Hoosier Morning

If shooting left-handed is wrong, then Stan Robinson doesn’t want to be right, Mike writes.

Life without Hanner Mosquera-Perea requires a team effort and an ability create mismatches that work in the Hoosiers’ favor, I wrote.

Shutting down D.J. Newbill and and getting five good minutes from Ryan Burton are the subjects of the latest film session, by Ryan Corazza of Inside the Hall.

James Blackmon Jr., Troy Williams and Yogi Ferrell all feature in the latest top 100 NBA Draft rankings, by DraftExpress.com.

Victor Oladipo had a pair of impressive dunks on the way to his second straight game of 30-plus points for the Orlando Magic Wednesday, Dan Devine of Yahoo Sports reports.

Twitter bots are angry with Tom Crean, over and over and over, Kyle Swick of CrimsonQuarry.com notes.

Running back Jordan Howard turned the disappointment of UAB football shutting down into a blessing to come to Indiana, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Maura Muensterman has struggled to find minutes for IU women’s basketball but has accepted her role, Brody Miller of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

For Ryan Burton, “5 Minutes” by The Stranglers.


  1. It seems the Scoop has some angry “Twitter bots” too. I suggest the description of these angry Crean-haters be shortened “twits.”

  2. I thought the “twitter bot” was a phrase Crean had once used to refer to Joyce’s increasingly hot business….. of personalized fully automated, WIFI equipped, golf carts(bots) that she uses to move around the grounds of her sprawling compound outside St. Louis encompassing the homes of Joyce & husband and all offspring…The “Twit bot:”(accurately named by Podunker) is programmed with JPS(Jesus Positioning System on the Heavenly Father Cloud Grid) and Joyce Joystick(bot handle depicting the patented “cruise of friction” overdrive symbol) locking the “dot” into a driverless version of Joyce on warp rezzzzzzz-urrection speed…..There are many instances Joyce can be seen taking the “bot” on one of the wider compound pathways leading to the deep wood where she enjoys twit bot solitude while getting in touch with nature and comprising her next inspirational talk amongst the fake tweeting birds she shares her most peaceful hours…

  3. If this team does get picked apart by the NBA IU will be in serious trouble next year. By the looks of the 3 players picks they would honestly benefit staying another year. A sophmore Blackmon is probably a lottery pick. If Williams has a breakout season next year he could get into the 1st round and possibly lottery. I would also imagine Yogi as a senior could sneak into the first round. If they do all stay and Crean adds Thon Maker or Thomas Bryant we will have a team capable of winning a national title. It would be really sweet if Jaquan Lyle matured and signed on too. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out but NBA departures will either seriously make IU or break IU.

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