Purdue routs No. 22 Indiana 83-67 #iubb

WEST LAFAYETTE — Indiana found no resolutions for its ongoing problems Wednesday night at Purdue, leaving a matchup of extreme opposites with little more than extreme disappointment.

To answer for the Boilermakers’ exaggerated size and physicality, the Hoosiers hoped to out-shoot their in-state rivals and out-run them end-to-end.

That was not to be in an 83-67 loss that was as lopsided as the score indicates, a game where No. 22 Indiana had little to offer on either end of the floor. Purdue scored 46 of its points in the paint, while shooting 72 percent on its two-pointers. A.J. Hammons, one of the two Purdue 7-foot towers, finished with eight blocks, while Rapheal Davis scored a team-high 19 points for the Boilers, who secured back-to-back wins over ranked teams.

Indiana slogged through an awful shooting night, finishing at a mere 38 percent (25-for-66) from the field and 21 percent (4-of-19) from 3-point range. Some of those shots were clearly open for the Hoosiers, who received a game-high 21 points from Yogi Ferrell and 13 from James Blackmon Jr.

The last nine games of this series have been won by double digits, with an average margin of 19 points for the victor. Purdue has won two in a row over IU.

The Hoosiers return to Assembly Hall on Saturday at 3:15 to host Rutgers.

Indiana was already due for a test in this game, but its inability to hit outside shots made sure that Purdue didn’t have to adjust for the Hoosiers’ smaller construction.

The tone seemed set when Indiana went three minutes and three attempts before scoring its first points of the night when James Blackmon Jr. and Troy Williams scored back-to-back to get IU within 5-4. From there, Purdue went on a 12-2 run that saw the Hoosiers go scoreless for five minutes as the Boilermakers disrupted and prevented Indiana from gaining entry inside.

Mired in a valley of inconsistency all year, Stan Robinson was the only IU player to show any consistency early. Robinson came off the bench to score four points and record two assists.

After Purdue stretched its advantage to 20-8 midway through the half, the Boilers held a double-digit lead for much of the remaining 10 minutes before halftime. Indiana cut its deficit to eight points on four occasions, but never inched any closer. Bryson Scott’s buzzer-beating layup at the half gave Purdue a 38-27 lead.

Purdue opened the second half on a 8-0 run and built its lead to as many as 19. The Hoosiers chipped back on a takeover effort from Yogi Ferrell, who at point point midway through the second period, scored five of six baskets in a row for the Hoosiers. Indiana got within 10 points on a steal and a dunk by Williams, but the Hoosiers never cut it to single digits from there.

Indiana briefly tried to go zone in the first half before trying a 1-3-1 approach to start the second period. The 1-3-1 didn’t result in a drastic change, but it was at least different.

And Indiana needed a lot to go different on Wednesday.

Despite suffering an unclarified knee injury in Sunday’s game at Ohio State, freshman guard Robert Johnson started for Indiana. Johnson wore the same black brace that he used on his left knee for the second half against the Buckeyes, and finished with nine points in 26 minutes.

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  1. Man, anyone listening to the post game on the radio? Crean just snapped at Don Fischer.


    Don: “Tom Crean here with us…”

    TC: “Yeah, I’ve been standin’ here for 3 minutes.”

    Don: “Sorry about that coach.”

    After a few questions, TC admitted “I’m in a pretty bad mood, so that’s all I’m gonna say.”

    Fisch just kinda chuckled while saying, “Well, that’s the post-game with Coach Tom Crean…”

  2. Yup – Duke lost, but they were in the game. IU was never in the game vs Purdue – back on their heels all night. It’s one thing to lose, but when you aren’t even in the game against a team like Purdue – or Ohio State for that matter – something is wrong at Indiana.

  3. No shame in losing to OSU on the road, but shameful to play so poorly against very average PU. Players and coaches alike should have to walk back to Bloomington.

  4. Man, just once I’d like to see TC lose his mind and go ham on the refs. Don’t be pissed after the game. Get pissed during the game. Show your team and its fans that you have their backs. Today was the perfect opportunity to ignite your flat team when they’re being dominated by the other team and the refs.

    Pitiful performance all around.

  5. Punjab,

    I agree. When your team just comes out flat and doesn’t have an ounce of life in them, it is time to channel your inner Gene Hackman…..maybe combine it with channeling your inner Samuel Jackson, too.

  6. I’m certainly a well documented Crean, Ziesloft and Stan detractor. And I despise Purdue. I went into tonight thinking this was a team we should beat by 8-10 points, or at least 1.

    Tonight Purdue was very prepared and they executed flawlessly on both ends, with the exception of guarding Yogi, who burned them all night. Yogi had the heart of a champion tonight and he went down swinging, almost literally. Ziesloft had the req’d. passion for this game, despite a severe lack of talent. At least Crean is pissed off; it is at least a sign that he cares and that the pressure is getting to him, yet again. My guess is that he apologizes to Don Fischer if he hasn’t already. Listen up Tom, if you can’t respect one of the best, most dedicated, and revered broadcasters ever in college basketball, you are in over your head. Clearly.

    I thought Holt played decently and he should played more minutes. He was a factor annoying their giants.

    So let’s dissect this mess….4 of 19 from 3. If we hit 3 more we lose by 7, 4 more & we lose by 3. That’s 8-19 or 42%. We still lose. Fact is they shot 72% inside the arc. Our defensive effort, intensity and physicality was non-existent. It was inferior. Forget about the refs in this one folks, it was us! We don’t have those skills because we’re not built that way. The refs let ’em play, and we’ll lose every game like that.

    Looking ahead, we can’t do any better than 2-2 over the next 4, losing at Wisc. & at Maryland. We’ll beat Mich. & Rutgers. Then I see a very, very favorable final 6 games, all “should wins”, with 4 of the 6 at home. If we hiccup there, we go at least 5-1 & end the league play at 12-6. Wow! 12 Big 10 wins with this squad is an accomplishment! That gets us in the big dance in Mar. with 20+ wins and < 10 losses.

    We only have to endure this for 3 weeks. Then we'll dismantle these bastards on Feb 19th & they'll have to live with it for 46 weeks. That seems fair.

  7. Simply the poorest referreed game of the season. I have no idea whether or not we could have won that game based on effort or preparedness. The refs just kept us from being relevant in the game at any point. Hammonds spent roughly 24 of every 35 seconds on offense in the paint with only 1 3-second call all night. Haas was allowed to elbow and displace defenders at will in the first half. Nick Z fouled out without committing a single foul… the icing on the cake being his 5th foul where the only contact was the Purdue player’s elbow on Z’s chin. Ticky tack crap on one end and flagrant missed calls on the other. Just awful. Oh well. I knew this would be a difficult game because of the HUGE size discrepency, but I’d just wish we’d have had a level playing field to see if we could overcome it.

    On another note I had a game tonight where I played against an ex-IU coach who was there the last 4 years. I befriended him and he introduced me to his fiance who’s father owns Mother Bears… hoping to get a few Scoops I might be able to share as well as a free pizza next time I’m in town.

  8. Life no the road is tough in the B1G.
    If we can we three or four road games this year we will be way ahead of the curve. If we can win out or only lose once at home we will be in good shape. Sure, it would be nice to be Wisconsin this year and have seniors and solid players at every height level. But that is not us THIS year. (You do realize we WON the B1G outright two years ago for the first time in 20 years?). If we finish top 5 in B1G and make NCAA we are a legitimate threat to win multiple games.

    And, if we return everyone next year, plus add DD and recruits, we are a legitimate top 9-15 team in the country preseason.

    Or we might lose to Rutgers and at home to Northwestern. If that happens, forget everything I said. If that doesnt happen, look out.

  9. Spanky, to your point this has been a bit of a bonus year relative to expectations. Not conceding this season. Quite the contrary. But similar to 2011, we weren’t expected to to be much more than an above average team. Hopefully a trip to the dance, and mmmmmmaybe a win or two. I think we all believed that if all the pieces came together at the right time, we could do something special. And we still can. But it was and remains a long shot unless we rekindle consistency.

    This might send Harv into apoplectic overdrive, but we have a few guys with NBA potential. (Not that I give a hoot about the NBA…) Right now, it doesn’t look like we have any slam dunk first rounders, let alone lottery picks. A phenomenal run in March can change all that. But assuming the key players stay, we’re a year away (again) from being considered elite.

    We have some studs. And we show flashes of being able to play together as a top flight team. Sure, the banshees will surface whenever it suits them, but the future is bright. I just hope we don’t have to pin our hopes on tomorrow. (Fellow Cubs fans get it.. ) There’s still plenty of time to make this season special.

  10. Punjab – I love ya man, but phenomenal, amazing, deep, incredible, fantastic, tantalizing, fortuitous March runs have about a 1% effect on NBA draft status…

  11. Is it ever going to be anything but “next year” with Tom Crean…? We’re not even 1/2 through the season and it’s already talk of next year….Think there was talk of “next year” on Scoop when Vonleh was a freshman and Fischer was going to be here to join him? If guys can leave for the NBA, they leave…Then they play for the Mad Ants…Some guys transfer because a supposed higher level of talent is coming in and somehow the numbers worked out….Fischer, Remy, Hollowell, Etherington….Would the results this season be much different if we’d have Remy instead of Stan…Hollowell instead of Hoetzel..? Davis without the car wreck instead of Perea with the DWI and gaining his new locker room perspectives to watch a big game?

    I never saw so much energy expelled by a team for such little results…You almost feel sorry for our guys…They simply run their guts out in every offensive possession….From my perspective(admittedly, my experience as a coach is zilch…Far more the self-proclaimed experts on here in that department), it looks even far more bizarre than anything I’ve seen the last six years….It looks like organized chaos…It looks like that scrambler ride that is at the county fair…zigzag…back and forth …zigzag..back and forth….zip this way…zap that way…drive it and hope it ain’t blocked… Purdue(again, just my perspective) looked even more the fools for chasing us around more than they needed to… Smart teams and smartly coached teams will start to realize that our efforts are more a mirage of a purpose than anything that is a real threat to put a ball through a basket….When the outside shot is off, we go into that crazy crap where nearly every Hoosier that touches the ball is acting like it’s a hot potato….Fourth guy with the hot potato must take it to the rim and force it up with about a 10% chance of success. When it all starts to spin too quickly on itself, then it becomes the Yogi show….

    I truly feel bad for this team…They have talent…They put forth tons of effort…They appear to sprint 10 miles in the course a 2-hour game….It’s not that they’re not giving it their complete effort….It simply appears from my vantage point that they don’t possess anything approaching a strategy….They have no idea how to optimize their individual strengths and they have no idea their collective purpose…It’s just a mad scramble to the finish line….I get exhausted just watching the poor souls do so much for such little return on investment…

    If it has nothing to do with Tom Crean, that makes me even more sad…You want a coach that can make all that use of energy and heart have some sort of occasional trick up the sleeve…Nobody looks fooled when they defend us….Some stupid teams like Purdue chase us around a bit too much.. There’s rarely a back-cut …rarely screens around the paint to pull the center into a switch he may not have the speed to react…It’s just scramble…scramble…scramble….

    I’m still hopeful…because we do have shooters…But if the offense is based on such furious running and weaving, don’t shooters get tired legs? Don’t excessively tired legs make for tired jump shots? If so much energy is required when running whatever that stuff is when we have the ball, how much is left when we have to defend the ball? I don’t care how supremely in shape and athletic this team is built….What they must do to put points in the column is almost cruel and unusual punishment….A pinball in a pinball machine gets fewer bumps and bells and slaps and caroms than Yogi in one set….

  12. Missing in action for IU: 1 = 5 star or high 4 star 6’10” to 7′ big man and 1 = 5 star or high 4 star 6’8″ forward plus competent job of coaching team with these 2 players added to team. It is what it is.

  13. An absolutely pathetic effort. Especially by our millionaire coach. It baffles me that if we are getting torched in the paint by 7 footers, why didnt Crean put our 7 footer in? Why did he not put April in? It was obvious we couldnt do anything to stop their big men. What did we have to lose? And one more thought, why doesn’t Crean teach defense? We haven’t gotten any better on defense all season. But hey, why should we learn defense when we can just keep throwing up threes all night.

  14. This bus trip is always a challenge but when you can’t connect from outside and the refs confuse their black uniforms as home team dress it creates a turbulent head wind. I thought we got to the line about half of what we earned. Hammons is always an absolute beast when blocking shots against smaller players but he always cowers to quality post men. The environment for the PUkes will be different come Feb. at AH. Damn, 4-19 was that correct?

  15. HHH
    The hyperactive activity is the Crean offensive philosophy. It works well for a game or two until opposing coaches figure it out. It has been said that teams take on the personality of the coach. This team is the perfect example.

  16. It really hurts to say this but they killed us in every possible way! The worst game as a team and it had to be Purdue ! With the exception of Yogi and Robert Johnson . All that was missing was a clown car ! The worst ball handling , zero defense , and shooting . We made their two bigs and the kid who had not played in 6 games all Big Ten and they are average players at best! Turnover machines Nick, Williams. and Blackmon are killing us . Why in the hell would you continue to take the inside to their bigs and get swatted every time? What happened to spread the floor and make the extra pass? Better yet where was the coaching ?No plan just run up and down in front of the bench and clap. Coach of the year? Maybe in D2 ! I do not see the possibility of making the tournament at this point. Truthfully I did not expect to win that game at Purdue but I also did not expect to get hammered either. CTC as usual goes into panic mode and never calls a time out quick enough to change things up. Why not play April ? He recruited him! The officiating was horrible but that’s life on the road ! The players seem lost and that reflects in their play and the coaching is suspect at best. I will admit during the last two wins I actually thought CTC might have turned the corner and had something going on. Not so much ! Purdue wanted it had to have it and took it while we watched . Our kids were beat from the time Williams feel down at the Tip. I hate it but you have to respect Purdue’s fire ! A very humbling experience.

  17. a total beat-down in the hell-hole of mackey arena.

    Bring on Rutgers! Let’s show them what Assembly Hall is (just like Maryland learned recently!!)

  18. All criticism towards CTC is fair and valid. I assume he’ll continue to get what he deserves and the paycheck he doesn’t. I think my frustration is like most – that being the lack of improvement in many areas. In particular – our normal defensive effort which is nothing more than praying the opponent misses open shots. And that proves fairly difficult when 2/3’s of the shots taken are at the rim.

    Many believe our sad defense is due to being so undersized in the post. That certainly does not help matters – but our issues on defense begin and end on the perimeter. We do not have guards that play defense – we have matadors and traffic cops waving drivers right into the lane and right to the front of the rim. I feel sorry for and IU post defenders. We need a Ewing – Motumbo or Anthony Davis to park in front of the rim to be remotely close to an average defense. Our post players are not as terrible defensively as some people think.

    We have gotten labeled as too short and unable to defend the other teams bigs – etc.. We do get crushed in the paint giving up points – but 70-75% of that is the opponents guards driving and scoring – not the opponents post players.

    Last night – Hammons did dominate with his 8 blocks. But other than those blocks – lets think about how IU got dominated. Hammons and Haas COMBINED for 15 points and 3 rebounds total. Would we take that as IU fans? I think so. Our 4 forwards grabbed 16 rebounds in the game. PU’s 2 centers and 3 forwards grabbed 12 rebounds. Frankly – considering IU missed twice as often when shooting as PU did those numbers are better than what you would expect.

    Go back to the Louisville game. Harrell got 21 points in the game for UL but all the rest of UL’s post players had 9 points. So – UL gets 30 points out of there much bigger post players. IU got 27 points from HMP – TW – EH and MH. Minus 3 points from the post players in a blowout loss. Too bad UL’s 3 starting guards dropped a season best 64 points ( getting to be much like a normal IU football stat where the opponents regularly set records every game ) to our 3 starting guards 36 combined points ( minus 28 ).

    My point is – although undersized – our defensive problems begin and end with a lack of understanding the basics of defense. We rarely help and when we do there is no understanding of secondary help or rotation. Forget about help and recovery. This is a coaching issue and a glaring one.

    Our limited post players ( in size and depth ) are not as bad as people think – but our star guards are much worse defensively than people think. There is enough athletic ability on this team to be so much better than they are – but that takes coaching. Our offense would roll – if we made some improvement of the defensive side of the ball. But – I know full well what teaching will be done and what adjustments will be recognized by this staff. We’ll still be fine and I still think we’ll win 24 games or more. But I doubt we’ll make any coaching strides to improve our game and be as dangerous as we should be come tournament time.

    As fans – we are relegated to hoping the other teams shoot the ball poorly and we shoot the ball very well. With others teams – there are a hundred ways to win games. With a CTC team – there is only one way. Unfortunately.

  19. did i read that right? did someone here just say that if we beat rutgers and northwestern at home, then look out? how the mighty have fallen.

    so purdue comes out denying our famous dribble hand-off on the wings 25 feet from the basket. wow. that play has been so effective for us, what with putting all that pressure on the opponents defense and leading to countless easy baskets. a simple back cut works wonders against ball denial 25 feet from the hoop. i counted one back cut last night and that was yogi. yogi had to because zeisloft forced the issue with a leading bounce pass.

    blackmon’s slump is due to him rotating his shoulders too much on his shot. and max has to realize he is no longer in the 7th grade and stop shooting from his chin. i mean, wtf max?!? max can be defended by a guard just because of that whereas a high release would have him dragging a big defender away from the basket. you know, thus allowing our simple-minded dribble drive offense to be more effective.

    well, here’s to beating rutgers and northwestern and returning to elite status

    Your question about April is a good one. We all know he his no Noah Vonleh, but how long is it going to take to at least turn him into a decent rim protector ? It became clear with about seven minutes to go that Indiana was not going to win this game. Why not put April in the game and let him get some experience ? If he is that much of a project why bring him here in the first place?

  21. Seneca your comments on defense is spot on; the problem with defense is CREAN hasn’t taught defense in the last 2 years. The chaos that has ensued on the court is starting to morph into what we saw last year. Leaderless combobulation of personalities on a gym floor that appeared to need introducing themselves to each other as they come out the tunnel. That old adage “offense wins games;defense wins championships” appears to be something that CTC has never heard OR has just dismissed its validity when developing his coaching style. HHH and Punjab well written opinions,analysis, and talking points to make us all think. 1 final thought for everyone……..is kit possible that Devin Davis never dresses for basketball again? seems to be ALOT going on behind the scenes medically for “just a concussion”. Still in rehab at this point (even if its outpatient) says a lot more about the severity and lasting effects of his closed head trauma.

  22. TJ, did you even read the responses Jeremy and I gave to your question about Devin Davis the first time you asked?

  23. Missing in action for IU: 1 = 5 or 1 = high 4 star center and 1 = 5 or 1 high 4 star forward to go with rest of team minus 2 weakest players on team plus ability of coach to coach them. Otherwise, IU competes with Northwestern, Penn State, etc for middle to bottom half of big ten to become champions of bottom half of big ten annually. Problems are not because players do not understand system or are not trying hard and making an effort. Often IU has to work overwhelmingly hard to score and gets punished on defense because IU lacks talented physical especially, inside players. Forget about ref calls or no calls. IU is not physical enough to adjust. Of course then, you can not ignore the coaching or preparedness of team aspect because 2 top NBA picks whether ready or not only got to sweet 16 and is that where IU has peaked in current system? If that is the case then IU has to recruit 5 NBA lottery picks to get to final 4.

  24. Here’s why I don’t respect Purdue’s “fire” and why I’ll never respect it.

    a. the screaming lunatic female on the radio broadcast that always places herself three rows behind Don Fischer. She screams more than 7 bimbos in a B-rate chainsaw massacre horror movie for any foul call…absolutely any foul call against a Boiler. Proving Purdue can never grow you a brain or the challenge of a discretionary eye, but can grow you an extra narcissistic lung when candy stripes come to town.
    b. the hairdo of any head coach’s wife always looking like it was in the wig closet of an Apollo 13 movie.
    c. unlike Assembly Hall, it’s only Indiana that turns on Mackey’s “fire.” A victory against the Hoosiers serves as fireman’s hose for future opponents ….Hardly a smoldering piece of Kingsford left in the boiler once our bus heads back to the House of Five Banners…The flames are all used up on envy of a storied history in Bloomington they shall never compare.
    d. Ugly genes in Wrangler jeans. I’m not sure how the scientific proof indicating an evolution of a species does require, not just a degree growing corn, but a certain amount of exterior beauty. I saw a couple male birds in bright gold feathers in the stands, but it didn’t change the ugly…The natural beauty in at least one sex to lure a mate in competitive conditions of survival and environmental uncertainties is absent this rare land of no need for pretty….Yoga pants may be how the species survived… .Of course, maybe ugly is “pretty” in the eye of the beholder a fellow boiler pot of evolution confined in this Galapagos Islands of a Walmart check-out lane….But without yoga pants, to wander outside West Lafayette would surely endanger the species..
    e. The eternal cultural shock of a Keady comb-over….If there was any evidence that two sticks were rubbed together to start a basketball “fire” in the West Lafayette Islands, then why would this horribly unbecoming stainmaster carpet remnant not have been thrown in it….? .How did this happen for so many thousands of years of TV basketball? How was it allowed? What was being hidden under the remnant? It certainly wasn’t matches to start a fire…That sucker should have been burned…And why is it now being preserved in a John Wooden tomb just outside a pyramid in Martinsville…? Did this carpet remnant serve as some form of sacrifice to the God of Stolen Beauty once it was clear the Wizard of Westwood would never return? Is it a wonder they play great defense in West Lafayette? How could the remnant ever go on the offensive? I’ve seen better looking rugs at the end of a leash…. Cut down the nets? Could the absence of banners be rooted in Purdue’s greatest nightmare Keady climbing a ladder and snagging the blender cover on the naked metal hook of a rim? Now we now the answer to the “fire” behind the scream always drowning out Don Fischer….Maybe we should respect the nightmare of such fears motivating a Boiler to play on while always leaving the ladders to Hoosiers…

  25. oops..(next to last sentence)

    Now we [know] the answer to the “fire” behind the scream always drowning out Don Fischer


  26. I think IU is an average middle of the pack type team that can play very well when they are hitting 3’s that open it up inside and can overcome poor defense. When we shoot poorly or are well defended the defensive issues become huge as was the case in our three worst losses point wise. We are neither real bad or real good and these kind of games are going to happen that type of team. We can all pound on Mr. Crean but he is not going anywhere and will continue to be the IU coach for this year and next for sure.

    Mr. Double Down’s reference to the interview about Mr. Crean dissing Don Fisher last night did not set well with me as a long time admirer of Mr. Fisher. I did not hear the broadcast but Don Fisher has the earned the respect of everyone in his profession and the state of Indiana. I know it was a heat of the moment response, but moment or not I do not believe the present coach at IU is even close to earning a right to spout off to this gentleman. Coach Wilson has had a whole lot of bad football afternoons at IU but is always even keel with after game interviews with Don. I don’t want to beat it into the ground but I have a view that sometimes small things like this reveal another side of people not always seen.

  27. Double Down I never saw either response, hence the redundant question. I try and look to the side where responses are listed. I’m sorry for asking it again because here is only place I can get news of how he is progressing

  28. Forget about ref calls or no calls. IU is not physical enough to adjust

    Gotta give ‘t’ credit…He/she sees beyond the emotions of the game and the few calls(especially early) that didn’t go our way. Even when we had the bodies(Sweet 16 years) to be “physical enough,” it was only on rare occasion we imparted it upon an opponent. Perea often plays with the angry face, but it’s never with a presence a “don’t invade my space” relentless mean game. We get pushed around and we have nothing on the bench that can bring in some form of backbone an “enforcer.” We have fight, but it’s not the sort of confidence found in wide shoulders with resolve….We go down(most often down the lane out of control) pulling hair and kicking…..until the very end. But, as pointed out by Bardo, Yogi does have some fabulous “guns.” And instead of being a whining bitch in a postgame press conference, maybe Crean should try a little bit of throwing his chest out in a referee’s face when he feels our softness is being taken to an even greater degree of insult by way of unfair whistles…Does Crean have an 11th Commandment’? Thou shall not get a technical? When was the last one? Can anyone remember..? How can a man stay so under control while in the heat of a game, but then lose it when chasing Jeff Meyer? Does he believe controlling emotions during the game sells more credibility that he knows what he’s doing in terms of managing the X’s and O’s of the moment? Crean is careful when he could use a bit of carefree…He’s a loose cannon or a whiny bitch when it should have long exited his boiling blood….Nothing speaks of competence or true ability to be in tune with the moment….Constantly out of step..Always outside the rhythm of pulling strings of a game when they’re begging to be pulled….The maturity of his team is a reflection his own soft and reactive(rather than proactive) behavior…

  29. because i was a little drinky with tequila last night i don’t remember all the players involved but there was a sequence when it was important for “coach” to show the team he had their back. first an iu player was hammered with no call on offense, then in transition a purdue player lowered his shoulder and planted it in yogi’s chest along with a forearm and sent yogi sprawling on his back. again, an unbelievable no call. yogi got up and looked around and his expression was like he was alone out there.

    this is precisely the time for the head coach to go insane. yet there is crean, meek as ever, turning the other cheek. there are times when your team looks for you to show them you will take the heat for them, to prove to them that you will not allow them to get pushed around, to prove you are going to fight for them. your team will love you for that. if you aren’t really the kind of guy who gets angry about these things, then by god, you better be a pretty good actor and play the part. this was that time for crean and he failed his team miserably

  30. Kudos to those above who commented about the poor IU guard defense. It is one thing to have no size. I would say that size weakness is neutralized by our speed. For example, had we run up and down with purpose last night, both Haas and Hammonds would have worn down. Just saying. But those two didn’t kill us at all! And we would’ve taken 15 & 3 from those two before the night began!

    The problem is no resistance to guard penetration, interior passes and simple ball-you-man defense. Ewing, Jabbar, Olajuwan, Russell, Parrish….those guys would foul out on this team. Oh and shall I remind everyone, we had Vonleh & Fischer & still had points in the paint issues.

    Offense begins with defense. And we don’t have any defense. Never have all season. We were quite effective when we did run off of steals and rebounds.

    The point is that our 10 guards cannot play defense. Particularly Blackmon, Ziesloft and Robinson. Back the DVR up to the last 1H possession with 4.4 sec to play. Purdue guard grabs the inbound pass, runs as fast as he can at Stan, dusts him around the FT line & nails an 8 ft. jumper with Stan matadoring him from behind toward the bench corner. It was pathetic. When Blackmon isn’t on fire, he is a complete liability. Crean tried to hide him by playing the 1 in the late 1-3-1 zone “adjustment”. He should’ve benched him the entire 2H.

    Here goes….
    Blackmon needs to sit. His + – must be awful because he gives up more than he scores, when he does score.
    Stan scored twice and had good position, but he can’t defend the ball. Watch the DVR.
    April should have played, if not to give up a few fouls.

    We play zone because it is a crutch for lousy perimeter defense. In a zone, nobody is accountable. Except the coach.

  31. Still, barring a complete implosion, we’ll be 11-7 & 4th or 5th in Big 10. Perhaps 12-6. That doesn’t translate to making an expensive coaching change. But all true fans are restless and tired of the “Clowncar”.

    Mediocre is what we have become at IU. We can beat anyone at home, beat the doormats in the bottom half on the road, and that’s what we settle for now. Our passion here is just therapy for the disappointment.

  32. Do any of us truly believe Knight wasn’t offering up some acting in the anger his preemptive strikes when acquiring some of his technical fouls?

    Dear Tom….Think of the positives of getting thrown from a game…a) You earn your man card by having the back of your team…b) We may have a better shot at winning the game when McClain and the rest of the assistants takes over.

    It will not damage your credibility as a superb X’s and O’s coach….We will all know that any subsequent loss will be because the refs screwed us and you weren’t there to fix it…We will all know that any subsequent win after your ejection will be the result of the “fires” of emotion you injected into your team that resulted in waking them up…..On such rare occasions you break your 11th Commandment, it’s still going to be a win-win for Tom Crean even if we lose. What’s to fear? What’s to fear leaving that bench?

    Has anyone else noticed that the assistant coaches aren’t being allowed to take control of any timeout huddles during the last two losses? Those that were noticing should have kept their damn traps shut….Evidence that this inconsequential blog stuff does defy gravity and trickle up….

  33. coachv’s last paragraph in #31 was perfect in identifying how the basics of the coaching profession rest in handling moments like last night….Crean simply doesn’t possess the goods in their most stripped down essentials while in the heat of battle …..It’s rather perplexing…Such a master of the podium..Such a master at building the novel of villains that burned the village…Such a great storyteller while he constantly uses himself for the lead role outside the hardwood(Twitter, functions, podiums, etc)….Sadly, it appears that the only time Crean can’t “act”(even if it means getting a godawful technical to show his team he has their back) is during the crushing pressures of attempting to coach….It’s really very sad to watch a man so internally contorted.

  34. Funny…I’ve heard for years that best time for making a coaching change is before all the crap settles to the bottom…

    We have some solid talent that will return next season…We have some shooters . Do we believe any of our current players would actually transfer if we made a coaching change? Outside of Ambi-Stan, I don’t see a reason any player wouldn’t come back under a change in leadership….I realize it’s a fantasy to believe such measures would ever be taken after such resounding bounce-back success of an invite on Selection Sunday….

    But if you want to save this basketball program from the bottom to surely come again, then I bite the bullet(eat the remaining millions on a coach’s contract extensions…Maybe that mall developer that wants her father’s name on a scoreboard can buy out all remaining obligations on a coaching contract f simply change the name to Simon Hall..?),,,,

    The best time for change is without the torches in the streets chasing a monster…The best time to reload is when the other gunslingers competing for recruits can’t sell you as a place the bottom has fell out.
    Once the bridge to change is gone, it will be the “wait” that broke the bridge more than the “weight” of the problem.

  35. I like IDS. It’s free and the kids write what they want. They are not afraid of losing their job (like some, here). From the column by Alden Woods:

    In Purdue’s post-game press conference, guard Bryson Scott couldn’t stop smiling. He was asked why Wednesday’s win mattered so much to him.

    He paused. Then he cracked a smile.

    “‘It’s Indiana,” he said.

    Everybody’s laughing at us and now they’re even rubbing it in with quotes taken straight from the preacher.

  36. ^^^Congrats for getting through your censorship wall….IDS sucks…You know why they suck? They hated competition with their readers….They hated to be challenged…They were once the greatest Crean apologists…Engel was a joke and couldn’t stand the interactive Basketblog that challenged his “my way or highway” protection of the status quo in his limited range of open-minded debate….He was the same villain chaser as Tom Crean and offered nothing of hones perspective and balance….It’s those type of views that motivated their shutting down of Basketblog…And now they want to pipe the sewage back in a new direction…? Yippee…IDS is never a challenge to Scoop….They killed that long ago by not tolerating a voice of dissent…That’s why they killed their blog and went to Hoosier Hype….And that’s why Hoosier Hype died a fast death….

    Jeremy and Mike…(and Dustin…and Korman) may not agree with our opinions, but they give us an opportunity to voice them. Far more the freedoms here to allow us some editorial from readers….than to purposefully kill an interactive forum(what IDS purposefully achieved by eliminating Basketblog) and hoard all opinions to paint with only their brush the changing winds.


  37. Exactly….The “kids” write what they “want.’ And the kids our cool…And the kids never want to be challenged in interactive forums that gain more popularity than the kids themselves…I wish that I could be heard and be like the cool kids….like the cool IDS kids.. …

  38. Interesting research, take a look at Marquette’s final four season (02-03). They had three 6-10 guys averaging double-digits along with Dwayne Wade that season. Before and after that season, none of their bigs made much of any contribution over the season. Their leading scorers and rebounders were guards in every season except that final four team.

    Sound familiar?

    IU’s runs into the tournament with Crean; a 6-11 big that averages double figures in points and rebounds. My summary, however simplified it may be, is that IU will never be competitive with Coach Crean’s offense unless we have bigs that can play right away and require little to no growth. The question being why can’t we recruit the 4 and 5 star bigs (6-10 and over).

  39. Because, outside the “everything hinges” chosen one that shared his glowing cross requirements on the job application, no other big wants to play for a coach that doesn’t have the X’s and O’s knowledge to make any use of their talent amongst his dark horse phenoms, projects, and bucket of chicken wings….

    He’s more the preacher than at Marquette…He filters his job application in faith requirements in line with his doctrines more at Bloomington than when he had to make a coaching name for himself at a Jeusit institution.. His recruiting is less broad and his squareness is saturated and limiting beyond anything he had to be tolerant while building his name….Our tradition allowed hm such narrow abuse….At Marquette he had to put the nonsense aside and simply build to win. Any other questions?

  40. You honestly think it was coaching or banners that brought Zeller to IU? You honestly think it was Dan Dakich’s friendly relationship with Cody’s family?

    What brought the one quality “everything hinges”…big that opened the “floodgates” for Yogi, the “We’re Back! slogans, the “Hoosier Rising” videos promoted right here on your very own Hoosiers Scoop, the hope for banners soon to come, the buddies of Etherington, Hanner, and all Adams’ AAU crew coming to IU and saving Crean’s big fat hide….? What brought your 5-star big that graced the covers of every sporting magazine and catapulted us to a preseason #1 ranking? ….What brought Zeller to Tom Crean and allowed all those extensions and the millions to stay longer..?

    The answer was always the first imageyou’d see when you opened Cody’s original Twitter page while he played at IU….Is that really such a big secret….Now that Cody has moved on to “bigger” and better things, that image has long disappeared….


  41. TJ, re: Devin Davis discussion, here is what Jeremy and I wrote to you in that thread:


    Double Down#4

    Tuesday, January 27, 2015 – 3:30 PM EST


    Due to HIPAA, there hasn’t been any specifics given as to exactly what happened to Devin (and we’ll never know), but we know for certain that it wasn’t a concussion. Devin had some kind of serious, traumatic brain injury. One that might have killed him. We know this because of the gravity and tone of the way people spoke about him at the time of his injury.

    One of my good friends growing up was hit by a car and suffered a major brain injury. Although he was fine in terms of learning and cognitive skills, for the the rest of his life he had to take major precautions not to do anything that might cause a concussion. Even a slight concussion might kill him.

    If Devin plays basketball again competitively, he’s really, really lucky.

    Jeremy Price#5

    Tuesday, January 27, 2015 – 3:57 PM EST

    I would second what Double Down said. It’s only been recently that Devin has been able to sit on the bench again, and he’s able to do some basketball drills, as his dad posted on Instagram at Christmas. That’s progress and indicates at least a little less fear of a concussion by any casual means. But Tom Crean has also said Devin’s still not able to fully practice yet, so I would guess there’s still a long way to go to full recovery.

  42. Perea is not good enough to start and Hartman is a role player that should provide a spark off the bench. Those are our “Bigs”. So where does that leave IU? It leaves them in a position where on the days they shoot lights out and avoid turnovers, they can play with most teams and beat many of them. Unfortunately, in the games where those don’t happen, they will get blown out by very good teams and beaten by even mediocre teams. The answer is simple. Get some 4-star and 5-star “Bigs” and Indiana starts making the move to a top-10 team. Forget refs being the problem as well as defensive issues. Those go away when you have a strong inside game. Coach Crean, your move!

  43. Double Down…thank you so much for repeating that information; greatly appreciated. As you can tell ,I came back looking for your response on the “posts” side of “Scoop”…thank you once again

  44. Does HT ever attempt to find out why this case has still not gone to trial? Don’t know why I thought about it…I would imagine nobody cares anymore….I wonder if a Sampson thug would have been offered such protections if alleged to have taken part in such a brutal assualt? Does anyone out there believe a healthy message is sent to other sports programs within our athletic department when coach’s son and his local friends(friends that happen to be sons of a local rock star/national music celebrity who was once a very frequent regular in Assembly Hall for basketball games)deserve the protection of our institution when they beat a kid so viciously? Who is roadblocking the justice….? Why does nobody care? Why aren’t the local papers staying on this story?

    The successful baseball coach has departed…Is that why nobody now cares? .Is that where the justice ended for a brutal beating? We love to talk about doing things the “right way” and the “right culture” of examples in dignity for what it means to be an IU athlete….What a crime that this horrible example just got swept under a rug. And no fault to Tom Crean or any other coach at IU that now must attempt to keep his own players from the reckless belief that anything they do will be protected and swept under similar rugs….What a horrible example of what zero accountability looks like as long as you’re in the protected class of an athlete in this current state of extreme censoring of truth in order to grotesquely save image at all costs….To be unjust is a terrible cost for protecting the world of games and entertainment….To look the other way is the thing of locker rooms at Penn State….To strive for full disclosure and to never stop pushing for justice and accountability should be the Indiana way….It puts quite the dark cloud over this university when we demand so little of ourselves when bring out the mirage of a the flawless white glove while protecting ugly acts…..Does that sort of protection breed more recklessness and athletes feeling that any sort of unacceptable actions carry very little real penalties in this climate of selling our university as superbly more wholesome than anything we dug ourselves out of during Thug-gate with Kelvin?

    I think about the terrible accident in which Devin narrowly escaped death….I think about one of our players that was recently sent to a locker room to watch a big game rather than be with his teammates…Yet, this same player wasn’t given much of any harsh penalty for driving a car while intoxicated…I think about just how stupid(and ignorance pushing into the realm of reckless disregard any commonsense) to think a highly known star athlete could possibly think he could get into Kilroy’s with a fake ID and not be caught….? All of the above nothing different than what any foolish young person is capable during the college years….But then my mind drifts back to that beating and how we just swept it under the rug…..I wonder if that rug is having something to say in all our future fortunes…I sorta think persecuting what those Sampson kids did(never involving anything of violence or endangering the public) is making that rug take a harder look at what Indiana values in its heart of hearts……I think about those boys in the Penn State locker room showers…I wonder why it took so long for the rug to finally speak…..and burn to the ground the hypocrisy of it all.

  45. Took some searching, but I did find this…..Still no trial date, but it looks like one of the “alleged” in the assualt is playing it safe by pleading guilty in hopes a reduced sentence…I mean, who wants to go to jail for 2-3 years?

    “Details of a plea agreement reached in the case were not available.”…….Yeah, why bother with the details?

  46. Seems like we don’t bother with the “details” of much of anything these days of perfection in Bloomington……All the tarnish was used up on 3-way calls and some poor grades in classrooms..

  47. Harvard, your research prior to comment #49 was incomplete, and therefore incorrect. The herald times did run the headline and article about Hud Mellencamp having reached a plea deal, but it was soon retracted by the HT. The attorney claimed it was printed in error and that no such plea deal was being considered nor occurring. Not sure how that kind of mistake occurred, nor whose fault caused it, only that it wasnt going down the way it was reported in the initial article.

  48. Yeah once again the refs beat I.U. Come on folks you have a coach who spends more time on the court than any player on the team. He needs to tone down his ego. I don’t think this is really who you want coaching at I.U. The accompolishments he has was with Zeller and Oladipo and that didn’t last all that long. Painter isn’t a great coach but I must admit most nights he is better than Crean. When you are down by 20 with less than 2 minutes to go what is the point in fouling? I guess then you can refer to the foul shot discrepancy.

  49. H4H,,,,, K. Sanctions “Thug” DeAndre Thomas intimidated, threatened and assaulted more than 1 person downtown in and around the night spots. His threats neutralized any thoughts his victims had about legal intervention. His maturation has never materialized for in 2011 he was kicked off and fired from his semi-pro gig during the halftime of a BB game. Fired at halftime no less than by his coach Micheal Ray Richardson. Add plenty of punctuation to that statement. I’ll bet lots of cash his character today is no better than it was during his after hours exploits in Bloomington and beyond. I’ll also bet $ he probably is presently sucking on the government entitlement tit. Which means you and I and every tax payer is footing the bill for him. He truly has earned the description as “thug”. I hope this puts an end to hearing how bad Sanction’s boys were treated at IU.

  50. No, it doesn’t put an end to it… You know people hanging around night spots in Bloomington? Are their names Yogi Ferrell, Stan Robinson, Troy Williams, Hanner Perea….? And even if your assertions are true.about Thomas…(and to claim he “assaulted” someone is a pretty strong assertion without anything to present as publicly available evidence or police reports.)., i don’t know where that fear plays into the blanket statements and the labels for all that played under Sampson…

    If you live in the world that chooses to destroy all room for redeeming qualities because one party is condemned to another person’s wrongs and thus guilty by mere association(often a distant association), placed on a bus, and given zero consideration of individual justice/voice/legal rights against slander, then why don’t you make the same leap for all the acquaintances of a coach’s son, and those that hung around the Mellencamp sons because they were on the same teams, or circles of relationships, those three “thugs”that were involved in a vicious battery? Why wasn’t the entire baseball team deemed to be thugs if they could be friends or teammates of someone involved in such a brutal attack? You can do that with no second thought of possibly aiming at undeserving targets when you’re talking of any kid that played for Sampson(all of which could never afford the protection of family members in positions of power, wealth, or celebrity blending into unsavory institutional protection weaved into Indiana’s desire to not call these “thugs” wreckers of anything), but remain silent if it’s a class or color of people that don’t deserve your rug to sweep it under?

    And if Thomas did anything bordering on the assualt and battery that took place involving the Mellencamp “thugs” and the Smith “thug,” I’m pretty sure it would have been front page headline amidst the climate of the witch-hunting and blanket hate times…..

    But they all deserved those labels…None deserved any individual form of justice…Just one bus for all…No plea deals for those reputations..No high priced attorneys to defend their names against slander and the innuendo….Now that the Sampson thugs are gone, all of Indiana was cleaner than your hot water heater that you flushed with CLR…….

    Let’s also keep in mind the difference in the water heaters of the thugs….One group of thugs were the degenerate deposits in a basketball tank supplying all sports prestige this university has really ever known with much consistency in providing IU its headlines….Another group of thugs was hanging out at the bottom of a tiny backup tank known as the Indiana baseball and football water heater…..Not only did one group of classier thug deposits afford less blanket comments because they were in the “right” class of power and celebrity, but they were also exempt from receiving your same CLR treatment(Clarion’s Lumping Retribution)because “Because it’s Indiana” could never be threatened by thugs in the backup little tank of sports that don’t matter….

    If all you can find on those Sampson “thugs” in terms of true acts of violence and endangerment to the public(individuals or at large) is some innuendo and rumor of DeAndre Thomas at night spots making threats, then you’ve already unveiled the spirit of what many preferred to cleanse from your Bloomington streets.

    But that’s pretty much the world we live in….Our news outlets talk of ISIS all day long while millions of Americans struggle on streets because they deserve to remain forgotten and downtrodden….Rosa Parks refused to sit at the back of the bus…Eventually, we gave her that nice long bus ride(same as a Sampson players bused to Bloomington and bussed back out of Bloomington)…Gave her that bus ride with really no heart or compassion to open the world the “right” people get to see….We set up the mirage, but at first opportunity any stumble we can cast a label, it’s right back on the bus…You did want the bus, didn’t you Rosa? Unless you’re Derrick Rosa…D-Rosa never gets the “thug” bus…D-Rosa gets to cheat the system because his greatness can afford to be in the white-ruled world of corporate America that he gets bussed around in and paid millions….But for the average baller thug that stumbles…? Sorry, Charlie…You know where your bus is heading…The destination of that bus is the rotting cities of all those “thugs” we keep cornered on the rotting streets of poverty…Oh, how we challenge ourselves to be just…Oh, how we challenge ourselves to not cast the blanket labels on the easiest of targets we stacked the deck against for the last forty years….? D-Rose and D-Rosa colored glasses for Clarion’s CLR world of very selective busing….It all depends on the tank you live for the justice a day your equal chances and voice we’ll give…

  51. It is over, open your eyes. DT is still trouble. I’ll not explain it to you nor can I understand it for you.

  52. Nor do I want to understand from you….The “culture” of what we choose to bus and what we choose to protect is nowhere near over: .It lives strong and in the walls of hypocrisy.as we that support Indiana in all its flawless present beauty choose….”Trouble”: comes in many forms…If your kid was killed by a drunk driver, would you consider the recklessness of this drunk behind a wheel(or any other drunk behind a wheel)not be worth your trouble to convict and seek justice?. I have no trouble calling a drunk driver a “thug..” In many respects, they’re worse than a thug….They take aim at anyone and everyone no matter guilt or innocence. It my opinion, it deserves more punishment than a retaliatory fist in a street fight….It’s certainly more than a verbal threat to take 3000 pounds of metal to the streets with no clue where you’re aiming it….Is that something you can get around your thick head? Is that within the realm of your understanding?

  53. It’s not a change in subject…it’s the entire basis of the original subject…You have also presented zero evidence in your claims about Thomas and his thug behavior at “night spots.” Come on, Clarion…You’re really going to put that in the same league as beating a kid to the point of hospitalization and multiple fractures to the face? ..I was threatened by a jock at college….He was a white star football player that was a total lunatic…He never made the newspapers for being a crazed a-hole but he was threatening and bullying people everyday….He couldn’t even get a roommate in his sophomore year because he was more than a horrible jerk…But would I paint the entire football team to be just like him? Would I equate his bullying threats anywhere close to beating a person with what appeared to be at a level of brutality that could have killed the individual? I am talking about a battery case that is being prosecuted(or being refused to be prosecuted because of graft and protection a different class that evades our painted judgments) ..You’re talking about a kid throwing his verbal weight around and acting like an immature thug…rather than turning into a violent thug via an actual attack….That is the subject at hand…It is a subject of a violent attack at the hands of people very close to our institution that weren’t put on a bus….And for as despicable that act of violence protected and swept under the rug as irrelevant to our beloved “culture,” it still turns my stomach less than those that came to IU with no care to treat kids as individuals; to not take the road of labeling all with the same wide “thug” brush because of some that may or may not have been bullies….and place upon families of those kids some level of irrefutable shame for nothing that fits the crime of true violence and harm to society…. That is the subject, my friend. It is you that drifted to rumor and verbal bullying that is nothing of the same league of violence or hypocrisy in justice ignored…

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