1. This team is nothing if not consistent. A lot of non movement and standing around on offense. Build up a lead and watch it go away on a late run. Let’s see what the halftime adjustments are. Hopefully will be a close game win or lose. Go Hoosiers.

  2. Hoosiers looking great today. JBJ finding his stroke, a little Max flair and Troy in his typical Spiderman role.

    Perimeter defense much better after a tough start.

  3. Brutal. The second I hit send on that comment, we were up 10 and now ILL on a 21-2 run.

  4. Change your name to Double Pump……Fool submit comment with a shot fake. Fasten your seat belts…

  5. Wow, what a game. Withstood two monster runs in that sea of soulless ginger. Egwu fouling out was absolutely huge as IL had no answer for our penetration in the last 1:30.

    I really enjoyed this game. Our boys showed a lot of heart on the road at IL.

    JBJ obviously found his stroke, but I think his defensive contribution today merits mention. He was active, in position and, dare I say, even a bit of a nuisance.

    Yogi didn’t shoot the ball well, but those 9 assists show a different Yogi than they player we’ve seen in the past. He’d normally try to gun his way out of a slump, but other than a few bad shots, he seemed to be looking for the open man more often than not.

    Can we just nickname Troy “The Freak”? Love when he plays within the flow of the game.

    So, here we sit, 4-1 in the B1G. Who’da thunk it?

  6. Ok ‘t’. Is it time to say IU will win between 15 to 21 games this year? Two more wins and the “15 wins” goes down in flames.

    Thursday will be tough, but with loud crowd – who knows.

  7. that was actually quite enjoyable…

    we are so much better in transition or secondary-transition offense. definitely a momentum team. We have some really effective college players, none of which I see being great pro prospects, which means a couple things… I don’t see them losing focus on team stuff, and I see this as a potentially stable situation going forward. 2-0 without Hanner… I wonder what happens when he’s healthy. We have a better flow right now both offensively and defensively.

  8. “2-0 without Hanner… I wonder what happens when he’s healthy. We have a better flow right now both offensively and defensively”

    Duh,..First sentence below.

    Harvard for Hillbillies #4

    Sunday, January 18, 2015 – 12:47 PM ESTI think we’re a much better team and a better coached team with Hanner less involved…Shorter rotations and more experience for Holt and Hartman is another “happenstance” positive for Tom Crean. He does much better without having to concern himself(his ego) that he can move huge projects along…He’ll manage the moments that can swing a game to a stronger Hoosier advantage with a shorter bench

    Harvard for Hillbillies #5

    Sunday, January 18, 2015 – 12:54 PM EST

    I dreamed Blackmon was going to have a breakout game…

    Hoosiers 82
    Illinois 79


    “This team will breeze into the NCAA tournament” … P-U-L-S-E.

  9. The Crean-haters had another really bad day today.

    It is interesting to note, yet again, that when IU wins, even on the road, even in a place that is really hard to play, there are far fewer positive comments than there are negative comments when IU loses. Maybe it was the outcome of the Colts game that suppressed the elation of so many Hoosier basketball fans.

  10. Or ones that claim that “as Crean delegates more workload” to his assistants such as in this game is the rationalization for this win. lol

  11. Podunker-

    I predicted the Hoosiers would break the losing streak at Illinois…I also was optimistic in a prediction that Blackmon(the source of some recent jealousy and hatred from so-called Hoosier fans) would eventually come out of his shooting funk…You can’t keep such a pure shooter and natural Hoosier baller down…

    But you are right…But why be so hard on Hoosier fans? Isn’t it pretty much a product of the times? Everywhere we turn, it’s more about the ugliness in the world than the good…It’s all the networks talk about…In sports, it’s no different…We obsess over the dysfunctional players…the dysfunctional marriages…the highly paid players that aren’t living up to their glamorous image/status(have you heard of Jay Cutler?)…

    It’s the nature of man…Ungrateful…Unappreciative..Unloving….and constantly focused on division rather than finding common ground to live at peace.. The earth would be such a healthier and inconsequential paradise drifting carefree through the heavens of the endless stars without such distractions of the human race that forever ranks #1 in the image and justifications of a named god or creator giving us full entitlement to destroy it and all that is subservient to man.

    Somebody told me that I put a jinks on the Packers today….Who and the hell put the jinks on the earth to make the life of our oceans, the streams of freshwater from the glaciers our mountains, the pureness our air, so unlucky to have been given man to treat it all so recklessly? Who do we blame for beheadings and jets flown into skyscrapers and wars into countries where no weapons against us exist? We poor so much blood onto this earth for the sake our own image…? Please tell me..What did the earth do to deserve such perfections in man…or in Podunker(assuming you are of the same perfections of all men that command the earth and the heavens)?

  12. I would like to thank the Pats for not making it a stressful night… wish I could feel as confident about the Super Bowl.

  13. Lucas Oil to be featured on the next episode of Fixer Upper…..

    Somewhere a Massachusetts plumber sings a dedication to a Colt’s QB tonight! ..

    When the redcoats arrived,on New England soil, the chant of many patriots echoed “Look! The British are coming!” ….When blue Colts arrived on New England soil, the chant of many Patriots echoed…”Luck! The skittish are coming!”

  14. Harvard, since you addressed it to me, I actually read your post above. How ironic that you, of all people, asked me those questions. I doubt you even recognize the irony of you writing, “But why be so hard on Hoosier fans?” Perhaps you were trying to make a joke? Regardless, your broad, generalizing comments about what “we obsess over” is likely a self reflection. I don’t believe most people obsess over those things. I know I don’t. And I don’t obsess over a college basketball coach because he refers to his faith in public, either.

  15. He doesn’t refer to his faith anymore….Twitter was how he channeled his empty faith and he’s so hideously distorted that he stopped tweeting after Davis’s horrific injury…..If you believe anything in your heart, it’s unnecessary to prop the belief up continually via something as trivial as twitter…But I guess he feels let down by it all.. Or maybe he feels some sense of shame to be tweeting to Jesus while a player may be sprawled on pavement fighting for his life…?

    And don’t give me any of your BS about obsessing…You obsessed(terrorized?) Coach Mallory from the day the man was hired…You had a never-ending agenda to ride that coach out of town. Incompetency was your claim….Better take a hard look around. There’s plenty of incompetency to go around….You are such a disgusting weasel and such a fraud of a fan…Tsao has identified exactly your obsessions…They have nothing to do with hope or sincere regard….You live in the snidely rot of undermining smallness where most thumpers live…

    And I’ll address a hypocrite any damn time I please…..especially the fraud that chased “thugs” out of town and tweets while his own players are in such dire need of an example instead of a cheap preacher posing as a coach that cares.

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