Indiana earns 80-74 win at Illinois #iubb

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — In a building that has functioned as a house of heartbreak for Indiana basketball, the Hoosiers reversed the trend on Sunday afternoon.

Indiana and Illinois traded runs for the entire afternoon, but it was IU that dealt the final blow in a 80-74 win over the Illini before a record crowd of 17,085 at the State Farm Center.

Indiana (14-4, 4-1) used a 13-2 run over the final 3:20 of the contest to earn its second conference road win of the season. The Hoosiers host first-place Maryland on Thursday at 9 p.m.

James Blackmon Jr. and Troy Williams each scored 21 points to lead Indiana, which has now won three games in a row. Nick Zeisloft added 10 points off the bench, which went five players deep, scored 20 points and committed only one turnover.

The Hoosiers entered play as the top 3-point percentage defense in the Big Ten during conference play, but yielded 12 3-pointers to Illinois — including six to Kendrick Nunn, who scored a game-high 24 points.

Entering Sunday, Indiana had lost 11 of its last 12 games in Champaign and let Illinois start the afternoon on a 14-3 run. But the Hoosiers atoned for the slow start by outscoring the Illini 31-9 over the next nine minutes to build their lead to 11 points with 5:34 left in the first half.

Indiana took a 38-34 lead into halftime and came out of the locker room on a 10-4 run. But Illinois responded with an 18-4 run of its own.

The Hoosiers saved the game’s final run for themselves, while taking the lead on a sky-high putback from Williams that gave IU a 73-72 advantage with 1:19 to play.

“It was a heck of a play,” Illinois coach John Groce said of Williams’ finish. “Just a great play.”

Yogi Ferrell came up with a key steal moments later and fed Blackmon on the fastbreak to help the Hoosiers boost their lead to three with 41 seconds remaining.

Indiana shot 48 percent from the floor and 44 percent from beyond the arc, while outrebounding Illinois 31-25. Without Rayvonte Rice, the Illini relied on Nunn who finished 9-of-13 from the field and 6-of-10 from 3-point range. Center Nnanna Egwu struggled, getting off only one shot and grabbing only one rebound before fouling out.

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  1. So proud of the Hoosiers and the level of play they’ve been exhibiting to the fans, foes and the world! Keep it up Hoosiers, The Nation is with you!!!

  2. This was fun. Yogis steal and pass for the layin was a thin of beauty and the key play.

    As for James Blackmon, if he had a nose ring he’d be Lenny Kravitz.

  3. Great win for the young Hoosiers in a very difficult place to play. Very balanced team win with contributions from all that played. Although I doubt it, maybe this will for a while silence some of the critics of this years team? Some fans on this website have been extremely critical of Crean and the team but, with this win they have shown that they do possess the grit and determination to excel on the road. Almost every move Crean made in this game paid off and his substitutions for the most part were successful. The only thing I had a problem with were Hotzel’s minutes in the second half after a strong 3 minute stint in the first half. All in all a great win for the Hoosiers.

  4. Exciting game and an excellent win. 2nd time in 15 years IU has pulled a win off at Illinois. This team is going to have to grind out every win and that may pay off in the long run. If IU can pull off a win against Maryland the Hoosiers will put themselves in an excellent position to legitimately compete for a Big 10 title.

  5. I have said this before and I think it is somewhat true. This team is reminding me of the 88-89 Hoosiers. That team was predicted to finish 7th in the Big and ended up winning it. That team was young with Lyndon Jones and Jay Edwards as starters and enough veteran leadership to keep the team togerher. It was probably one of Knight’s best coaching jobs. That team ended up losing to a good Seton Hall team in the second round.

  6. Harvard, you shouldn’t have opened your mouth. You jinxed the Packers. GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. that’s a nice win and i sure am glad to see blackmon getting his stroke back. i agree with mike. more max hoetzel. that’s all you need to know

  8. As Tom Crean is delegating more and more to the assistants and his role diminishes to just antics and grimaces on the sidelines the team is playing with a renewed sense of purpose and newly found coherence. That’s step one of the Hoosier Rising (the sequel). Step two: fire Glass, put Crean as AD and rid the team of Crean’s influence completely. Have Crean do meaningless stuff until his contract runs out.

  9. It appears Tomahawk Sean was smoking some weed or popping some mushrooms in celebration of Seattle’s big win today.

  10. I was actually in quite the quandary rooting against both the Packers and the Seahawks……Sort of analogous to Dukakis vs. Bush….or Purdue vs. Wisconsin …or. Barney(the purple dinosaur) vs. Bernie Madoff(with my 410K)….or O.J. Simpson vs. George Zimmerman…..or Gonorrhea vs Syphilis.

    Seattle Syphilis won…Gonorrhea Green Bay lost….Yippee.

  11. Good win in a tough environment the last few years. Unlike last year, the players are playing like a team and thus getting a synergistic effect. They’re more resilient, too. And they’re bouncing back when adversity stares them in the face. Keep it up! You’re a delight to watch.

  12. By all means, please root for the Patriots in the Super Bowl; you seem to be my good luck charm when you post premature taunts against the Seahawks.

    Oh, I just remembered that Geoff is a Patriots fan (if I remember accurately, his best friend’s cousin’s father used to date a girl that lived in Massachussetts, so that explains it).

  13. Our own Bob Krapitz saying Belicheat in another investigation of cheating. Damn it is easy when you can round off the corners. I guess a $1/2m last time just was not enough. Oh well, Super Bowl rings don’t come easy or cheap.

  14. yeah… pretty hilarious stuff. considering the protocols that the footballs go through pre-game with the refs… but lets just say that the balls were a little under-inflated… what do you think that does to the score? Probably the spread woulda gone to -38 if vegas had just known that… The best was Doyel’s column yesterday…

  15. I don’t even know any of my best friend’s cousins’ fathers… thanks for making me aware of that hole in my network. I’ll get on it.

  16. Hilarious? It is not hilarious when a high profile person has character so out of plumb. It shall be quite a Super Bowl with 2 proven cheaters. I am a long time and robust FB fan. But this year my Bride and I will find something else to be busy with during the championship game.

  17. Forget the cheater part. I wouldn’t watch the Super Bowl in most years if my team weren’t playing. American commercial excess on full display. 5 hours of advertising and about an hour of football.

  18. I agree HC. Two proven cheaters end up facing each other in the Super Bowl. Vince Lombardi is spinning in his grave.

    No way the Colts were going to beat New England yesterday, so it would not have altered the outcome, but did anyone else notice that the refs simply ignored a number of serious penalties? The subjectivity (i.e., discretion) the refs apply to calling penalties is making the NFL game a joke. Blatant pass interference, a punch thrown (and landed) to the head of an opposing player, a vicious crack-back block on a defenseless player causing injury, all of which happened right in front of a ref, and no flags were thrown. There’s always some home cooking for visiting teams, but yesterday’s game was a New England clam bake.

    Pagano looked like a lost puppy found wet and shivering in the rain yesterday. He was completely feckless.

  19. Well I definitely disagree that he (Bill) has “character so out of plumb”… I’ve never seen an example of that. I’d like to hear an example if you have one. I’ve seen singular focus and a lack of willingness to give the media what they want, but never any character issues. By every account I’ve ever heard he’s a very sincere and caring person behind the scenes. His players love him almost without exception… even the ones he trades away seem to have good things to say after the initial hurt wears off. In the local interviews he has up here you certainly get glimpses of genuine personality.

    All the “cheating” stuff cracks me up… comes across as such sour grapes from jealous fans and opposing (ex)players. The only “cheating” that was ever even brought up was Spy Gate, which of course it’s now known that essentially every team was doing. Besides, I’ve never heard a coherent explanation of how it would actually help a team. Everything is filmed from 37 angles… apparently a dude with a handheld in the endzone is some secret weapon… yes, hilarious.

    Podunker – now what you said is even funnier… there was no home cooking whatsoever yesterday. If anything, the reffing went much more in the favor of the Colts… No flag on the Vareen catch down the sideline. No PI or D-holding on any of the 3 downs at the goal line at the end of the first half… The Pats ended up with twice as many penalties called on them.

    My parents are Colts season ticket holders and they were agreeing with me that they were getting the benefit of the reffing while the game was close. My mother’s exact quote was “Yeah, it’s frustrating when it’s happening to your team.”

    I hope you don’t actually believe what you wrote. It would severely hurt the football cred you’re trying to build up here on the site.

  20. Po, The problem lies in this thought, Kelvin Sanctions is a piker when compared to the likes of a Belicheat. Regardless of 1 being pro the other collegiate, offenders. I would gladly wear forever the ring from a Cracker Jack box than even gaze on his SB jewelry.

  21. I’ve lived a helluva long time and that is the 1st time I’ve heard cheating described as not a character issue.

  22. It’s pretty easy to piece together how recruiting violations (e.g. paying players, impermissable benefits to family/agents, impermissable communication) can help you land certain players that have a dramatic effect on the success of a program and the outcome of games.

    Please enlighten me on how the Patriots “cheated”, and how this “cheating” helped them win games? Then please explain to me how come all they have done since the “scandal” is win the most games in all of football…

  23. All? Belicheat paid $500m no other HC paid a dime. That is the diff. He is now under investigation again. The disdain he shows is atrocious. He certainly has more $ than character. If he were my Brother I would have no more communication with him since he wrote that check.

  24. Well, “he” is not really under investigation again… And there is a very clear protocol that the balls go through pre-game that would make it essentially impossible to tamper with the “inflatedness” of them, so this is all just fluff, as Po would put it.

    Also, he didn’t pay $500m… he paid $500k, which is a pretty big difference… even for someone with as much money as Belichick. The reason the fine was so big was because Goodell was early in his career and was trying to make a point. We all know what a hard on that guy is now.

    Not that Bill Cowher knows what he’s talking about, but here is what he said… There are numerous other insiders not associated with the Pats that have come out and said that everyone was doing it.

    So yeah, “All”…

    Still waiting to hear how having a handheld with a different angle than the other 37 cameras they have all over the stadium, that doesn’t have a live feed into a sophisticated decoding software, that can magically and instantaneously decipher signals, can be the difference in a game.

    Everyone speeds, even though there are speed limits, and signs reminding you of what they are every couple miles… Sometimes I bet even you speed, Clarion, you cheater. Just like everyone else. I hope your brother stills talks to you after you pay that ticket.

  25. Geoff you cannot whitewash it. He is a cheater because he has poor character. He cheats. He can’t help himself and after $500k it is now most apparent.

  26. No Geoff it is whatever you say. You see my Sons are raised and I never have to try to answer why did the Pat’s HC cheat.

  27. Geoff, why even go down this road? Any time a franchise is successful, people who can’t beat them on the field or court turn to character assassination and other “cheating” allegations as their last-ditch weapon. Sometimes they have more of a point than other times. But it’s no use arguing; people will hate winners no matter what, and always find something to hold against them. Just ignore it man, and celebrate being back in the Super Bowl. Personally I’m very pumped to see the Seahawks play the Patriots, and I can’t wait for a great game.

  28. Seahawk – you speak the truth… however I’m not worried about it at all. I think it’s funny that after every game we win the other team complains about something. Two weeks ago it was our formations. And this week apparently it’s the ball.

    I’m just killing time this afternoon between appointments. I do however want to hear at some point someone’s explanation as to how spy gate helped the patriots win any games. I don’t need it as a justification for our success but simply to understand the rationale of the hater. At some point people should apply logic to their emotions.

    I’m definitely excited for the Super Bowl, but I’m not that excited to play the Seahawks. I don’t know that we have a defensive style like theirs figured out.

  29. The Pats must have a good legal team, because they seem to know how to bend and stretch the rules to their fullest extent without breaking them. Under current leadership they have been one of the smartest organizations around, must admit. I always like the stories of when free agents with storied careers go to play with the Pats in the twilight of their days and describe the locker room and culture. They always come away wowed by the professionalism and seriousness.

    Corey Dillon, ex-Husky legend, was one of those guys. Randy Moss and Chad Ochocinco, too.

    As far as the game goes, I feel a lot better about Brandon Lafell and Julian Edelman than I did about Cobb and Nelson. I feel the D will play way better than they did yesterday. So will Russell. But Brady, 3 super bowls worth of experience, and the age clock ticking…the Pats are going to be going all out for him.

  30. Ummm, that would be 5 Super Bowls worth of experience… I don’t see age having any effect on his game as of yet. He never had the biggest arm or the most athleticism… It’s always been about subtle movements and cerebral adjustments…

    Regardless I think you’re the slightly better team. I love Wilson and don’t see a repeat performance of yesterday…

  31. Very good win by IU on the road. Now the curse of being ranked on our way into the Maryland game, then at OSU, at purdue. Still a tough stretch.

    What I really liked was the ball movement and rebounded yesterday. Impressive, although I haven’t seen the box score yet. It seemed like we had a lot of assists and rebounds and that won the game.

    But again, I was cringing at Crean playing Ziesloft (the kid that can’t block out) down the stretch instead of Johnson. I just don’t get it. It must be for experience. But then the kid hit a key 3 and a clutch FT down the stretch to seal the deal. So, kudos Crean for your “brilliance” in that move….I guess…..

  32. Geoff, I was referring to the SB wins, not overall appearances. And what I meant about age was that Tom is close to the end of his career and probably wants another one real bad before he’s done. Age is a positive motivating factor is what I meant.

  33. “there was no home cooking whatsoever yesterday.” Now that’s funny! I guess New England is just better at interpreting the rules.

    Did you watch the game? As I said, it would not have changed the outcome, but the refs appeared to be very selective about enforcing some of these new rules implemented to enhance player safety. Yet a New England offensive tackle punches a Colts linebacker in the head after the whistle is blown, right in front of the ref, and no flag was thrown. A vicious crack back block on a defenseless Colt player causes an injury requiring the Colts player to be escorted to the locker room (the announcers said he was coughing up blood on the sideline), but no flag was thrown.

    The NFL should either eliminate these new player safety rules or they should enforce them with some consistency. New England did not need any additional help from the refs yesterday.

  34. Po – there was no penalty on the “crackback “block because that’s not what it was… It was a legal hit on a special teams return. I don’t know about the punch you’re talking about but I see stuff like that happen after the whistle all the time and it’s called less than half the time. So that has nothing to do with the patriots home cooking.

    As I said there were twice as many penalties called on the Patriots. The refs kept drives alive for the Colts when Luck couldn’t. I see refs let things way worse go than what Wilfork did to Herron on that unnecessary roughness call… Boom hadn’t even gone to the ground yet. Gronk was being held and grabbed every time he went near the end zone and there was never a call made… So you can see it whatever way you want but there was certainly no home cooking.

    The one thing you are certainly right about is that reffing made no difference in the outcome of the game.

  35. It’s nice to see Seldom Seen Seahawk and Geoff of Name-drop Breath toweling each other off with mutual love their chosen coastal NFL infatuations….Hoosier Basketball serving as a secret centrally located waterbed inside an old weathered barn to roll in our hoops hay… Hoosier Scoop serving as their Tinder to tease with short bursts of adulation for the pro teams that play a game they’ve likely not spent 30 minutes their own lives to participate at most elementary/amateur level……Yet, here In Hoosier Land, we become their meeting bed of a lovefest of sorts to pound their chests and put on this bizarre exhibition of pigskin courtship amongst an older group of graying men gathered from outside Milan or Chesterton…..Are the men of East and West wearing gold necklaces with the cross? …Here comes Clarion carrying the Crean tanning lotion while Podunker is marching with apologist witch-hunt torches in the dark and scurrying about for excuses some deflated balls causing bad Luck to his Alford short shorts……

    Heaven on earth…Is Seth Davis filming all of this through a barn door peephole? This is what zero tolerance a storied basketball program has reduced us to? All it takes is five dusty banners they still envy, some feisty old geezers they need a daddy spanking, and the hopes some hillbilly Hemingway pops out of the hayloft to get these Establishment boys to slosh around like lonely lovers at

  36. Classic stuff Harvard. That old creative spirit on full display. I like the image of Clarion carrying Crean’s tanning lotion.

    John Fox? I know you’re probably disillusioned with the Bears these days but I think it’s a promising hire. Now they just need to figure out what to do with old Pouty Face.

  37. Geoff there is no justification for cheating whether spygate was an advantage or not. What is sick is we now have 2 known cheaters leading teams onto the Super Bowl field. Tainted revel. If NE wins this contest Belicheat will be considered the best NFL coach. Tainted revel. $500k worth. He is a cheater and that is his character.

  38. H4H, Please help as I know you are insinuating something with the comment, Clarion carries Crean’s lotion, but I just do not get it. I don’t care whether Crean is purple. Please educate me.

  39. HC – I guess I don’t really care about any justification. I think the hardline stance is pretty funny though. Are you equally anti-American or Anti-military because of the tactics we’ve used against prisoners or the innocents killed in collateral damage? I mean that is real life serious stuff that actually deserves contemplation and possible distain… My image of you though is of a Patriot (pun intended). I guess there are constantly justifications being made for the team you side with in all arenas.

    As far as the $500k goes, to me it’s a questionable argument… I mean Goodell has proven in the years since that fine that his perception of “justice” and discipline are more than a little off kilter. Every disciplinary decision he makes now is under serious scrutiny, as the fine and penalties for “spy gate” should be. It’s was overkill and a new commish trying to make a reputation for himself… His decisions lack credibility, but you can use them as fodder for your argument if you wish.

  40. With the very electric Gronkowski fully juiced and healthy , I’m sorta picturing the scholarly Richard Sherman and his no-nonsense corner counterpart, Earl Thomas, fighting over the assignment of “Gronk” unleashed….

  41. Here is what is funny:

    You keep changing the icing on the cake
    To think I am a die hard Colts fan and my position is developed from there
    That fans caused the under inflated FB controversy about Sundays game
    Comparing national security with a sporting event

    But if you keep trying long enough you might hit 1 I won’t disagree with.

    As far as the $1/2m fine that is a brand Belicheat will wear forever; except of course to Pat fans. There will never be a conversation about Belicheat discussed that does not include his ties to cheating. His bed is made. What a waste of what could have been a magnificent reputation in his field.

  42. Pouty face, indeed…….Even a storied NFL franchise with the backing all the political wind and backroom deals the windiest of a city with mighty grit and shoulders, can’t swallow the amount of insane dollars that was still on the Cutler contract….I have no idea….There’s no hope as long as he’s behind center. He’ll never be a leader like a Brady or a Wilson…..Talent without backbone was about as anti-Bear as it could get.

    Sexy Rexy Grossman and Jay Gigolo Cutler ….Both from Indiana…Is any greater evidence needed to finally put to bed(a bed of soft silk sheets for Sexy Rexy and Jay Gigolo) ANY and ALL claims Indiana’s standing as anything but a basketball state? I rest my case. I rest it fully and unequivocally on meltdowns in leadership, choking in big games, and the hideous amount of wasted dollars and wasted face as centerpieces of jello pudding used to destroying the credibility and shoulders of one of the oldest and most respected football teams responsible for anchoring the foundational heart to the NFL….

    Enjoy your East vs. West game of Gronk vs. The Little Seattle Engine that Could….But while you’re lounging in your pink morning Seattle thug-slippers and shoveling down hot wings with New England clam chowder as you drunkenly await the big kickoff, I ask you to not judge Chicago on those two Indiana Chippendale dates, erroneously claiming the position of QB, brought to the Greek columns of Solder Field and the Halas Hall now wrecked in recent memory upon such a great football city…Do not judge Chicago on Rex and Cutler Rust on contracts the Romans could not bust, for withoutsuch history the Chicago Bears and the Windy City’s love for the game(and for Grange, Monsters of the Midway, Halas..and Butkus, and Ditka, and Sayers…and all the history of roots that led to the mighty “Sweetness” of passion in Payton,) it’s likely the February 1st game would be nonexistent and Sunday suppers would mean sissies and soccer instead of the fires of anticipation and Super Bowls…..

  43. HC – I have no idea if you are a Colts fan or not. I’m certainly not framing my opinion based on who you root for. I think it’s comical that you take spy gate so seriously… That’s all. I’m simply assuming that you take things that are more serious with a less hard line. I could be assuming wrongly but you’d have to let me know if I am or not.

    As far as Belichick’s legacy goes, There are lots of people who don’t really give a damn about spy gate and consider him a genius. It isn’t just pats fans. He is a living legend amongst coaches in all sports, and considered by many insiders as the best coach in the history of football.

    I’m sorry you’re so unnecessarily bitter.

  44. Bring the basketball state experiment of two Indiana QB’s to the storied Chicago history and one of the greatest football city’s representative of the early roots of the NFL…? I give you Rex Grossman and Jay Cutler…..I give a thousand fumbles and mega contracts in millions now the worth a gumball machine.

    Bring the football experiment to Bloomington Indiana and the storied history of March Madness born of Indiana’s high school traditions a love for the game of basketball like no other marriage of fan to the peach basket beginnings of the hoops game….? I give “The Rock” of Memorial, the Chicago wind of Tsao, and the genius of Tom Crean chewing his gum in the shadows of banners and Knight..

  45. I don’t know… You sound bitter. “If he were my brother I’d never talk to him again.” You’re holding some grudge and claiming his legacy is soiled. All for doing something all the teams were doing. It sounds bitter… That’s the way it comes across…

    Maybe you’re not. I probably come across as defensive on the subject, whereas really we’re just laughing about everything up here because it’s simply “hey if you can’t beat them, defame them”…

  46. Geez Harvard, can’t deal with superficial stuff. In deep mourning. Read below:

    Chicagoist’s Top Stories Of 2014: Hot Doug’s Closes
    “(Hot Doug’s by Tim Pigott)
    Chicagoans are an opinionated bunch and we love to argue: over dibs, politics and even the best toppings for our hot dogs. So when the news broke that beloved emporium of encased meats, Hot Doug’s, would officially close their doors permanently on Oct. 4, the Internet lit up with many an opinion, speculation and shrieks of “Noooooo!” across the land. With a little under five months left to consume Hot Doug’s, Chicago quickly fell into the encased meat loss stages of grief.
    First we became nostalgic and sentimental. We passed around our favorite Hot Doug’s memories from the past, Anthony Bourdain chomping down in the window on foie gras dogs that we thought would never end. Speaking of foie gras, we fondly remembered Doug’s “fuck it” attitude towards the city’s attempt at banning the delicious and sometimes controversial ingredient. We revisited the time our friends at Serious Eats Chicago ate the whole menu at Doug’s, sighing as we realized the menu would soon be no longer.
    Then panic set it. A Hot Doug’s countdown was created so we were able to know just how many seconds were left before doors closed one final time. Fans started breaking down the optimal days and times to visit to minimize waiting in line….””

  47. Tsao-

    Just kidding around…You’re my main Chicago connection around here and couldn’t resist the idea of the border exchange(especially considering your passion for General Wilson and bringing legit football to Bloomington) that saw Sexy Rexy and Jay-Lo Cutler(as in “how low” can Jay’s QB rating go)bring of Indiana’s great football heritage to Chicago something of trading value to exchange for Tsao’s great “hotdogging” belches from the Windy City wind destined in turning upside down Assembly Hall and grinding it up like sausage with Memorial fillers…..

    For what it’s worth, I never talked of the establishment you mention above…I do believe I corrected you on that misplaced source once before…My favorite Chicago stop for various spiced fresh sausage on a uniquely folded buttery toasted loaf is Frank ‘N’ Dawgs…..on N. Clybourn….Don’t forget to bring your own cold beer….Dominick’s Grocery(I think it might be a Safeway now) just a few blocks south is where I stop for cold brew while on my way up.


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