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Turnovers combined with a lack of defensive stops doomed IU women’s basketball in a loss to Northwestern, Jon writes.

Tom Crean is still trying to get more out of his Hoosiers, Mike writes.

Injury-bitten Michigan and Indiana square off in an important game for both teams Sunday, Sam Beishuizen of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

James Blackmon, Yogi Ferrell and Troy Williams all land in the second round of this mock NBA Draft, by Gary Parrish of CBSsports.com.

Midway through the Big Ten season, a player-by-player breakdown of the Hoosiers, by Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall.

Illinois football coach Tim Beckman spent part of his signing day press conference asking the media for more support in a gross display of ignorance, Andrew Bucholtz of awfulannouncing.com writes.

Michigan’s John Beilein was left without answers and with an unhappy birthday after Thursday’s loss to Iowa, Brendan F. Quinn of MLive.com writes.

Marc Loving was suspended by Ohio State, apparently undeserving of wearing the uniform, Myron Medcalf of ESPN.com reports.

Tom Crean wants more from his players, Tim Beckman more from the media. Why can’t they be more like Edwin McCain, who says “I Could Not Ask For More.”


  1. This comment, contained in the article about Illinois’ football coach (Beckman) made me laugh. “Journalistic independence and integrity, if done well, could be a strong selling point for mainstream media outlets.” Great idea, but that ship left port decades ago. And there are plenty of college-town news/media outlets where it is simply understood that positive news is the priority and will result in a higher level of access and participation to coaches and administrators. I’m sure Beckman has witnessed such an environment at various points along his career path.

  2. Jeremy, I too thought the Beckman piece was entertaining and painted him as… Uhh…naive to say the least. Miscalculating or willfully ignorant may be more apropos, but I’ll never follow Illinois football close enough to know or care about more than I just read.

    That being said, one line in particular really struck me: “If they have no stake in a team’s success (which they shouldn’t)…”

    Does the author really believe (or think we believe) a reporter has no stake in the success of the team(s) they’re covering? At minimum, an increase in success breeds increased interest, readers, circulation, and advertising dollars. Increased exposure lends itself to raises, promotions, and/or open doors to “bigger and better things.” Even if a reporter who’s content in his job, loves where he is, loves who he works for, and has no intentions of moving on still stands to benefit in some way off his teams’ success one way or another.

    It seems to me that author was being as nonsensical as the coach he was criticizing, if only for one sentence. Am I reading too much into it, or completely off base altogether? How might IU’s success (or lack thereof) affect you as a reporter? Would you and the rest of Scoop team agree you have no stake in the ultimate performance of our Hoosiers (or other local sports?) I’m interested in your thoughts.

    1. Punjab,
      You raise a fair point. If IU football or basketball is good, it does stand to benefit the HT financially as a whole. But the HT also benefits from any extreme, good or bad. It’s the malaise in the middle that’s not good for anybody.

      That said, when you say “have a stake,” that feels like something personal to me where I would be invested in the success of a school or program, serving an agenda. I don’t feel that way at all. That’s a short answer.

  3. Jeremy’s is a good answer, especially because it is short.. A good journalist can actually be a fan and still be a total professional and approach a story with complete distance. There’s a saying among journalists, “I don’t write the story, the story writes the story.” The journalist merely records it. I do believe Jeremy (and Andy) have clearly achieved this level of professionalism, one of the big attractions that draw me as a reader to the HT. (Not to say Meek doesn’t…just haven’ t followed him long enough to be able to form a conclusive opinion).

  4. But when you appear too protective of a coach in the avoidance of asking tough questions, it can appear there is an underlying agenda at work….

    I sorta think Dustin left because of the politics in protecting a certain order now in place…..Maybe not the sole reason, but it was no secret that Dustin pressed Crean more than most…If that became an unpopular stance with the brass at HT(a belief that it could further limit access to interviews, locker room, etc), it could make a journalist believe he’s being singled out for merely being an honest critic representing much of the questions that the average fan would like addressed….A coach for the dominant sports program at IU or other major player(AD?) can use his powers to serve as a form of backlash against the entire paper because of said tough-minded journalist that simply won’t accept weak answers. I can see this form of power-playing much more in the isolation of a town like Bloomington in the context of a university that has such a major influence on the local economy….

    The relationship between the one major paper in town with those holding the power positions in sports at IU seems heavily weighted in favor of those within the university….Hands always tied behind the back….Go with the flow or you will likely go….

    I do believe there is an agenda….I think there is far too much collaboration(the nice word for it) and implied bullying of the press…HT is basically subservient in its relationship….That may be an agenda driven by IU, but there reaction and choices to such an agenda makes for a bit of their own priorities to be put in question. What motivates them to feel one coach fully deserving an entire witch hunt while another remains nearly untouchable to the point that all a journalist can do is “smirk” in the corners while out of view a camera? Dustin wasn’t just smirking at Crean…He was smirking at the gross protection and the subservience he must live in the walls of power…No answer ever deserving elaboration because whatever the powers of IU see as deserving an answer should be looked at as glorious thanks for giving anything at all….

    Hate to be the cynic in such equations of power within the isolation a campus and its newspaper, but they operate as partners or adversaries with little room in between…That can foster agenda and evolve into much of the same ugliness that became Penn State football….or a player getting choked at practice…or a doctrine of a singular faith taking root and protected. The isolation and the high level of economic vibrancy permits such lack of challenges to status quo.

  5. That may be an agenda driven by IU, but [HT’s] reaction and choices to such an agenda…

  6. As I said in my earlier comment, I haven’t seen a subjugation to an agenda in either Jeremy or Andy. They both seem not only neutral and fiercely independent while maintaining professional decorum. Granted neither can write as (sometimes) outrageously as you or I do as blog participants; but that is exactly where being ‘professionals’ comes in. Honestly, Graham I’ve followed for more than a decade and Jeremy since he surfaced and I’ve seen absolutely no evidence of either ever ‘bending’ their heads to kiss a ring or being intimidated. As for the HT being ‘subservient’ to IU, I follow sports pages as an IU fan and find the reporting fair, neutral and willing to critique when warranted, but not willing to wail as ‘Scoop’ fans often do about losing because of refs or counting how many sips of tea Crean takes from his bottle or stupidly reporting Coach Wilson was seen having a beer at a local tavern.

    Come on Harvard, sometimes us readers have to be the adults.

  7. Just appearances, Tsao….I just sense they’re much more standoffish to the point of not asking basketball questions…Look at the history…Remember Hugh Kellenberger attempting to ask a locker room question? I seem to recall quite the contraversy and quite the defense by some on Scoop that Kellenberger had the guts to ask it…Was it the Elston trip…? Or maybe it was something else that occurred after Crean was already ticked off over the implications that Kellenberger made…You do remember that Hugh was implying quite the dishonesty about the head coach and the covering of a dirty play that could have cost our opponent a game….See, Gonzalez, my memory of these things is better than those of you smoking the pre-Nam vintage….And I also vividly remember Dustin feeling the wrath of Crean at. coincidentally, another a Northwestern event(a postgame press conference)when asking Crean if anything changed in attacking a zone….? I kept pressing Dustin after you made a big hullabaloo that Crean was being totally unreasonable in his attitude with Dusty…Dustin eventually admitted that he was smirking at Crean(something that remained unknown for a couple days as you went on a crucify Crean crusade)…..But, at the end of the day, it’s Crean constant to intimidate and make the HT journalists subservient and fearful of pressing him on absolutely anything….

    I think, at least to an extent, they fear for their jobs…..Neutrality has nothing to do with subservience to a coach that acts more than pissed off if even a hint of suggestion his tactical and X’s and O’s in-game decisions…

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