Devin Davis begins non-contact work #iubb

When Devin Davis began suiting up for Indiana practices last month, his recovery from a traumatic brain injury severely limited his participation. He could do some stationary passing and shooting, but nothing else.

Late last week, Davis took another positive step forward.

The sophomore forward began non-contact drills during Friday’s practice, working on skills and endurance to give himself and Indiana’s coaching staff an opportunity to gauge what Davis has lost since he was injured in an early-morning accident on Nov. 1.

IU coach Tom Crean said there is absolutely zero contact to the drills when Davis is involved, and while he’s a long way from returning to game shape, it’s another encouraging development in the recovery process.

“(That) was really, really special to me, special to him, special to all of us to get him back going again,” Crean said Monday on his weekly radio show. “Even though there’s no contact, it gets him going with his skills.”

Crean added that he took pride watching Davis help instruct tight end-turned-forward Jordan Fuchs, who walked on to the team last week. Fuchs has also been putting in extra work with Davis, who has been at the front of the line to help the 6-foot-6 football player acclimate himself to the team and the added workload.

“What I love about our team behind closed doors is here’s a guy coming in toward the end of the year and they’re out there trying to help him,” Crean said. “They’re out there trying to make sure that he’s picking things up. The guy that’s on the side helping him as much as anybody is Devin Davis. That’s key. That’s what you want. That’s culture. That’s the culture we’re trying to build — or that we have built.”


  1. The fact that Devin is able to take some classes and is able to ‘coach’ Fuchs speaks volumes about his recovery. From my ‘way out of the loop’ perspective, I worried that there might be some lingering cognitive difficulty as a result of his injury. But he seems to be returning to ‘normal kid’ condition. What a blessing.

  2. Nice coverage of the Brian Jones story and Devin Davis progress. Crean highlighting Brian and both Crean and the team involved with Devin’s progress and oh, by the way, had a big win too this week. Throw in his support of Yogi with the missed last shot, he may not have the x & o magic but he is proving himself to be more than a coach to the kids.

  3. South, very well said. I agree. Crean is using his position to make an positive impact beyond the basketball court.

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