1. Gawd, open “shooters” all over the floor for the Hoosiers…….missed opportunities early!!!

  2. The team is just weak mentally. I don’t think they understand the rivalry or even care. I don’t even blame Crean for this stinker. We are vastly undersized but we are making Purdue’s guards look great tonight. This is going to get ugly because we go to Wiscy on the road. That will be 3 losses in a row and all of the positive vibe and Crean for coach of the year will be done. This team cannot be successful because no real leadership and a bunch of streaky players at best. Podunker will rally the troops. Let’s hope for a 7th seed in the tournament. Yeah. It almost makes you feel average doesn’t it.

  3. How do you not blame Crean? Guy makes over 2 mil a year. Big paycheck = big responsibility. I get tired of the apologists. Who do you think put this “undersized” team together?

  4. I know. I was trying to be sarcastic. I don’t think crean has earned a paycheck since he has been here.

  5. Plenty of blame to go around for this pitiful showing against a crummy PU squad. Good lord, guys. Grow some stones already!

  6. Hopefully the articles about Crean being coach of the year can stop now lol. Is ‘most overrated coach’ an award? or ‘most overpaid coach’? Can’t wait to see how many people make excuses for him after this one (including the HT staff).

  7. No amount of coaching can overcome players who freeze when the pressure is on. For further proof refer to the Dukies meltdown at ND tonight.

  8. For all the reasons people say IU football cannot be successful, the opposite is true in basketball (recruiting grounds, facilities, culture etc.), yet this program is light years away from the upper echelon of hoops right now.

  9. Not giving Crean a pass on this loss, only pointing out that these guys have enough experience to at least play some defense, but apparently even that is too much to ask for tonight. Again, Duke wilted tonight and Coach K was unable to stem the tide despite his all star roster. Let’s separate fact from dislike here.

  10. This is the team I expected to see this year. They have played well and played poorly but they are a middle of the conference team with or without Hanner who is also Up and Down without warning prior to Game Time. They will hopefully make the Tournament but I guess it depends upon which team shows up at the end of the season. By the way, without going into X’s and O’s which I’m sure will be rebutted by those who know more than I, I hope Crean finds another job ( I don’t necessarily want him to be fired) because I don’t like the way his teams play and I just don’t like him. He had the best team in the country 2 years ago and couldn’t get past a Regional Semi-Final while his best team in the country was ‘clueless against a zone that Crean had seen before in the Big East. I’m just tired of this.

  11. TC will never be confused for any number of the top coaches, and he will move on – one way or another – sooner than later. That does not change the fact that IU has a real image problem, as both of the glamour sports have been underachieving for way too long. The administration has to decide soon if it wants to jump in or continue to watch as other schools identify and hire good and qualified people to get the job done. The mediocrity we see is just not acceptable.

  12. I can think of plenty of examples of talented teams with great coaches losing on the road so what’s the point in stating that? We could point to every single loss and have a similar comment but it would be pointless.

  13. Just cant take anymore tom crean….his fault for at least not throwing in april or priller to get some size underneath….

  14. Let’s not forget that recruits are less impressed about tradition than they are by who’s in fashion. IU basketball hasn’t been fashionable for over a decade – despite what we would like to think – and IU football has been a joke for over 50 years. Current and past administrations blew repeated chances to address both programs, which brings us to the bland state we find ourselves in. Pretty sad that IU is known more for soccer and baseball these days. Perhaps we should press the university to join the Ivy League.

  15. Oh there you are. We missed you guys. Good to see you don’t come out when IU is winning, but now that we’ve had two awful showings in a row, you’re in full force.

    I will say, this has to be the 493rd straight game that an opponent has had heir best offensive game of the year. While a very small portion of it is coincidental– I mean come on, not every team can make seemingly every shot they take, wide open or not… right?– most of that comes down to coaching and individual effort.

    But we had several no shows. In fact, pretty much everybody except Yogi and RJ– and maybe Holt, who I thought performed admirably despite being severely overmatched– was a no show. Shooting some 15% from three didn’t help. Nor did missing layups when we had a chance for and-ones. Or rebounds on the off chance we made a defensive stop. Or Hammons blocking 78 shots. Or momentum killing turnovers.

    But… I’m sure none of that matters. I’m sure you’ll focus your efforts and attention to one person and one person only. Predictably.

  16. Crean leaves IU the same way that Mack Brown left Texas; The “Money alumni” got tired of mediocrity and wouldn’t support the university of Texas until he was gone. Guaranteed if Glass has to choose between money and Crean; Glass will say “Crean who”

  17. Punjab – lol are you serious? Who is getting paid a couple million a year? Hmm maybe the majority of the blame should fall on that guy..you know the guy who is in charge of coaching and assembling the team…..

  18. With 2 7 footers purdue is arguably IU’S worst nightmare. Had they hit a few more 3s the game would of been much closer, but they didn’t and it was a blowout. Purdue capitalized on the matchup diversity.

    Creans teams always seem to crumble once they get some media hype. Personally had we beat georgetown and either osu or msu on the road we’d been deserving of some credit. Instead we beat teams in my opinion…we should beat. Not having a true road game is flat out ridiculous. If your concerned about making your team better you use the pre conference schedule to do it. I look at our schedule and I see an organization scared to get beat, so they fluff the schedule. We enter the big 10 with a very misleading record.
    I’m a fan of Indiana and try to stay supportive, but I’m not a Crean supporter. It’s not about getting beat at purdue by 20. It’s about the same blatant mistakes over and over again. When we are down early and the crowd is rocking or go through a scoring drought…….call a time out and fix it. Crean either doesn’t recognize when to utilize a time out in college basketball. He wants to use playing through pressure to make the team better as an excuse. I truly feel he doesn’t want to call a time out because he doesn’t want to be put on the spot. The man’s refusal to switch anything about his style play even if it isn’t working is flat out ludacris. It’s like he doesn’t grasp
    The concept of any other type of play.

    Under Tom Crean IU will be ranked here and there. IU will have fun to watch players and some will go to the NBA. We will get more McDonald’s all-americans. We will win huge games at home. All these things have happened under crean and will happen again. Under Crean we won’t consistantly compete for Big 10 titles. We won’t have a consistantly capable team defense. We wonder be a legit top 15 team more often than not. We certainly won’t compete for a National Championship. We won’t pull out many road victories especially against top tier teams. So there will be many positives while crean as at the helm….but aren’t all the negatives about him what we really want?

  19. Tim, your posts aren’t giving the majority of the blame to anyone. They’re giving it all to Crean. Should he shoulder his fair share? Absolutely. When every team we’ve played over the last few weeks had a way-above-average offensive showing, it’s not a fluke. Scheme, effort, and execution have a lot to do with, and much if not most of that falls on the coach.

    But– assuming we’ve moved on from the Fischer departure– the team he put together is down it’s two biggest returning post presences due to injury. That matters when the other team has two seven-footers and we shoot well below our season average from outside.

    Say what you will about the freshman projects. They were desperation moves and virtually nobody expected them to be contributors for a couple of years… If ever. Wasted roster spots? Probably. But we can’t conclude anything yet other than they clearly aren’t ready for B1G basketball. The rest of the team? Maybe they’ve regressed back to “streaky” status. Maybe the league has figured out how to defend our small ball. Maybe it was just two rough conference road games. Maybe we just suck and everything up to now has been a fluke.

    But as always, the failures of this team start and stop with Tom Crean with so many of you. And when things are going well? Silence.

  20. Side note: I’m weary of jumping on the anti-Stan bandwagon, but he’s becoming more of a liability on both ends of the floor. It seems like every time somebody gets blown by on a crucial drive to the basket, it’s Stan. Am I just missing the good plays he makes, or is he rightfully picking up the goat role that VJIII and Hollowell inhabited these last few seasons?

  21. (I will say I saw a couple of plays where he did a good job of denying dudes in the post that had 8-10 inches on him. And he hit both FTs when given the chance. I think there’s hope, but he seems to be a player without a role…)

  22. As the Pendulum Swings…

    Hoosiers come out and smoke Maryland and sneak by OSU at home, and people start booking tickets to the Final Four.

    Now we’ve got pounded twice in a row. And the blade is swinging in the opposite direction. Crean sucks, we suck…etc, etc.

    Regardless of the never ending drama of overreaction, tonight was unacceptable. I don’t think I’ve seen a team this unprepared and heartless in a while. The Mackey crowd was rockin’ and got into their heads the moment they came out for warmups. This team just looked like they wanted back on the bus. Yogi showed heart, though.

    Time to regroup.

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