Indiana ranked No. 23 in both AP/Coaches polls #iubb

For the first time this season, Indiana has earned a top 25 ranking.

The Hoosiers enter this week at No. 23 in both the Associated Press and the USA Today Coaches polls. Indiana has beaten three ranked opponents so far this season, and claims two Big Ten road victories after beating Illinois, 80-74, on Sunday.

IU has not appeared in the AP poll since the end of the 2012-13 season, but received a ranking as high as No. 22 last season in the coaches poll.

Indiana plays for a share of first place in the Big Ten on Thursday, when it hosts No. 13/8 Maryland at 9 p.m. The game will be broadcast on ESPNU.

IU coach Tom Crean said Monday on the Big Ten teleconference that his group isn’t overplaying the opportunity to ascend to the top of the league standings in what will arguably be the most anticipated game of the season.

“We just practice and we go in everyday,” Crean said. “There’s no talk of any of that. The focus will be so much on how much better we can get this week and how much better we’ll have to get to play Maryland and then to have to turn around and go to Ohio State on Sunday. We’re truly in no position where we’re getting ahead of ourselves in any stretch. We haven’t all year and we’re certainly not going to start now.”

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Associated Press Top 25
1. Kentucky (63)
2. Virginia (2)
3. Gonzaga
4. Villanova
5. Duke
6. Wisconsin
7. Arizona
8. Notre Dame
9. Iowa St.
10. Louisville
11. Kansas
12. Utah
13. Maryland
14. Wichita St.
15. North Carolina
16. VCU
17. Texas
18. West Virginia
19. Oklahoma
20. N. Iowa
21. Baylor
22. Dayton
23. Indiana
24. Seton Hall
25. Iowa
Others receiving votes: Oklahoma St. 47, Miami 41, San Diego St. 34, Georgetown 33, Stanford 31, Saint Mary’s (Cal) 18, Providence 17, Colorado St. 16, Arkansas 15, Georgia 13, Butler 11, SMU 11, Michigan St. 8, LSU 6, Old Dominion 5, Wyoming 4, Ohio St. 3, Louisiana Tech 2, Tennessee 2, George Washington 1, St. John’s 1, Washington 1.


  1. A very well deserved bit of respect for this “small” team. Just as CTC said in the article, the Hoosiers will not get ahead of themselves in light of this ranking. Just as CTC and the Hoosiers haven’t gotten down on themselves due to criticisms from outside as well as within the fan base. Some of nastiest ‘critiques’ have appeared on this very site, typed by alleged ‘Hoosier fans’, which I might add have been conspicuously absent of late. Crow is hard to come by this time of year, Bon Apetit to all of the alleged Hoosier fans fortunate enough to get your hands on one. Go Hoosiers!!!

  2. Keith – which of the critics on this site have been conspicuously absent? I would think that to be conspicuously absent you’d have to be conspicuous, and I haven’t noticed an absence of any of the conspicuous posters…

  3. Point taken Geoff. There have been a dearth of negative posts aimed at CTC and the Hoosiers of late.
    The conspicuous posters are ever present. Go Hoosiers!!!

  4. Keith, great post. I could not agree more. Many of the Crean-hating IU Basketball “fans” have gone silent of late. But for those find those folks entertaining, I’m sure they will return in force the next time IU loses a game.

    I really enjoyed yesterday’s hard-fought victory over Illinois, especially the grit displayed after IU came back from losing a significant lead. Weaker teams would have folded up like a cheep tent in that hostile atmosphere, but IU never showed any sign of panic or desperation. Without a legitimate center, IU fouled out Illinois’ senior post players after holding him to zero points. Of course, that has nothing to do with coaching.

    I’m becoming a big fan of Williams. His game has improved tremendously over the last year. He has the chance to be as good, if not better than VO, and I loved VO throughout his three seasons at IU. Yesterday, I noticed that IU’s offense went dormant when Williams was taking a breather in the second half. Maybe it was a coincidence, but when Williams went back in to the game, the offense immediately picked up and IU went on to win the game. He’s got the speed, hops and creativity around the rim to be a potent offensive weapon. And when his outside shot improves, it’s really going to be fun to watch defenses try to stop him. Williams gives his teammates enormous energy.

  5. It is nice to see positive results. However, I hope this is not the peak. Expectations should be top ratings frequently. I do not see it in the foreseeable future. Improvement and Crean is looking better. It seems like he coaches these kinds of players better. Now, if he could learn to coach a blue chip big man with a team like this IU might work it’s way back to national prestige. Zeller is a bad example because he coached himself regarding hustle and making plays.

  6. To: Keith and Podunker (who loved your post #1) and any others who think the same way.


    You can love the players – the team and school and not like the coach. I will never understand the ignorance that comes from thinking the two things have to be joined and run parallel to each other. Somehow being critical of the head coach means you’re not a fan of the team. Beyond stupid thought process.

    This is right up there with the morons who believe if your critical of the coach – “you must have a miserable – horrible life and no joy in your life ever – etc. -etc..” Brilliant observations from idiots. Yes – everyone irritated with the next CTC ignorant move in a basketball game and mentions it – is a sad miserable human being at all times. LOL. You see how stupid the conclusions are.

    Frankly – if criticizing a head coach means you’re not a “real” fan – than there would be no “real” fans of any team.

    There’s no bigger fan of IU than myself – but I am not a CTC fan for about a thousand basketball related reasons. I would suggest if you are a CTC fan or apologist – that your basketball IQ is lower than your expectations for the team.

    But weather you are pro-Crean or anti-Crean – you can still be a “real” IU basketball fan.

  7. Amen Crimson. People can be critical of the coach and still love IU and the history of the program. I don’t think it is an all or nothing proposition and much of this was brought on by Crean himself when he only wanted the praise and no critical questions when they did climb out of the depths.

  8. thank you crimson. i was getting ready to write that and it’s not often i can say someone here took the words right out of my mouth. for the most part, you did just that. except it will indeed be a snowy day in basketball hell when i use weather for whether. i wonder if podunks “cheep” tent is full of little chickens?

    i have also really enjoyed troy’s spectacular finishes around the basket. he is a damn contortionist. hope he is working on his jumper because i sense a steady diet of zone defenses coming. surprised we haven’t seen them already, frankly, considering crean’s “dumbfoundary” with them.

    in any event, hip hop hooray ho! for our ranking. trying not to get my hopes up but i really, really want to.

  9. coach v:

    Thanks for comment. Call me what you will – but I do not put on a suit to get the mail. I do not shave most weekends I’m at the lake house. And I most assuredly do not proof read my occasional posts on a blog.

    But – I do attempt to capitalize when the “weather” permits (even when it snows – lol).

    Also – as an IU fan – I’m glad to see IU get ranked. 14-4 (4-1) is deserving of being ranked. IU deserves it at the midway point of the year. Being ranked helps more than most people realize for the sake of national perspective and future tournament seeding possibilities. That’s me being fan.

    I could now reverse course a little bit and say that IU should be 16-2 (4-1) right now and be ranked about 10 spots higher. And I think with a different head coach that would have been the case. And many of the close wins would never have been that close. But as a “real” IU fan – I will not mention that. LOL.

  10. Crimson- “There’s no bigger fan of IU than myself – but I am not a CTC fan for about a thousand basketball related reasons. I would suggest if you are a CTC fan or apologist – that your basketball IQ is lower than your expectations for the team.”

    Wow… you do attack CTC fans, whatever their reasons are.

    Allow me to ask you a question: Would you be specific about 10-12 very specific basketball related reasons responsible for your not being a ‘CTC fan’? Be sure you’re specific so we may gauge your own IQ.

    Also, my expectations (nearly every year) are that the Hoosiers be ranked from 1-20. How would that correlate with my basketball IQ. Careful on your response, it will say a lot about your overall IQ.

  11. I’m not a big fan of CTC, but the team has shown improvement this year and I am an overall happy IU fan./ Didn’t like all the things BK(COACH) did either, but overall still had tremendous respect for his results. I’m happy for the kids and fans who are enjoying the better basketball being played so far this year. Despite the adversity, they have overcome much, earning my respect and enjoying the hell out of beating the other teams. Yes, we have some very good developing players, who when they play within themselves and team basketball, seem capable of giving any team fits. That is IU basketball. Whether you like CTC or not, he’s the coach for now and we’ll go from there. Everyone, I know, will keep cheering for IU, as I do, cause it’s the only right thing to do. Love IU!!!!!

  12. CRIMSON,

    First off YOU should’ve read YOUR post ‘slowly and carefully’. For someone who implies others are “stupid” and or “ignorant”, you command of the English language implies you have intimate knowledge of both titles.( re: ‘that your’, ‘But weather you’) Low IQ’s aside, I will do my best to help you understand MY argument. My point is you and others are incapable of constructive criticism (you are unable to point out a person’s faults without allowing negativity into your commentary) You love the players (whom CTC recruited and is developing through a culture of hard work), yet you’re elated when they lose. You fault CTC when the team plays poorly, yet are oblivious to the fact that CTC hasn’t missed an open three or had an untimely turnover during said games. Sometimes 18-22 year olds have bad judgement, both inside and outside the lines. I don’t apologize for CTC not getting true post players or getting out coached. It comes with the territory when you coach in a power 5 conference. The fact is you and other ‘Hoosier fans’ dislike the man to such a degree, you ONLY see his flaws and revel in his failures. In previous seasons you squawked about non-conference scheduling, CTC changed that and has had moderate success this season. You squawked about last season’s record, this team is playing much better and HAS WON several close games to this point. I get it you hate CTC, for ‘thousands of basketball reasons’. The fact remains that when you are incapable of acknowledging your target’s virtues along side their faults, YOUR detractors (people who aren’t fond of you) view you as a curmudgeon (a bad-tempered or surly person).
    Now, CRIMSON, do you understand how to make a your point without resulting to personal attacks…PUTZ. Go Hoosiers!!!

  13. CRIMSON and coachv are the most negative posters here. What they say should really be taken with a grain of salt or a chuckle. coachv is hilarious in the fact he calls out Pidunker, but can’t even form a correct sentence. Please tell me you didn’t graduate from Indiana. Oh wait… You live in San Francisco.

  14. I suggest coachv that you resign from the YMCA and submit your resume to the San Francisco Dons. Pad your job search with Division III schools though.

  15. I’ll say it again, put a nose ring on James Blackmon and he’s the spit and image of famous Afro-Jewish rock star

    I’m sure that a Lisa Bonet awaits him in his future!

  16. I had not thought we could win away from home this season, but I was wrong.

    Great win against Illinois this weekend.

    We played like a TEAM and it was fun to watch.

  17. “I am patient with stupidity, but not with those who are proud of it.”

    CRIMSON, your attempt to defend yourself was entertaining, but it fell way short. I agree that, “IT IS POSSIBLE TO BE A “REAL” AND “TRUE” HOOSIER FAN (BLEED CREAM AND CRIMSON ALL DAY VERY DAY) AND STILL BE CRITICAL OF AN IU COACH.” But the problem, genius, is not that people criticize an IU coach, it’s what they criticize him for and how they criticize him. You don’t like his team’s methods for inbounding the ball? Neither do I! That’s fair game. But every regular Scoop participant knows that’s not the type of criticism that the Crean-haters generate and revel in. Making references to “ignorant,” “Clown,” or attacking him for his expressions of his faith, or mocking his energetic movement on the sidelines, or his post-game handshakes, all in an attempt to diminish the man in a personal way, is below the belt. And it’s not relevant to his job performance. Yes, people can criticize an IU coach and still be “real” and “true” IU fans, but it’s also possible that “real” and “true” IU fans can be unfair, unreasonable, ignorant, classless, hypocritical, bigoted and simply miserable. “Real” and “true” IU fans can also be jerks and losers. I have no problem with anyone taking exception to any of “a thousand basketball related reasons,” but that’s not the type of criticism Crean-haters relish. And there’s a difference between a Crean critic and a Crean hater.

    As an example, let’s examine the comment, “Now, if he (Crean) could learn to coach a blue chip big man with a team like this IU might work it’s way back to national prestige. Zeller is a bad example because he coached himself regarding hustle and making plays.” Although the facts and IU’s recent history (IU’s last two “big men” were lottery picks in the two previous NBA drafts, and well, any 18 or 19-year old credited with “coaching himself” speaks for itself), suggests that is a stupid comment, it is not a low blow. It’s dumb and inaccurate (recruiting is part of coaching), suggesting its author either has a bad memory or is blinded by his disdain, but it’s not a personal attack. It reminds me of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s quote, “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

  18. Po – I’m not disagreeing with your general response, but I do take exception to the conclusion you draw that because Zeller and Vonleh were picked highly in the draft that Crean can coach big men. The 2 things are mutually exclusive. Both players natural talent is what got them drafted that highly, not Crean’s development of them. They would have been drafted highly regardless of were they went to college or who coached them. They were both HS McDonald All-American big men. Neither had any competition for playing time on their own team at their position. I gave specific examples in post after post during the 3 seasons they were here how I thought Crean mismanaged them. (and that was when I was a Crean supporter/apologist!!!)

    I have essentially written a dissertation over the years on how Crean’s offense hampers the effectiveness of big men. I’m not going to do it again now, because it’s a bit off topic this season, but nonetheless, it is an actual short-coming of his.

  19. Keith: Funny how you could not get to line two without a typo of your own ( “you” command of the English language most be suspect”). You see how dumb and childish it is to do so. Worry about a point – not spelling or incorrect typing. I won’t bother pointing out other errors. Back to the point – my logical point is/was nothing more than this. You can be an IU fan and still be critical of the coach. Period. I don’t miss your point – but you attempted to throw a huge blanket over all IU fans that are critical of the coach. That is neither correct or fair. Obviously you have an active imagination – which you should attempt to focus. First – you tell me I “revel in his failures” and I “hate him”. I said ” I’m not a CTC fan”. I think for most people that would constitute being grossly misquoted and wildly inaccurate. I don’t hate the guy – I simply wish IU had a better coach.

    Podunker: Honestly – you must drive your husband nuts. I say that as I feel you enjoy a good argument for arguments sake. My attempt to defend myself fell well short??? I have no reason to defend my points. They are pretty much common sense. As I spelled it out earlier – You can be an IU fan and be critical of the coach. You admitted it yourself. Then – you went on to ramble about “what” or “how” CTC is criticized and attempted to justify your opinions. I guess you do not realize that you constantly give your opinion and consider it to be equal to facts. You somehow decided what is fair criticism (in-bounds plays – subs -etc.) and what is “below the belt”. I’m not sure what you can really argue with that I actually wrote.

    TTG: When I get few minutes later – I’ll humor you with a few in game situations (specific) and some basketball related reasons I am not CTC fan. But – I’ll give you my opinion of what or where I think IU basketball should be. Or better put – what my expectations/hopes are over every 10 year block of time.

    (in no specific order)

    1. Be regular fixture in Top 25 rankings
    2. Be in NCAA Tournament every year
    3. Win one National Championship (more would be great)
    4 Go to two Final 4”s
    5. Win the B1G at least twice
    6. Have a legitimate chance to win National Championship (in the mix or real discussion) every 3 or4 years
    7. Be a #4 seed or higher in NCAA Tournament in at least 4 of those 10 appearances
    8. Keep it clean in the classroom and with the NCAA

  20. Crimson – I don’t think your expectations are realistic. RMK didn’t meet those expectations. And again – who in the NCAA does that isn’t a well-known cheater (UNC, UK).

  21. Duke, Kansas, Louisville, Uconn, Syracuse, MSU, UF…

    I think UVA will be there as long as they have Bennett. Gonzaga is essentially there as long as they have Few.

    I think that list is realistic.

  22. i thnk crimson’s expectations are realistic. what happened to “it’s indiana”? kentucky does it. kansas. mich st. unc. florida. loiusville. syracuse. more? (excepting a ncaa title every ten years).

    podunk is a chick!?! really? no wonder. podunk, i am sorry for arguing basketball with you. it won’t happen again.

  23. Crimson has a good list of expectations. When you have won 5 National Championships your expectations should be very high. I would consider the following list to be appropriate:
    Compete for the Big 10 title every year
    Be no lower than a 4-seed in the NCAA tournament each year
    Reach the Sweet Sixteen or higher each year
    Be a program that can recruit the top Indiana High school players
    Be a program that top level talent wants to be part of
    I live in Kansas City where Kansas University basketball has higher expectations than what I mentioned but has not won more National titles than Indiana. I see no reason why IU’s expectations should not be as high as KU.
    I do not think Tom Crean is the coach that can reach this level consistently, but I hope i am wrong. Nevertheless, he should be applauded for a very good season so far and I am enjoying following the team.

  24. I haven’t read all these posts….I can only say that I like this team way more than anything I’ve seen in the last five years….We’ve got shooters…We’ve got a couple premium guards from the home state…I really like Holt…The kid looks like the type of talent Indiana often produces..He has great instincts and plays the game under control….Never been in love with Tom Crean, but this is a far better product than what the “everything hinges on Zeller” crowd forced into our laps…The same crowd that would have hung Crean out to dry long ago if he wouldn’t have put the “savior” in candy stripes…

    There are very few(outside of yours truly) that expected this team to win on the Big 10 road…Shooters, my friends. Hard to count Indiana sharpshooters out of any contest….I also really like the leadership and the icy composure of Zeisloft…

    This is by far Crean’s best product he’s brought to the floor. I also think Chuck Martin is bringing a lot behind the scenes.

  25. CRIMSON,
    I believe I made my points pretty clearly. You attacked myself and others by calling us stupid.
    Point #1 was that you had typos in the very post as you were attacking people on intelligence. (Ironic)
    Point #2 was that I’m not a CTC apologist, I simply believe in constructive criticism. As such its never been my intention to paint critics of CTC with a broad brush. I merely highlight the negative tones in some posts.
    Point #3 I believe my post allowed you to reflect, if you’d only stated you ‘simply wish IU had a better coach’ months ago all of this wouldn’t have been necessary.
    I believe head shrinkers would call this a break through. I’ll put away my big brushes if you’ll ease up on the negativity. In the final analysis we’re all Hoosier fans, which is why each of us dedicates precious time to debating the happenings in Hoosier Nation. Go Hoosiers!!!

  26. Except NONE of the listed teams have actually done all of what you say our expectation should be. And I don’t think I have low expectations. Cal has had all of his championships vacated except 1, and I expect that to be forthcoming.

    Crean has is on his 5th season with his recruits, and his 3rd without any NCAA restrictions. Can anyone really claim straight faced that this team would not be pressing these expectations with Noah and Luke? Can anyone claim straight faced that Coach should have expected losing two bigs before last year when he had a chance to recruit bigs? Can you say straight faced that Remy leaving was all on Coach (because that isn’t what his Mom said). Do you think we don’t beat ‘Cuse in the sweet 16 with full on Jordan Hulls instead of “I can barely play with this injury and am up there with the Japanese guy that did his rings routine in the 1976 Olympics with a broken femur in terms of all-time guts efforts” Jordan Hulls? Does anyone think that the Temple game would be close without Hulls getting hurt? Because I don’t. Maybe that makes me a pollyanna, but you guys consistently fail to give Crean any credit for anything. Can he lead us to the promised land? Who knows. But at least be fair about it.

    Oh – and except for last year, we have met all of those requirements that can be measured so far this season for 3 of the last 4 years. And that was with some just plain bad luck.

  27. I was a huge supporter of Hulls….But it was Remy that saved our asses in Crean’s first run to a Sweet 16….Hulls was perfectly healthy in the game against VCU and he was exposed when left on an island…It was Remy that got us out of their alive(though all the credit went to Sheehey for game-winner).

    Even if Hulls was healthy, we don’t beat Syracuse….Not enough size in our guards to shoot over the zone…Not enough options…Savior Cody brought many friends from his AAU church group and many more tied to A-Hope that shouldn’t have been in candy stripes.. Zeller was great…It’s the rest of the baggage that Crean needed bring in to satisfy the meddlers and the thumpers that prevented IU from winning it all.

    That’s the problem with being a coach at IU….The place has so much history and prestige, there is rare chance for any coach to build something without outside and inside forces meddling and preventing the true vision and style of any newcomer….I’m not making excuses for Crean… Everybody wants a piece of IU….And every coach outside our borders wants a piece of the top talent our state can produce.. All those factors make Bloomington quite the challenge….And still looming are the shadows of Knight and the foolish comparisons of greatness achieved during different eras and far different climates and tolerances within recruiting….The NCAA has absolutely zero consistency in enforcement and rarely matches levels of crimes to levels of punishment….They go on their own set of witch hunts based on arbitrary agendas of those that have the power…

    I don’t believe any of the above programs thought of consistently “elite” are squeaky clean…And the variances to what is expected of an athlete in the classroom is greater than the levels of expectations of how easy it should be to get to a Final Four….

    I don’t mind IU being a Cinderella….The ball is full of whores and why be a regular with many that make up such a seedy crowd of overly valued cheaters, liars, adulterers, and NBA phenom ass-kissers, that sell their souls to win a basketball game?

  28. And what would the game be without programs like Bulter…or DePaul…or Valpo and Bryce Drew……? Who wants shining moments without the level of excitement that gets brought to the game with unsung heroes and great coaches few know by name? Was Indiana State an elite program when Larry Bird took them to the most cherished stage of the game? Could they ever maintain such a spot on a list?

    I would far rather dine at many a so-called less “elite” basketball table with far fewer trips deep into any Big Dance …than simply brag of making a list that is now considered “prestige” due to the ever-increasing foulness of the NBA’s influence and dollars upon the once sacred college game….

    And for all the Duke lovers on here…Coach K ain’t turd dust without hanging with the greatest mind for the game early in his career….Duke would have as much history as Puke of stenchville Lafayette without the basketball brain juices he drank from The General.

  29. We are going to wallop Maryland on Thursday night….Back in the news will be the candy stripes.

    And whether playing Cinderella, or hanging banners every five years, we will always be storied and unmatched for our love for the game, our traditions rooted in unparalleled high school tournaments, and the truly unique fans loyal and loving beyond anything a jealous “elite” mouth that shall always deceive to be in same company..

  30. You’ve lost the argument when you have to revert to insults like children on playground. Now that I know the maturity level I’m dealing with, I’ll be a little more gentle. Sorry, I should have recognized it sooner.

    I’ll finish my side of this debate by saying that Tom Crean is not the greatest basketball coach IU will ever employ. He’s far from it. Some aspects of his teams’ play drive me crazy, as it probably does for everyone else who grew up watching Bob Knight coached IU teams. But given what he started with and what he has done for IU basketball since taking the job, I don’t believe he deserves the personal attacks and level of disdain that some of his critics on the Scoop, or in any other forum, have leveled at him. I hope he leads IU to the final four soon, so that all the Crean-haters will become mute. That may be a lot sooner than many of them think.

  31. I hope CRIMSON and coachv are kicked off this blog for making fun of ones sexuality. Not much of a coach are you coachv? I feel sorry for the organization that is saddled with you.

  32. it’s the ymca andrew, as you have said many times. i am molding the minds of boys and young men. not girls.

    see the giant, lunking andrew, lurking in the depths. suddenly he sees something. he rises…rises…rises.

    on a less serious note, crean does deserve credit for identifying a weakness and correcting it by bringing in an array of shooters. i still don’t see us contending, more like 10-8 big ten. hopefully i am wrong. can’t take another soul crushing season like the packers had

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