Mosquera-Perea out with knee injury #iubb

Indiana forward Hanner Mosquera-Perea is expected to miss at least the next two weeks with a knee injury.

A source close to the situation confirmed to the Herald-Times Tuesday morning that Mosquera-Perea dislocated his knee cap. The 6-foot-9 junior has started all 16 games to this point, averaging 7.4 points and five rebounds per game.

The injury opens a door for freshman Emmitt Holt to start in Mosquera-Perea’s place. The 6-foot-7 Holt has been on the verge of claiming a starting role during the last week after Mosquera-Perea’s struggles to stay out of foul trouble in the opening minutes of Indiana’s first three Big Ten games.

Holt is averaging 5.0 points and 3.3 rebounds in 12.3 minutes per game. He has appeared in 12 contests this season after missing the first four games due to a suspension.

“Emmitt has done a fantastic job of becoming a game player for us,” Crean said Monday on the Big Ten teleconference. “He’s not just a rotational player, he’s not just a situational player, he’s not just a spot filler. He’s a player, and that’s what you want to be. That’s the key thing. For him, it’s bringing a lot of effort on the glass, he’s got very good short space quickness and movement and mobility, and now in his awareness, especially with what’s going on behind him.

“When he can talk it out a little bit better and he has a little bit more of a comfort level, that’s the learning curve right now. Most young guys, and Emmitt’s no different, they’re trying to protect themselves in the sense of they don’t want to get scored upon and they want to make sure they’re in the right place and they’re not exactly confident yet of how to help somebody else be in the right place. So that becomes a part of it, but he’s getting better with hat all the time.”

Indiana hosts Penn State tonight at Assembly Hall at 7 p.m.


  1. not that I would be excited, but what is the status on March/April/May, the unseen other tall guy?

  2. I’ll bet the new Director of Player Development 1st assignment is to get HP’s compass bearing headed more towards N. Seltzer can do so in 2 weeks over a lot of film study to get in Hanner’s head. The main emphasis will be about the subtleties, awareness and aggressiveness during the 1st 5 minutes of a game.

  3. I wonder if he’ll recapture his place as a starter after he recovers? Holt could use this opportunity to prove he’s the better/more reliable player.

  4. High School kid down here in Lake County Fl, Taco Falls, who is currently 7’6″ and still growing. Headed to UCF. Oh well.

  5. I’ve written all along that Hanner Perea-Mosquera’s biggest issues playing in the highest levels of college basketball would be a comfort level with an instinctive level for the game caused by its absence from his life during his early years. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. especially his coaches. It’s reflective of why Latin American soccer players often refer to US soccer players as ‘tree trunks’, simply because U.S. players do not seem comfortable and often look unnatural with the ball at their feet. It’s not a derisive description (either way, in basketball or soccer, merely an observation about comfort. Uwe Blabb, for all of his success, never achieved a relaxed, natural, comfortable relationship with the basketball…and with an understanding, adaptable coach who could envision a finished product within Uwe’s personal potential, achieved great success. Uwe was never going to be Steve Downing, but he was ever to follow him in an adeq1uate manner.

    Like U.S. soccer players will eventually adapt, so will kids like HMP as they have more touches, thousands and hundreds of thousands of more touches to develop that sense of comfort. It was a mistake to not red-shirt HMP and allow for a slower adaptation of his body and brain to the game. If there are no limits to when a red-shirt is possible, perhaps HMP can benefit now…certainly Indiana would benefit from a more comfortable, more experienced HMP. Here’s a suggestion…that Coach Seltzer talk, a lot about basketball and comfort with HMP. Here’s another, in the same way Coach Crean expects 100,000 shots from players- something he boasts (and rightfully so) who want to excel at shooting; try 100,000 passes, ball-handling situations…make that 1,000,000…for HMP and see what you get. Right now it feels too much like his coaches are giving up on him and that will only harm HMP and the Hoosiers.

  6. If HMP has a knee injury; sit him on a chair, grab a manager, place both under Coach Seltzer and let him catch 500,000 different balls with varied speed, at varied heights, with different ‘english’ while sitting to rest that knee…

  7. JeffreyV, probably, but I really don’t know where HP stood with Crean before he got hurt. HP is a high-potential athlete, but he appeared to have been making a lot of mental mistakes of late. Crean’s reaction during the MSU game suggested that HP was rapidly approaching the entrance to Crean’s dog house. Maybe that was Crean’s way of trying to get HP to wake up. Kind of reminds me of another super-talented big man who was not meeting his coaches’ expectations (effort and focus) until he had a very unpleasant wake up call. That player was Landon Turner, and the coach was Bob Knight. In my opinion, LT was the most gifted athlete and basketball player who has ever played for IU. When he finally “woke up” and began playing to his potential, he was phenomenal and lead IU to a National Championship. The turnaround in LT’s level of performance during his Junior season was amazing and something to behold, but it took being threatened with losing his spot own the roster to finally wake him up.

  8. HP is no LT. Not even relevant. Turner
    grew up with Indy Tech Titan background with bb in his blood.

  9. To put Landon Turner’s name in the same paragraph with Hanner Perea is a crime of ignorance beyond anything ever written on this blog….To put Knight’s methods alongside Crean’s is of meteoric comic shake commonsense to its core…..Please, oh, please…get a basketball education…or go shout at your wife/wall/significant other brother of another mother and claim you’re Bobby Knight..

    Stick to haunting assistant football coaches for 9 months….The Crean comparisons of anything whatsoever that brought banners and greatness to the hardwood of this storied basketball program is criminal.

    Hanner is a fine young man that didn’t deserve to be in any dog house…Crean is simply seeking another excuse for not having any ability to entice a truly developed post player to put up with his incompetency at running offenses that utilize inside talent(it subsequently becomes known as “homesickness”).. Crean brought Hanner in as a very weak “Plan B” because absolutely no other post player(other than a ‘savior’ from Washington, IN that came based on shared personal ideologies and faith doctrines) would put up with his incompetence while failing in developing any sort of inside game with basic level of offensive capabilities outside his laughable slash-n-drive, guard-oriented, weaves of mystery..

    Holt is a far more natural talent…Thank God we get a few weeks of basketball without watching Crean sacrifice Holt’s development while making Hanner into his big excuse because other BIG schools with actual post players are having total ease inside.

  10. Christ…Did we forget when Crean was scrambling the globe in desperation and picking the brain of McClain’s thick connections in basketball dynasties in the land of Buffalo Bill Not-a-Cody in Wyoming to be Found…to bring us Mr. Entire Season in Gray Sweats….Mr Guy-Marc Michel? One can only wonder how many times Guy would have been sent to the Crean “doghouse”…Hell, Crean would have shouted at him in French and beat him over the kneecaps with a baguette….until he became Landon Turner at a Final Four….That’s what Crean does….He turns dog food post play into filet mignon….and Guy-Marc and Hanner into Hoosiers named Trey Lyles, Tolbert, Tuirner, Hammons, Downing, Benson….etc, etc..etc. Here Hanner….! Go fetch an excuse for the coaching genius….

  11. Unfortunately, Derek Elston never got a chance to play a good game of catch with this guy…..But for those that want to make absolutely criminal comparisons while playing catch…or chase…or excuse…or witch hunt or anything that could involve a few hours with a Peter Jurkin…aimlessly in tCrean’s office lurkin’….

    Did I mention Alan Henderson….? Did I mention Kirk Haston? In defense of CharaTom, I actually heard that Damon Bailey would play hours of paper airplane catch with Henderson. to improve his quickness to get low and shot-fake a piece of college-ruled from a spiral binder…..Moye would play nerf hoops rebounding drills with Kirk to soften his hands….

    Guy-Marc….Jurkin…Bawa…..Perea….You want dog houses? Noah Vonleh made statements that Crean was basically clueless at utilizing his skills…..Gone. Fischer got homesick.. Gone. Guy-Marc…Gone to a season of illegal recruitment and ineligibility.. Hanner likely turned to booze because all the pressure was only on his shoulders his to lose…Gone.. Is never about CharlaTom…He’ll turn dog food into filet if you just give Derek a few hours to put on a baseball mitt and turn dominant post player from a Crean pile of excuses and post players that can’t play worth (rhymes with mitt).

    Reality? They all knew there was no hope for Crean…And they likely thought it was an equal crime to see their minutes delegated to leapers with no real skills or awareness of the fundementals of inside play…Who could be that patient to see their future sold out to a plethora of guards and wings of Crean’s wizardry on a clueless merry-go-round offense?

    Without Cody Zeller, Crean wouldn’t be in a doghouse…He’d be coaching at Lipscomb. His ass was completely saved by the only decent post player he’s kept around for two years… In actuality, many called Cody more of a power forward than a legit post player with the savvy to play a version of what Hoosiers had long been accustomed to knowing what this state has produced past and current….The rest were complete projects that were an insult to the intelligence of Hoosier fans that know better and the excellence that can come to the game with balanced inside play…

  12. t, you missed the point entirely. I was not implying or suggesting that HP was LT. I was making the point….. Oh, never mind.

  13. Kind of reminds me of another super-talented big man: John Wayne.. It wasn’t until the movie “The Cowboys” that I watched Duke reach his full potential….His range on the range made me take something far beyond the stereotypical view of a man that brought far more than the presence his macho stride, imposing size, of a pigeonholed actor that turns unsophisticated movie-watchers into his personal “pilgrims” box office smash for mediocre flicks….But “The Duke” convinced me had had far more in his holster than one-liners and swagger…The man had heart and depth….I think the real Duke came through in The Cowboys…. He always had it, but I just never noticed….And in one of the final scenes of one of his last movies, his heart delivered to my heart …I always start crying when The Duke is finally John Wayne..When the father figure of all fathers a boy would dream is somehow a human being again….Wayne becomes Wil Anderson in an effortless moment in making a character part of his own eternal spirit of an underlying good…..Hanner is no different…He is still a boy looking for the guidance a “Duke” to lead him by example and show him that being a bad-ass is not about bullets and fists of redemption but of decency and integrity of heart….It’s too big of a load for most men to carry….John Wayne is that father flawed like all strong men and the hard life of bravado isn’t what it’s always thought so simple….The walls of a towering man come down as he unveils to the cowboys, his newly adopted children of a last cattle drive, the spiritual power in never killing where need not kill and loving instead…He shows them what was always hidden that allows a man to forever stand tall…It never matters how small or how troubled a fall…You can choose your path and we the integrity and decency pour out his last thoughts, a man struggling against the call of nature and choices….Wil Anderson now takes his last breath in the tall grass drinking out the life of his old body. His final heartfelt words draining like the blood out the bullet holes his back into the blue skies above the prairie to tell the boys how proud he is of all of them……John Wayne blew me away in that movie…Stripped me down to tears that only a master of his craft could be capable…But I think it’s more than that….The best seem to find their own spirit within the craft and I find myself moving to the memories of many wonderful times with my own father and some not so wonderful….where he was too proud. Don’t be too proud to tell those you love know just how proud you are of them….Nobody is so bad to not deserve something you can leave behind upon a longing heart so thirsty its ears to build kindness into the world

  14. Night before a big game….? I’d have my team come together and watch “The Cowboys.” No game film…No drowning then in needless tactical garbage they should already be plenty familiar(or unfamiliar)…No heaviness of the moment or the opponent….No video games…No shoot around. No separation and sent off early to hotel rooms…Rent out a conference room and get them together…sit together in silence where you may just find a momentary place defining why you are here….why you chose to be a basketball player…Is it the next level? Or is it something as broad as a the quiet prairie you have yet to let yourself discover?

    Let them find something in that old outdated John Wayne flick that can teach more in a room of silence than a 1000 locker room speeches and prayers….The power of what you can accomplish together…The power of finding your soul when you are the tiniest of man under an endless sky calling..Basketball isn’t about making it “your” moment….Let the moment define who you want to be through the power of the brotherhood in Hoosier candy stripes you have yet to truly challenge yourself to embrace and discover….Don’t be too proud your own glory to not seize the true eternal moment, in victory or defeat, of what that uniform has the power to become.

  15. Spoiler Alert! And another one of a most powerful scene…..One of my all-time movie favorites.

    Sorry to go off-topic….But if you look deeply into those eyes of Hanner a work in progress and often conflict, it’s about as on-topic as any struggle a difficult pathway can be. He needs what all need. A chance to feel someone is proud.

  16. If you have an interest Mr. Harvard the biography of John Wayne I read that was written by Scott Eyman is recognized as the most well written and most accurate of all books on his life. You will like him even better if you are the Wayne fan your comments suggest.

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