Indiana rehires former assistant Bennie Seltzer #iubb

Bennie Seltzer is back in the Indiana basketball program, hired Monday as IU’s Director of Player Performance.

Indiana coach Tom Crean announced the move on his weekly radio show Monday, adding that he created the temporary position to get Seltzer back into the program.

It’s a non-coaching position for Seltzer, who was fired as head coach at Samford in June after going 24-31 in two seasons. In his brief time at the Alabama school, 14 players transferred out of the program.

Seltzer was an assistant at Indiana from 2008-12, following Crean to Bloomington after serving two seasons on on his staff at Marquette.

“He walked into this debacle with us and helped build it into the number one team in the country,” Crean said Monday night.

The position means Seltzer will take on a large portion of former strength and conditioning coach Je’Ney Jackson’s former duties. Jackson left Indiana at the end of December to run the strength program for Kansas football.

Chris Virtue, a university strength coach who served the basketball program in an interim capacity the last two weeks, will continue to assist the team. In a press release issued by the department on Monday evening, Indiana noted that Seltzer has a long-standing relationship with the family of sophomore forward Devin Davis, who continues to recover from a traumatic brain injury suffered in an accident on Nov. 1.

“You need people around you that understand that it is a 24/7 responsibility,” Crean said. “Bennie gets that. He is a true owner. We were sad when he left, but this gives him a chance to get back at it and get back with us. It’s like he never left. He has a different role, but that role is going to be tremendously utilized.

“… I’m appreciative of Fred Glass and everybody here that went to bat for us to get this done. Bennie is going to be very good in helping us with Devin, as he is back in school now and he goes through his process of getting back where he needs to be.”


  1. Correction…Bennie….I wish this site had an edit button my phones auto correct always gets me

  2. I think we all get it. But let’s just call it what it is …a way to put Coach Seltzer on the staff. The explanation- a very convoluted one- is a lot simpler than what is reported here, Crean wanted Seltzer, Seltzer needed IU, IU made room and got Seltzer. But let’s be honest and open about it. All this b.s. about ‘he came into the debacle…” yara, yara only succeeds in pointing out that AD Glass does not run his own department.

  3. Heard there might have been a season ending injury to a big man at practice? Any legs to that rumor, Scoop folks? Source for me is rumor mill, FB post that pops up in my feed at IU Basketball and twitter from who knows what. But enough back and forth to seem like it may be worthwhile to ask.


  4. Tsao

    That is the truth! Why would IU hire someone who had so many players leave due to how they were treated? Who is in charge down there? The explanation for me continues a long line of contrived statements by Coach Crean. These statements make it hard to take seriously anything he says.
    I am hopeful IU will one day do for the basketball program what OSU and Michigan did for their football programs.

  5. Are we just making things up again? Glass says yes to something, so he “doesn’t run his own department?” What?

    And the players leaving after a new hire thing isn’t new. Just wasn’t a good fit as a head coach.

    I swear, some of you could turn Jesus walking on water into a scandal.

  6. How is this not a win? We get a former coach that recruited some great players for us. I will never forget him wearing the candy stripe pants on recruiting trips. He is a good coach in my eye and worth bringing back.

    I thought all those kids transferred because coach Bennie actually tried to get those kids to huddle and play and go to class. What’s bad about that?

  7. Omega that is exactly right. Now the hire of Coach Seltzer does make me wonder if someone is leaving. I have to believe Bennie is not the answer long term for the strength and conditioning job. Martin, McClain somebody is moving on at seasons end. the brew is brewing.

  8. Some of these assistants have been at IU forever and a day. Don’t any legitimate head coaching offers ever come their way or are they just not interested?

  9. Jimmy0, to answer your question, yes, some folks just love to make things up and post it as if it is fact. If it supports their narrative about Crean, or if it can be turned into something to be used against Crean, they routinely make things up, or at least interpret or translate information in the most cynical way possible.

    Two other points. First, if 14 players transfer from a school over two seasons, it must automatically be the fault of the coach. They don’t know the reasons why the players transferred, but it must be the fault of the coach. And because he “failed” as head coach at Samford, he can’t possibly be of any value as an assistant to his former boss! You can see the logic in that argument, right? Sounds like Samford should fire the AD that hired Benny too. There was obviously a huge disconnect between what Samford needed in a head coach and what they got. Either someone did not do their homework before making the hire, or Samford is making Benny a scapegoat for a much bigger problem. There was a major disconnect at Samford.

    I’m beginning to believe that some of the Crean-haters on this site are disappointed and become depressed when IU Basketball wins or produces good news. Their disdain for Crean is so severe, their desire to see him fired so intense, and their perspective is so skewed that some of these people actually celebrate an IU loss or any other bad news about the program because they believe it will hasten his departure as IU’s head coach. I’m really beginning to believe that some of these Crean-haters are actually unhappy when IU BB wins or otherwise produces good news. The pessimism these people generate and wallow in is unprecedented.

  10. I,, for one, am glad to see Bernie back. Just glad to see him back. Welcome back Bernie!!!

  11. Po & Jimm0,
    I’m glad you guys are addressing this issue. Prior to the season there were sooo many folks posting about how CTC was/is on the hot seat. However, as the resume building wins mounted in the non-conference schedule those opinions were by and large silenced (especially in this forum following the aforementioned wins).
    You guys are rightly calling out people who dislike CTC so much, they jump at ANY opportunity to attack him. I am all for constructive criticism, but these attacks are a different animal. Attacking CTC with unsubstantiated rumors is petty…at best. These attacks are drive by such a blind hatred they end up trained on the student-athletes (who they allegedly support) as well as the Athletic Department. I just don’t get it. I view the bashing of the coach of a program you (allegedly) support through the same lens that I view a child who holds their breath in an attempt to get what they want. It never works and you end up looking quite juvenile. Stop the madness and FULLY support the program. Go Hoosiers!!!

  12. Junebug, I don’t know what the reason is nor that there is any significance to it. Just know for a fact that Coach Seltzer left the staff to take the head job at Samford, was fired there some time ago and was now, in the middle of the season, into a position artificially created into our staff by throwing together different budget lines and to begin immediately. So what can I conclude? Crean wants the guy. Seltzer is available and needs an income source. Crean and Seltzer have a history. This may be a move to lock up Seltzer for next year, structure, salary and budget lines TBD; coaching assignments TBD. And, it obviously has Glass’ blessings. What’s so strange about that? (Sometimes I forget that outside of Podunker no one who reads this space has experience in big time Corporate Management). Look, it’s done that way all the time; The BIG-BIG BOSSES AT THE TOP pick the Big Bosses, the Big Bosses pick the Bosses, the Bosses pick the medium size bosses, the medium size bosses pick the little bosses, the little bosses pick the tiny bosses and the tiny bosses pick the teeney-weenie bosses. And, once done nobody, ever questions the BIG-BIG BOSSES or nobody eats. Do you(or anyone else) want me to repeat and go back over that?

  13. Keith, the following is a portion of a comment I posted on another Scoop string a couple days ago. It was written in response to a person who continuously attacks Crean. Interestingly, no one has come forward in an attempt to answer the question I posed.

    “But how ironic that you (and a few others) defend Wilson, who has not yet proved he can lead a team to a winning season, and who has not really improved IU Football’s record relative to his predecessor, but yet you/they continuously trash Crean, who has long since proven he can build and lead a team to winning seasons, lead them to the final four, lead them to win a Big Ten Championship, recruit and develop numerous NBA lottery picks (3 in the last two years) and rebuild a program totally destroyed by a decade of mismanagement. Now, in your superior and highly imaginative mind, you will interpret the preceding sentences as a veiled attack on Wilson. It is not. Or you will interpret those words as another example of a Crean apologist coming to his defense. I am not. I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy and/or inconsistency of those Hoosier “fans” who give the benefit of the doubt and total support to a head coach who has never won anything, relative to a head coach that has produced numerous highly successful teams. IU Basketball has been returned to a winning program under Crean. IU Football is still a losing program after four years under Wilson. Obviously, Wilson needs and deserves more time, but it just seems to me that some fans are irrational in establishing the criteria by which both coaches’ performance should be evaluated.”

  14. See..and Clarion, probably the smartest man here by far-r-r-r-r absolutely gets it…the brewer (who also gets to sample the brew whether we are looking or not) is also in charge of the brewing. This is not a sarcastic comment; the next time we vote for an Athletic Director, I’m voting HC (and I really hope no one reads this and moves his seats at the stadium 37 rows up and towards the 2 yard line…he had nothing to do with this commentary, I came up with it on my own and by observing the changes at the athletic department.

  15. probably…by farrrr. love that tsao.

    podunk, comparing building the football program to the basketball program is like comparing building a skyscraper to building a snowman

  16. Remember the happenstance success of and injury to VJ III(the Chosen One() forcing Crean into shorter rotations and putting Remy on the floor more?

    Crean is benefiting the same by Hanner’s injury of happenstance…..Holt..Robinson….Shorter rotation…No “Chosen One” for Crean to get bogged down in over-thinking things or proving things

    I do believe Crean has a guardian angel… Less confusion, More happenstance…and the better results found when Crean’s choices are narrowed and without emotional baggage…We’re seeing it against Penn State.

  17. Po,
    It’s abundantly clear that where ever IUBB is discussed people will interpret/edit/disregard the facts in order to match their schema. (Confirmation Bias) A lot of posters are complaining about the results over the past four or five years as if the IUBB was tearing up the B1G or NCAA for that matter before CTC arrived. Last championship: ’87. I was in middle school. Last appearance in a championship game: 2002. The freshest banner hanging in Assembly Hall is the one CTC hung as a tribute to the kids who signed when NO ONE wanted to be a Hoosier. (and he STILL gets flak for it) This is a teachable moment for us all. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, as long as you’re giving an earnest effort you shouldn’t concern yourself with the accolades of your supporters nor vitriol of your detractors.
    By the way, IUBB just beat PSU…let the CTC bashing commence in 3…2…1…Go Hoosiers!!!

  18. Yeah…Knight got a bit burned out with fans expecting championships every five to seven years….He got to the Final Four with Bailey…..After his firing, Davis got to the Final Four with what many claim were mostly Knight’s next team of championship-worthy talent….The Establishment brought Knight down….Without May’s injury, easily another Final Four or banner….Likely seven banners in Assembly with a bit of 1/10 Crean’s luck needed to get to Sweet 16’s on the wings of one savior recruit his entire resume of sweet success at IU has hinged. Without Cody, Crean couldn’t hang a handkerchief from car antenna. yet a banner..

    It was time for change…We had grown tired of Knight and Knight was tired of the ass-kissing that was required in a game more about allowing prima donnas calling their own shots(literally on the basketball floor and figuratively in the recruiting process)leaping to the NBA than learning anything. We’ve got the right bozo in place to prop up that past of “real” rather than sold/imagined/bottled/snake-charmer excellence to a few recruits sucked into his stage of making Indiana a place they can showoff to the NBA scouts while ignorant fans reduce Indiana to the charlatan in the basketball classroom…

    If we were going to buy into the modern era of full adulation put on the prima donnas rather than the teachings of the game, can we at least get a coach that can teach prima donnas for the one or two years they are willing to participate in the charades now known as college basketball? Can we also crash-course them to be STUDENTs of the game?….You do realize that teaching just doesn’t occur at places a Sampson recruit didn’t want to attend? Teaching the game of basketball has a classroom known as McCracken….How sad that classroom has turned into a place minds are cheated for the sake of propping up sanctimonious blow of whatever “Because” Mr. Crean blew out his cakehole when giving his first speech to the zombies.

  19. Keith, great post. You are so right.

    coachv, how soon you forget! Your comment about comparing IU football to basketball is correct, but you have it completely backward. Maybe you weren’t around at the time, but Crean took over a totally destroyed basketball program. He had nothing more than a supportive fan base when he arrived in Bloomington. The IU basketball program was a total train wreck, and it had to be completely rebuilt. It’s great history and tradition was all but forgotten outside The Hoosier Nation. In fact, IU Football has not suffered that big of a hit in the last 50 years, it’s just suffered from continuous mismanagement, under funding and neglect. The death of Hep was devastating and terribly sad, but it did not require Lynch to start from nothing. What Crean’s critics don’t seem to appreciate is that he had to start from scratch while dealing with the burden of completely unrealistic expectations from thousands of fans who thought it would be simple, quick and easy, given the program’s history, to rebuild IU basketball. Well, it wasn’t simple, quick and easy rebuilding IU basketball. And when he gets the program back to a highly competitive level of performance, it’s not good enough, or he’s not doing it the right way. How many experienced head coaches turned IU down before Crean accepted the job? Given the circumstances, it’s no wonder few coaches wanted the job.

    As Keith referenced above, the last time IU won an NCAA Championship, today’s oldest college BB players were, on average, six years from being born. In fact, many of their parents were still teenagers when IU last won a Championship. That’s ancient history to today’s teenagers. Until two years ago, they have not grown up with IU basketball providing any kind of a positive reference point. In fact, as they were becoming old enough to even understand the world around them, IU basketball was a disaster. Do you think today’s players care about what happened 28 years ago? They don’t and they shouldn’t, because since that 87 Championship, a lot of other college basketball programs have surpassed IU as a recognized basketball powerhouse. You can’t blame Crean for that. I’m not a huge Crean fan, but given the mess he inherited and the success he produced two seasons ago, the least he deserves is for fans to stop harping on him after his team wins a game.

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