1. IU looks just as confused today as they did against MSU on offense. Too much standing around

  2. Every Crean team seems incapable of closing out a game. A 9 pt lead just evaporates with boneheaded play and a complete inability to inbound the ball.

    7 years of this! Man.

  3. Guys, you are a bunch of women. Whine, whine, whine, Would you like cheese with that? Teams don’t always have to win pretty. I would take 20 ugly wins in a season any time. A win is a win, especially against a pretty good OSU team. It doesn’t always have to be perfect. Sometimes scoring 3 points more than the other team is good enough and if you do that 20+ times in a season, that is a pretty good season. I think most of you on here just like to complain and your lives are so miserable that you can’t just accept a win as it is, a win.

  4. IU should of won this one and they did. Now go to Columbus and dont get blown out by 20 and that will be impressive.

  5. Well said Ben. I don’t think this team will grow until they start being competitive on the road against the top teams in the big ten. Once again a win is a win but do you really feel good about this. HP has the basketball iq of an orange. My apologies to the orange

  6. Agreed, 1992. Controlled their top two scorers and actually played good defense. Offense was pretty sad, however.

  7. On a different note, that is back to back games that UK has looked vulnerable. I am guessing they lose 1-2 games this year. A&M took them to 2 OTs without one of their top scorers.

  8. My apologies to the orange. lol. holt is better. he received a drop-off pass inside and did a fundamental catch, turn, and seal with a power dribble for a lay-up. basic but hanner doesn’t know how to

  9. v – did you see him box and get a weakside board as well… I think it was about the only box out I noticed in 40 minutes of action from either team. Holt played well.

    so, IU played fairly tough D. I’m happy for the kids that they won. I too, am torn like nomendacity… wins like this only prolong the Crean era. They should do the opposite. I would understand the “youth” argument (every year) except for the fact that the TYPES of mistakes his teams make are the same every single year…. terrible OOB plays, unforced TOs, inability to get the right player a shot at the right time, lack of creative motion on offense, difficulty executing against a zone… I want to feel good about the progress I’ve seen this team make on defense and one the boards, but ultimately I know it doesn’t really matter because the issues I mentioned above never resolve themselves from year to year regardless of experience.

    But I’ll end on a sort of positive note. I’m happy that Nicky Buckets was back. I’m happy Holt got minutes. I’m happy Blackmon worked through a tough shooting game, after a tough shooting few games, to manufacture much needed scoring. I’m really happy for the heart and toughness the entire team showed. It was a valuable learning experience for them.

  10. Geoff of all the things you listed the saddest is not getting a good shooter an opportunity at the right times. When it comes to crunch time or at the end of the game Yog is always willing to take over and every team knows it. With 3 good IU shooters on the floor almost all of the time, any good asst. coach could devise several plays to get 1 of the 3 open in 3-7 seconds. There appears to be to much lacking in his list of dramas he can call on. That is why he runs the offense he does. IU fans like the offense but want practiced choreograghy and discipline when a score is needed.

  11. geoff,

    yeah, i saw him. i love holt and although he doesn’t possess the mind-bending athleticism of hanner, he is already a better player, therefore, obviously much more upside. i think if you focus on hartman you will see he consistently boxes out and has all season. really love his game too.

    a stunning development-i witnesses a few attempts at weakside down screens! almost fell off the couch. of course, they were so poorly executed they had no chance of being effective. cutters not standing still at the block and setting up defender with an armbar to keep him exposed to the screener. instead, the cutter starts jogging up forcing the screener to try to hit a moving target who is already 12 feet from the baseline. wow, 3 million a year to coach that.

    and geoff, remember when a moving screen was illegal? the proliferation of that all over basketball is crazy. holt is as big an offender as anybody.

    crean’s inbounds plays make me long for the old jr. high “stack” inbounds plays. effective at any level but coaches are probably too embarrassed to employ it. you know, basic two-man screen and rolls are very good inbounds and have options to counter every defense for it.

    when will blackmon find his touch. and did you notice that stanford has gone back to shooting left-handed?

  12. Correct, Robinson was shooting lefty against MSU. He’ll be gone after the season. Another transfer to Evansville,IUPUI, maybe Butler or Xavier?

  13. blah..blah..blah.

    The “coaches” know it all…I have a feeling something else knocked Geoff off the Crean clouds he was on for way too long….Now it’s a love fest with the Jv “coach”……We don’t have all the facts and never will….Probably sent Crean an email and was completely snubbed….Or maybe stalked Crean to some East recruiting event, tried to name-drop on him, and security rushed to set a Crean screen because Geoff’s winter coat smelled like a kerosene bomb.

    Pick and roll? Crean’s incompetence was evident when he had his savior recruit that plastered the big glowing cross on his Twitter and his “Dipo” heavy-hitter…All you two were doing at that time was “picking and rolling” weed or boogers…NoMendacity uneasy? Yippee. You never noticed her when she was acknowledging Harvard’s viewpoints on Crean over a year ago? Why? Was that before you were snubbed and rubbed the wrong way?

    When Crean is starting to rub these self-proclaimed “experts,” name-droppers, and “coaches” with more time to blog than “coach” somebody somewhere for some solid reason more than to be on Scoop and chat up their own thinning “coaching” hair, I’m thinking beware, beware. These blowhards are starting to make me side with Crean….Nothing gets me to like a coach more than when others believe they can be him….For all of Crean’s hypocrisy , preaching, theatrics, clown behavior, and witch hunts, he still had to build something of success in his life to get at one of the most prestigious coaching jobs at the nation…

    The “experts” want to make everything about “coaching”…..for they lack all the other necessities and drive that truly separate those that get jobs at IU and those that blog and spew…That’s a reality that even the delusional Harvard can accept…..

    If Crean’s teams can win and get us into NCAA tournaments that’s all that mattered when he had his saviors and it’s all that should matter now….Now we want to dissect the floor? The Jeff Meyer witch hunt party is over and now you’re just the bore appearing the weirdo diving down from the cheap seats grabbing his chalk and his clipboard…

    I’m happy to see this undermining activity from East blowhards manifesting….Maybe Crean is finally doing something right….when suddenly their silence has decided to turn winning into wrong.

  14. Keep in mind that I said this team would ‘breeze” into the NCAA tournament and they will….That’s all fans require and it’s all that will be required of Crean to keep his job through any extension Glass sees fit to offer…

    Some dude named ‘t’ on this blog predicted a 15-16 record…That’s appearing to quite the laugh[er]…The expert blowhard from the Establishment that picks his “Bracketollogy” tournament teams…is obviously so drowning in stats and computer programs that he forgot the “psychology” and “Clappatology” (Crean’s disease…Lunardi suffers from the other form) that he’ll forever be clueless when he picked IU to be on the outside looking in.

    Matta is disgusting….Our fans were way too flat on Saturday.. Sad that nobody noticed. Students being away on break is no excuse. Thousands of students live within 45 minutes of the campus….The NC vs. Louisville game looked like the atmosphere that should have been at Assembly Hall…Maybe basketball doesn’t mean as much in this state as my delusions have taken over a truth. Maybe what we did to our h.s. tournament is finally coming home to the village tucked away in an obscure Southern Indiana place home of preachers and wannabees where once only the marvel of Knight could be credited for making passion out of warm Hoosier basketball hearts now turned to cold limestone…..How sad how cold and flat in storied McCracken….What an insult to the heritage of this great basketball state…What indifferent spit upon five banners some of the greatest teams I’ve ever had the joy of watching and cheering…

    Maybe we need the salesman…the fireworks ….the promoter….the man more gift of gab than chalkboard of X’s and O’s on limestone slab….Maybe Crean is the only hope based on how flat we’ve become and how Dakich gets on ESPN claiming Yogi won oodles of state championships…Really, Dan? And no mention of the multi-class system and the fact those championships were not against the toughest competition in the state? Scott Skiles, Dan… State championships post Skiles and Bailey are the selling of delusion(pretty much like many, including yourself, that believe they could ever qualify as an IU coach)…

  15. O.K…Done..You two can go back to your “coaching” sandbox.

    Go Broncos!!

  16. Wow! When I read these blogs, I can’t help wonder what faultfinding comments of Crean and the team would have been spewed forth if we hadn’t beat Ohio State, a #22 ranked team. I’m not an apologist for Crean. I believe Glass needs to make a serious evaluation of his status. But that needs to be done at the end of the season, not now. In the meantime, I can’t help wonder if the relentless dishing of Crean, and the team, isn’t counterproductive to recruitment and restoring IU’s program to greatness, even for the next coach should Crean be dismissed.

  17. actually as soon as I hit submit and then went back and read my comment I thought about Hartman.

    WaltD – I guess the question we all have to ask ourselves is this: Which is holding back IU from greatness more – Crean or fan complaints? I have reached the point where the answer is clear to me. I no longer believe our head coach can lead us to any heights greater than he’s already reached. Therefore, I believe the only path to greatness is without him. Thus, the longer he is at IU, the longer I have to wait for potential greatness. Henceforth, I complain until the tide of voices is so strong that the university has no choice but to replace Crean.

  18. I think 1992 nailed it with the following comment, “I think most of you on here just like to complain and your lives are so miserable that you can’t just accept a win as it is, a win.”

    WaltD, I share your thoughts and questions, but you’re not understanding the motivation for some of the people writing attacks against Crean. For some of them, no coach will ever be good enough for IU. The only way to avoid their criticism of these basketball aficionados is to win a National Championship…… every year. Nothing else will ever satisfy them or get them to stop their criticism. And of course, the coach that hangs another banner must win doing it the right away, with choir boys that never miss a class, never allow their GPA’s to drop below a 3.0, never take a sip of alcohol (or any other intoxicant), and who choose to play for IU until they exhaust their eligibility, regardless of how much money they can make playing in the NBA. The standards of these fans are so high that anything less than perfection will mean that they will be perpetually disappointed and miserable.

  19. Geoff, at one point or another we’ve all had reservations…yet, had to rethink them. Harvard is right (#15, #16)…maybe it’s time to back off, watch, see what develops with the expectation that is truly realistic” to watch the Hoosiers playing good basketball. All this noise and these unnecessarily personal attacks on Crean are not putting one single point on the Hoosier side of the score sheet. Tom Crean is the Hoosier Head Coach. Time to be a Hoosier fan and stand behind the Hoosier coach. Time enough to think about the body of work at the end of our season. Until then…unconditional behind our Hoosiers.

  20. Let’s take a look at Thad Matta. He took over an NCAA ineligible team. He has completed 10 seasons as head Coach of Ohio State. In his 9 NCAA eligible seasons he has been to the NCAA tournament 8 times including 2 final fours and one resulting in a runner up. The one NCAA eligible year he did not make the dance
    was following his runner up year in which
    his team was picked apart by the NCAA
    and still managed to win the NIT. His NIT
    year he was 24-13 and 10-8 in the Big Ten.
    Also he never missed the NCAA in his 4
    years at butler and Xavier.
    In Matta’s 10 complete seasons with the
    buckeyes he has won at least a share of
    the big ten 5 times (50%) and won the big
    ten tournament 4 times.

    So to everyone who feels Crean is doing a sufficient job at IU maybe you should take some time to look around and see what a real coach can do at a big time school.

  21. Tsao – I’ve been standing behind Crean for the last 6 years. Did exactly what you described you think I should be doing now. I’m not doing it anymore. I don’t see what I’m doing as a personal attach on Crean. I don’t think he’s a bad person. I just have higher expectations for our basketball team than what I believe he can accomplish.

  22. Matta had Mike Conley,& Greg Oden of Lawrence North(N? or Central? I think it was ‘North’)……Two bigtime Indiana kids that Matta took full advantage when IU was in turmoil…Those Indiana standouts put Matta on the early Final Four road @ OSU and kept him relevant…He later picked up the kid from Fort Wayne(Thomas?)who was also a one man wrecking crew ….Matta is nothing special…Stevens did far more at Butler.

  23. Michigan made their big run with McGary, Albrecht, and Robinson Jr…..MSU had the premier pg play of Gary Harris, and is now nothing without Dawson,..Without Indiana recruits, most of the surrounding BIG programs cherry picking out of Indiana would have coaches and programs no more relevant than Northwestern, PSU, etc….

    Crean will learn….Keep secure the borders and he’ll build the most success for his level ability.. It’s how the competition outside the borders have done the same.. Robbing Indiana(NC and Duke did the same with Zellers and Plumlees) is how many programs stay relevant during slow times or when coaches need solid players with heart and strong mind for the game.

  24. Gotta give Crean credit for landing Blackmon….Just a dynamite player…smooth as silk and joy to watch….That level of instinctive and natural talent garners a ton of national attention…He’s not a project…He’s now and he’s fun as hell to admire while putting on display his craftiness and array of skills in his Indiana repertoire… If Crean keeps landing that sorta local talent, he’ll retain my vote…But he’s got to recruit outside the church channel of his own doctrines….Keep bringing in the local talent…Just think of our inside game if he could have secured Lyles..? It’s not rocket science….Indiana is the most fertile basketball ground in the world….Crean got sidetracked with that dude that is now on the Louisville payroll…Kenny something?

    I’m just wondering if he’s loving favor with some of the East Establishment that think MSG and the Kenny guy was where it’s at….Glass is also misguided….Quit encouraging other programs just outside our borders to cherry pick the top Indiana kids by acting like the East is where it’s at….Crean will learn…Guys like Blackmon, and Gordon(EJ and younger brother), and Harris, Zack Irvin, and Dawson, and McGary, and Lyles, and Zellers, etc, etc, is where it’s at….

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