Indiana bested by Michigan State, 72-57

Michigan State sent Indiana to its fourth consecutive loss Wednesday, returning the favor of a 19-point New Year’s Eve defeat to the Hoosiers with a 72-57 win at the Breslin Center.

Spartans guard Tori Jankoska led her team with a career-high 28 points. With 11 rebounds, she was one of three Michigan State players to reach a double-double; forward Becca Mills finished with 12 points and 14 rebounds, while Aerial Powers set an MSU record with her 17th career double-double, matching Jankoska with 28 points and 11 boards.

The Hoosiers (12-8, 2-7 Big Ten) have lost all four of their road games this conference season, and their struggles offensively also continued. IU shot 36.2 percent from the field, including 6-of-22 from the 3-point line. At the free throw line, the Hoosiers were 9-of-19. They were also outrebounded, 48-38.

“It’s another disappointing loss,” IU head coach Teri Moren said. “We are still trying to figure out why, both in the Penn State game and now today in East Lansing, why we are coming out with such a lackluster energy, effort — why we can’t figure out how to compete better on the road.

“Part of that, I guess, is the youth, but we are kind of tired of using that as an excuse. We have to find answers. We have to quit making excuses and find solutions.”

Karlee McBride was the only Hoosier to reach double figures with 17 points. Amanda Cahill added nine points and eight rebounds. Alexis Gassion had eight points and six rebounds after picking up her third foul during the first half.

IU did jump out to an early lead. Gassion gave the Hoosiers a 6-5 advantage three minutes in by banking home a 3-pointer. Cahill was then fouled while converting a layup, making it 10-7 with 15:34 remaining in the half.

But after Powers’ 3-pointer with 11:15 remaining, putting MSU up, 14-12, it would be the Spartans game the rest of the way. MSU established a 39-25 lead at halftime, and the Spartans would maintain a double-digit lead through the first seven minutes of the second half.

A layup and a 3-pointer by McBride with 12:06 remaining, however, would cut the Spartans’ lead to six, 52-46. That’s as close as the Hoosiers would get, because MSU went on a 17-1 run to rebuff the Hoosiers.

Cahill dropped a layup with 4:23 left to break a drought of 6 minutes and 24 seconds, and the Hoosiers would only score six more points the rest of the way.

“It seems like we got some momentum and then we gave it back to them with our carelessness,” Moren said, citing turnovers as the impetus of the Spartans’ response. “Going 9-for-19 on the free throw line on the road will not win you many games, especially when you get outrebounded and you don’t get points off the free throw line.”


  1. Seems that season is wearing on young small team. Hopefully, they can win 2 more this year plus a game in big ten tournament.

  2. I’m reluctant to comment lest I be accused of “hate” speech and be termed a “hater” by some here. By the way, when did criticism become “hate” and any critic a “hater” and when did “hater” become a word?

    From the school of: “You are entitled to your opinion unless you disagree w/me.”

    Is she in West Lafayette yet?

  3. Gary, as I have never referred to you personally as a hater, I will save that for another. A hater, for example might be a person who refers to another as a rat which would be a bit personal. Criticism is one thing but, to refer to a person as a rat would be a bit more than criticism. As I have stated before, I don’t disagree with criticism as long as it is not in a personal nature. If you criticize a coach for decision making, that is fine. One of the things that bothers me about our coach is her leaving players in the game when they have accumulated 2 fouls in the first half, that has come back to burn her in the last two games when that individual picked up their third foul before halftime therefore limiting their aggressiveness the remainder of the game. In my estimation when the criticism is of a personal nature then that would possibly put the person in the category of a ” hater”, just my opinion and after all, isn’t that what we have all agreed that all of this is, opinions?

    As far as the game last night, it is pretty tough to beat a team when you allow 3 players on the other team to attain double-doubles. I am not sure I have seen this before as long as I have been watching basketball for more than 50 years? Our shooting was again horrendous. We shot 36% from the floor, 47% from the free throw line and 6 for 22 from beyond the arc. We were outrebounded by 10. Buss & Brooks were a combined 3 for 17 from the field. When your 2 leading scorers shoot like that you have no chance. Carlee McBride had a good game scoring a career high 17 points in 24 minutes of play. She was the only player in double figures just to show how anemic our offense was. It doesn’t get any easier with Purdue coming into Assembly Hall Monday evening. It would be great to get a nice crowd there to help out girls. Go Hoosiers!!

  4. They may have enough players if they would stop treating Muensterman like a walk on. I heard they don’t even have her practice in the rotation. She’s 6″0 or 6″1 and has the best shot on he team. And very athletic. Isnt that what were all claiming is our downfall this year? Somehow Teri moren has no use for a tall, athletic shooter so she throws her in the game with one minute left. With these terrible shooting percentages you think they would value a good shooter, but clearly this coaching staff doesn’t value a shooter like munsterman. And i have seen her practice with the team since that will be mikec’s next statement and she does compete well with this team. Leikem is getting no love either and same with agler. Cant figure this coach out. She needs to use what she has right now and stop whining that she needs other players. She would rather have her chosen players lose energy and get in foul trouble making them way less effective.. There weren’t any personal comments about moren in this one right??

  5. Finally a meaningful mention: I’ve been wondering about Muensterman’s lack of playing time all season. Even walk on Bryan Burton plays for the men when they need “big” help.

    Coach Moren: “Part of that, I guess, is the youth, but we are kind of tired of using that as an excuse. We have to find answers. We have to quit making excuses and find solutions.”
    ????????????????! Who’s making those excuses? Is it players? Assistants? Glass?
    The only one I hear talking about excuses is the coach.

    If she doesn’t have a lot of personal effects maybe she can catch a ride up north when the visitors team bus heads back home Monday night. That way in stead of being Versup’s unofficial successor she can be given the official title and just walk the length of the bench to her “dream job” when coach V. moves to the WNBA.

  6. I have been wondering how Muensterman went from Curt Miller expecting her to become the leading scorer in IU women’s history, and shortly before he resigned he said that she has been “better than expected” in pre-season workouts. Mere weeks later, coach Moren didn’t believe that she could compete with her team mates in practice. She implied that Muensterman was over her head in the big 10. How in the world did she win that 3 point contest against such superior competition? How was Curt Miller so far off base?

  7. johng, I’m sorry but, never heard coach Miller make the statement that Maura would be the leading scorer in IU history. He did make a statement similar to that regarding Buss on one occasion as far as her being a player who would really add to IU’s offensive abilities. I have also wondered why Maura has not been able to see the floor? We as fans have no idea what goes on in practice as far as that goes but, you would think she would have gotten more of an opportunity in pre-conference games? Practice normally dictates playing time and we do not have access to practice so, who knows?

  8. MikeC, glad you’re back i was missing you this week. Since you seem to miss alot of things, here is curt miller talking about Muensterman and buss:

    From courier and press:

    “Miller weighed in on the new Hoosiers with local ties before speaking at an IU Alumni Association of Greater Evansville fundraiser Thursday at Oak Meadow Country Club. Muensterman — the Indiana Miss Basketball runner-up from Mater Dei — and Buss, the two-time Illinois Miss Basketball from Mount Carmel, have made solid impressions on their new head coach.

    “Tyra’s just raised the level of competition in our conditioning because she’s such a good runner and such a fit athlete,” said Miller, who led the Hoosiers to a 21-13 record last season, tying the school record for wins.

    “Maura has come in maybe her best shape that she’s ever been in and has been really, really good in the conditioning and is even a better athlete than I expected.”

    Both players are taking summer classes, participating in strength and conditioning workouts about five times per week and working with the coaching staff on basketball skills for the NCAA-allotted two hours per week.

    In that limited time, Miller has noticed a strange trend: Buss, the second-leading scorer in high school history with 4,897 career points, is passing up shots. The 5-foot-7 point guard averaged 45.8 points in her senior season, breaking her own single-season Illinois state record.

    “When we’ve done team stuff, we are yelling at Tyra more to shoot the ball than we ever dreamed of having to talk to her about,” Miller said. “She’s been very unselfish and been a distributor more than looking for her own offense in the first month of working with her.”

    The 6-foot Muensterman averaged 22.7 points, 8.4 assists, 7.1 rebounds and 3.0 steals as a senior and ended her career with a state-record 774 assists.

    “She’s just a really good shooter and I’ve been impressed with her off of our ball-screen offense of getting herself to the rim and getting to the pullup game,” said Miller, who envisions Muensterman playing a wing position at IU. “There’s a reason that she led this state all-time in assists. She’s also very unselfish and she does a really good job of finding people.”

    Okay and as a special treat i have an article about Allen saying her recruitment was open but she was still considering indiana since you don’t believe that either:

    From the courier-journal:

    Bedford North Lawrence senior center Jenna Allen has reopened her recruitment following the resignation of Curt Miller as the Indiana women’s coach.

    Allen, one of the top centers in the Midwest, verbally committed to the Hoosiers in August of 2013. But Miller’s surprising departure on July 25 spurred Allen to rethink her position. She will wait on the Hoosiers to hire a new coach, but she will also listen to other offers.

    “We’re not saying no to IU, but it’s a situation, going into her senior year, where we have to make sure it’s the right fit and have options in case it’s not,” said Jeff Allen, Jenna’s father and the new head coach at BNL. “We felt like we had done our homework, and Jenna felt IU was the best fit with Coach Miller. Obviously the variable has changed.”

    I just wonder what poor Muensterman did to coach moren to have her basketball career put to a screeching halt.

  9. And one more from the herald-times:

    “Maura is a huge get for us,” Miller said on a video posted on the school’s web site. “We pledged when we got here that we were gonna recruit the state, recruit the best players in the state. To attract a Hoosier to come to Indiana and keep her in state is a big deal for us. She’s had a tremendous career so far and it’s still going.

    “A lot gets talked about her shooting ability and I’m attracted to shooters — she’s one of the best shooters in the state, one of the best shooters in the midwest, but what is uncanny is her ability to share the ball from the wing position. … She’ll be a wing for us. I expect her to be one of the best shooters in program history before it’s all said and done.”

    I guess miller tried so hard to recruit Muensterman to have something pretty sitting at the end of his bench. Or maybe moren just knows so much better than curt miller. Also, where was angler last night again? Coach must have great reasons for pulling someone out of the starting lineup and sitting them on the bench the whole game. She plays too many mind games with her players!

  10. Hoosierfan, sorry I am not up to date on anything in the hearald-times since I live in Kokomo and I refuse to pay the on-line subscription fee. I am on a fixed income and I have been a women’s season ticket holder for over 20 years, so I have to use my money accordingly. The only on line subscription that I do pay for is the peegs website. I admit that I am confused by the absence of Maura’s playing time? I know that Miller was very high on her when he signed her. I was also surprised by Agler’s absence last night? Could have been injured, who knows sense no explanation was given and no one apparently asked during the post game press conference?
    I will state again, normally playing time is earned in practice and since we have no access to practice then we must assume that if not injured, these players are not getting it done in practice? I would have no other explanation. Why would a coach not play a player that can contribute to a win? It makes no sense. Coaches don’t coach to lose. As a former coach, I can’t conceive of a coach refusing to play a player that can contribute? Since coaches are hired and fired on their record, why would any coach not play any player who could help her win? Makes no sense.

  11. Agler isn’t hurt. In fact, if we saw Taylor and asked her why she didn’t play last night she would probably have no idea! Its just obvious now how she’s trying to run some of these girls off.

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