds like the ugly couple having to take the 5:15 dinner reservation; the hicks that traveled down that monotonous 95 corridor in their caravan of gas-guzzling Suburbans seeking more parallel parking nightmares, getting the corner table at the posh Manhattan restaurant…..You know the one Mr. and Mrs.Big 10 hick….the table near the restrooms…Keep them hicks far away and at no risk of interfering with Mr.& Mrs. Big East when they arrive to feast during the prime time eye candy and excitement hours reserved for the important diners of the entitled and ‘Established’ partaking at MSG center tables with fellow “elitists” at center stage(even a few “transplants” ,may be invited that tag along like a pair of Trump poodles).

    Bob Knight now has a reason to not kick the bucket in anything less than four years…Wait for that call from ESPN to do the marquis games of the Big East tournament…No, no, now you shuddup, Harvard…Tom Crean will have our sixth banner and back-to-back Final Fours before the elitists rub envy oil all over the General’s bitter loins at MSG….Maybe Knight could invite Brad Stevens for additional color commentary….Marv Albert could join the party in his Madison Avenue leopard shorts…Take Mr Bobby Chokehold and Mr Brad Geeky of the Butler corn out to dinner and a Broadway play……..The perversions of the elitists, the Bloomington Strangler now turned expert analyst for the same ESPN Establishment that railroaded him out of Bloomington and onto the cover of NY Times sports stories , and the Bulldog once Lilly up-and-comer that couldn’t win the big game for all of Prozac and all his naturally gifted b-ball brain. Yup, sounds like one hell of party at the Garden while the little people of the pedestrian world make the return trip down the corridor back to their friendly neighborhood Applebee’s…..

  12. That’s Crean in a nutshell…..The Establishment’s mocking jay. The guy that gets invited and asked to leave before the party begins….Tuck him in bed with his cute candy-striped pajamas and Bobby blanket. Prestige, my ass.

    Indiana put the prestige in the Big 10…We are the sleeping giant they forever want to keep pacified in the Crean Compound of “Because” and Sweet 16 fairy dust….They ripped our 5-banner, eff-word tossing, coach forever in the headlines and then hired him to plop in front of cameras like a petting zoo goat to grunt out some monotone lines pumped into his headphones….He’s been rehabilitated…Dead men don’t wear plaid anymore. (they wear Joyce Meyer tweets). And guess what, Mr Musburger..? You can now actually pet the old Hoosier gray goat that used to have a real kicking problem(as in kicking shins and all ass of all teams east of limestone). .Believe me, sports fans and ‘transplants” of the corn, they’ve got Indiana, the team that put banners on the Big 10 map, right where they want her cute little barn overhauls again….

    We are college basketball…Our candy-stripes…our banners, our Indiana fans, our garbage truck driver that put the luster back in the Boston parquet, our high school talent that still somehow roots out of a decimated storied one-class tournament the makings of Hollywood films, and our endless supply basketball savvy exceeds anything in the nation…It put your conference on the map…Tell Delaney to shove MSG, his corridor, and his undercard status for candy-stripes up his “make it anywhere” butt. And stick any bozo in “because”: pajamas with it.

  13. My favorite result of this decision is the entirely predictable and subsequent meltdown from our favorite tinfoil hat wearer. You just knew there would be several paragraphs dedicated to the Bavarian Illuminati, complete with the Bildergsbergers, the Medicis, the Pope, the Jesuits, the Ghost of Richard Nixon and probably Sarah Palin’s unmentionables.

    It should be considered that just maybe the B1G has access to something called data. And not just anecdotes and appeals to antediluvian nostalgia. Most of the original B1G schools are loaded with east coast kids. Maybe Iowa and Nebraska would be on the outs here (I’m not sure, I just don’t know). But for sure, IU, Michigan, OSU, Illinois, and of course Penn State, are loaded with them.

    I would have thought this would be a compliment to the great institutions that we went to and continue to support to this day. But Isolationist Harvard would rather it be us vs them. Sorry, there is hardly any bifurcation anymore. MSG will be filled with Cream and Crimson. If you choose to be sad about that, well, you can join Tom Crean in your immunity to irony about mediocrity.

  14. I don’t like the idea of the B1G in MSG.

    TTG, counting your comment about Geoff makes it two off topic.

  15. There are perfectly good reasons to not like this idea. I know I am in the minority. Doesn’t change my mind, though.

  16. Both Michigan schools have built there recent success by way of top recruits from Indiana….

    And if you’re relying on “data”(albeit, likely, skewed), during the Pitt game ESPN reported that Indiana is only 2nd to Texas in top-100 ranked recruits over the past three years..

    Stop with your spin, Double Down….Indiana high school talent not only puts IU forever on solid footing, but Butler(remember their back-to-back run a few years ago?)Michigan, MSU, OSU(their only real threat to a championship involved two standouts from the same Indiana high school)have all required top Indiana recruits to make their “impact” into deep NCAA runs and successful seasons.

    A few years back, I did a little research of Sweet 16 rosters just for fun…..I posted the findings on Scoop…It was not the years we were in the Sweet 16 with Zeller & Co. There were incredible numbers of Indiana kids on those rosters(( believe it was 16-18 total…There were other bloggers adding to the list with names I had inadvertently overlooked…Sometimes a few of the Hoosiers born and bred are hard to pick out because of transfers to h.s. academies while late in the h.s. game….Unfortunate trend likely the product of our tournament ruined with the multi-class system)…And think of how we’ve fed NC and Duke rosters with “bigs”…Plumlees…and the other Zeller brothers. Everyday that a recruiter comes into our borders, teams are elevated and exponentially rewarded with talent…But it doesn’t stop at raw talent and the stuff of NBA DNA labs…It’s also the intangibles…There is heart and deep roots of love and respect for the game…There is teaching passed through generations from men that put candy-stripes and Bruins into a different stratosphere of team accomplishment…

    East, West, South, North……Go whatever damn direction you please.. There is no oil well in Texas that could take the size of this basketball breeding ground and pump one drop of talent in comparison….If you look at the numbers on a per capita basis, we are, by far, the richest in reserves they’ll never get their paws upon. We may not always have the cream and crimson feature the headline players on Draft night(maybe recently since Crean is NBA-DNA driven…Tends to happen with coaches that know no other way..e.g. his friend down in Lexington), but we produce solid, crafty, gut-driven, knowledgeable, gritty, sharp-shooting young men that take their infectious love and dedication to hungry programs in need of “it factor” players in a fashion no other modest population or similar geographical square miles can come close to rival or compare…It may be Madison Square, but their is nothing that can compare to the Rectangular Garden of Basketball Eden known as Indiana…..

    Indiana University, and any conference coming along for the basketball ride on our coattails over the last 100 years, should play second fiddle to no one…absolutely no one.

    Amen…From Crispus Attucks High School to Oscar Robertson…to Bird…to French Lick…to Milan…to Candy-stripes….to Knight. Wooden…Hayward and the miracle runs with Butler…to Bryce Drew and every one shining moment a shooter in heaven’s gym… Absolutely never play second fiddle..Shove the Big East and second fiddles up your hell-driven greedy butt, Delaney. …This IS Indiana. We play the headline.

  17. It may be Madison Square, but their [paradise] is nothing that can compare…

  18. I’m talking about the total student body population. Not basketball talent. I NEVER even mentioned a word of basketball talent.

    You said that MSG wouldn’t sell out in the long run because “poor” little students couldn’t make the drive from Chesterton to NYC. I said, that’s nonsense. MSG would sell out because large portions of the student bodies of our B1G school originate from back East. And then graduates get jobs and live there. And so on. The B1G tournament will have no problem selling out EVERY year because of this simple fact.

    I didn’t even read the rest of your silly post. I stopped reading because I’ll put a fork in my eye if I have to read another slobbering soliloquy from your man crush on basketball players from the University of Michigan.

  19. Now you’re just losing…..Indiana never plays second fiddle.

    Would I be against playing at MSG if we were the headliner of the conference we built with basketball banners? Hell no. But that ain’t the gig they’re planning, Double Frown.

    We are Indiana. We play the headline. Our Indiana talent feeding the nation plays the headline…Those kids that came from all over the nation knowing that mystique play the headline…Victor Oladipo plays the headline for knowing such. McGary was stupid…Plumlees are airheads…Then again, the coach many have turned away from hasn’t been given much kudos for his X’s and O’s game at a university that is supposed to pride itself in knowledge, evolution of ideas, academia, and simple math percentages rewarded…Nonetheless, the recent trend in salivations for raw(sometimes exceedingly raw) talent is enough, we are still Indiana. We are not second fiddle…Garden of Basketball Eden is never second fiddle! I don’t care if it’s a preseason game on an aircraft carrier named after Roosevelt or an MSG overkill gathering of “transplants” of the Double Down Yacht Club of Worldly Rub-A-Dub-Dub Wall Street Putz-Mutts…You can shove that second fiddle up you collective Establishment butts.

    Maybe we’ll agree to a guitar solo…as long as we’re the headline

  20. You best give up…You’re out of your league. I don’t need McGary reefer for my Indiana high. It’s not his fault he was born in the same hometown as this fool that still believes in candy-stripes and plywood backboards nailed to barns in place of street pipes…I am what I am. Piss on my stone if you like. Your earth above your fancier box shall know no difference..

    Double Down Yacht Club of Worldly Rub-A-Dub-Dub Wall Street Putz-Mutts….? It’s long, but it would make for a hell of a blogging name.

  21. What is your obsession with put things in people’s butts? Every other post this week is you wanting to shove something up people’s backsides.

    I guess trying to make a little extra cash, after your shift at the Cracker Barrell, has left you wanting to be on the giving end for a change.

    1. And with that, I believe this exchange should reach its end, pardon the pun. Feel free to exchange email addresses if you want to continue hurling insults.

  22. You always revert to your perversions when you lose….Talk about regularity of the anal cavity kind…? Shove it wherever you’d like…Go all Bill Cosby on it. Whatever floats your Sperry boats.

  23. Wow…Two exactly timed posts …Tie goes to the Rhinestones.

    Who’s picking Indiana tomorrow night? I’m thinking of bringing home some Chinese while watching the game…No MSG!

  24. JP-

    I like Double.Down…Not in Cracker Barrel sorta way…Too much sugar on those cakes. More of a Bob Evans down on the farm, organically grown, pure pork sausage friendly exchange….If this was the Navy it would simply be a friendly boxing match where the seaman shake hands and splash cold water on both winner and loser ..What happened upon the ring of the deck grew in the cabin…The blogging sea can be very lonely…Chesterton can be very lonely..The Scoop griddle becomes hot…Bacon sizzles…Butter browns…and sweat begins to trickle….Heated but never personal. When the real war begins, he is my fellow soldier, both cannons loaded, and we’ll fight together for Indiana.

  25. JP,

    I apologize.

    Just so you know, the reason I spar with Harvard is because I know he’s laughing. I sure am as well. I don’t take anything he says to heart and I think some of exchanges get quite….creative. They make me laugh. I know you have to have chuckled at a few (but you don’t have to admit it). But you’ll notice I only do it with Harvard.

    Seriously though, I surrender. It probably doesn’t set a good precedent for others that might not have that same intent. Didn’t mean any disrespect to you. And I know Harv feels the same way as he said so above.

    Harv, I’m your Indiana brother going into battle. BUT, although I’m your fellow soldier and brother at arms, I’m probably not going to stand next to you with your loaded cannon after our last exchange.


  26. Butler moving up 8 spots to #15…Now in the Big East…Take that Debrainy! Double Down is correct…Indiana “transplants” will be at center stage in MSG for the conference tournament that will be the headliner in 2018……I should really pay more attention…Now I get it…..Butler is the new Indiana. Should we just let them wear blue and white candy-stripes..? Outside of a Sr. guard from Australia averaging 0.5 ppg, only one player on the roster east of Ohio. Appears their go-to player(and it’s hard to be a go-to guy on Butler because they are built on spreading the wealth) is from tiny, hick town, Pendleton, IN…Gosh, looks like he could be Brad Stevens’ boy….How long has Stevens been gone…? Somehow, Butler just keeps getting it done. And somehow the seem to get more votes now that they’re in the Big East…..MSG!! MSG!! MSG!!

    We keep getting dissed…Not even any honorable mention votes for top-25….

  27. Playing second fiddle to the Big East tournament in 2018

    Louisville, Butler, UK…..all get so much love and respect..

    Butler just loves the Big East….

    Not one honorable mention vote after making Pitt, a traditionally very gritty and strong defensive squad, look like something that rhymes with Pitt…

    Here we have these standout players from the East…(started with Dipo….and now Troy, Stan, RJ, Holt) and still no damn respect from the East Coast media elite. What gives?

    Calipari and his “reinforcements”….Rick Pitino in his Saturday Night Fever suit probalby already dry cleaned and pressed for the next Final Four….OSU with that Matta guy that came from Butler and made his mark by sucking Indiana dry while we were tying are “zero tolerance” shoes….All so much love. Michigan taking the NCAA tournament by storm a couple years ago with an Indiana kid….But Indiana U.? But candy-stripes? I’m wondering if they’ll even know who you are when you show up tomorrow night at the Garden….Think, maybe, you should tell them who you are? Your coach came in here screaming they know just “because…” From my vantage point, they see you more as “was” than “because.” Would you please change that? Maybe start by changing it tomorrow night…? Or, are you simply ready to concede your tradition to that new Big East school with slobbery dog named after a servant?

  28. You are correct. I missed it in the AP .. You probably have a lot better eyes…All I could see is a headliner Big East Butler leaping 8 spots…Nothing for IU the coaches poll….Forgive if I missed it….The prints is about as tiny as disclosures on infomercials..

    Take down Louisville and we could sneak into the big print….Maybe even flirt with the new Indiana of the premier conference.

  29. I’m fine, Ben. Thanks for asking. Hope everything is going well for you. I’m just plugging along….(oops…another word choice where Double Down may locate his creative imagination)…Moving along…I’m just moving along….Fillin’ the days..(Let’s change that to “working through the days”)…Never mind…I’m fine. It’s not like there’s some big hole in my life that get’s me down….It’s just the usual vacillating…. It’s not like I’m hurrying up to get to the end….Just trying to get a grip… Making things unnecessarily hard for other Scoop bloggers shouldn’t be my modus operandi.. I need to kick that in the knee cap…and zap that modus to get noticed….

    Don’t be a stranger, Ben. Still with the gal you took dancing…? See, I remembered.

  30. kneecap is one word, isn’t it?

    oops…[kneecap] I should have quit while I’m a

    preemptive oops…[ahead]. case

  31. This game at MSG has got me majorly pumped! Get down tonight, Hoosiers! UPSET CITY! Start spreadin’ the news!…We got shooters! Never second fiddle to no Saturday Night Fever pimp suit model that takes his equipment manager’s wife for pasta and steals her manicotti. (double negative…I know)….MSG..No better place to show the world that the Hoosiers can still do a little dance this March.

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