Snapshot: Hartman does the little things

Trying a little something different here, using screen grabs to illustrate a few points. For the debut, we’ll highlight, quite literally with our yellow marker, four moments in Sunday’s game against Illinois where the little things the 6-foot-7 Collin Hartman brings to the table make a big difference for Indiana.

(1) For starters, let’s talk about spacing the floor in transition. In this first screen grab, you’ll see Hartman flared wide instead of running to the rim like a more traditional big might do.

Continuing on in the sequence, Hartman goes to the corner to receive the pass from Robert Johnson. Notice with Johnson, James Blackmon, Yogi Ferrell and even Stanford Robinson all stopping outside the 3-point line, there are no Illinois defenders in the lane.

Hartman takes advantage of this with a slight up-fake, then drives in and switches to the left hand to flip in the layup and cap off Indiana’s 31-9 run in the first half.

(2) In the second segment, coincidentally the ensuing possession after the layup, look at Hartman’s work on the defensive end of the floor. He starts in a help position, staying in the lane and unconcerned with the Illini’s Maverick Morgan floating to the corner.

Then as Illinois’ Jaylon Tate drives, Hartman steps toward the ball and walls up as Tate forces a wild shot.

Instead of flopping to try and draw a charge, Hartman stays on his feet and keeps his hands straight up, leaving him in perfect position to grab the defensive rebound all alone.

(3) Our third play was a Hartman 3-pointer with IU down nine in the second half that essentially ignited the Hoosiers’ comeback. Hartman is in the corner as James Blackmon drives from the top of the key.

Hartman’s man, Nnanna Egwu, comes to help, and as he does, Hartman relocates up the sideline toward Blackmon, creating an easier passing angle and some extra space as the Egwu tries to recover.

Those two things combine to give Hartman a comfortable shooting pocket to knock down the 3-pointer.

(4) And finally we’ll wrap up with Hartman’s screening on Nick Zeisloft’s critical 3-pointer that answered an Ahmad Starks 3 for Illinois the previous possession. The play starts with Hartman setting a ballscreen for Yogi Ferrell.

The Illini hedge the screen hard to take away Ferrell’s ability to drive, as Nick Zeisloft loops from the wing toward the top of the key. Hartman rolls off the ballscreen into another screen, this time chipping at Zeisloft’s trailing defender.

The result is enough to once again allow a comfortable shooting pocket and uncontested release for Zeisloft to knock down the 3.


  1. Great analysis. I give TC all the credit for putting this team into a winning position. We will have our hands full with Md.

    We will need a better shooting game by Yogi, and defense. I really don’t see how we can beat Md or Wisc. Just really bad match-ups for us.

  2. I’m counting on the Hoosier faithful in Assembly Hall to help this young team get over the hump against Maryland. It would not be the first time an underdog IU teams beats a top ranked opponent in Assembly Hall.

  3. Don’t be Inside the Hall….We know Hartman does the little things ….We also know ITH has the little journalists that use lots of graphics and coach-speak to lure in the zombies.. You also brought this place down to ITH level by going to your Live Ticker that gives us a hundred pictures of Price and Miller…and hundreds of one-sided observations…..Stole all the flavor when you removed interaction with your readers because of a few clowns….Dustin didn’t seem to find any trouble in keeping LiveChat during games.. The more you change for sake of change(and putting your own Twitter pictures in our faces), the closer you’ll get to a job at ITH….or a Mississippi or Tennessee Podunk newspaper.

  4. Po, Your sentiments are also mine. 17k+ in AH have to be the best 6th man of the Thursday night schedule.

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