Hoosier Morning

Collin Hartman’s status remains up in the air after a left knee injury on Sunday, Mike writes.

The devil was in the details at Rutgers and will be even more so at Northwestern, I wrote.

How Indiana used a 9-0 run to start the second half and pull away from Rutgers in the latest film session, by Ryan Corazza of Inside the Hall.

Coaches aren’t too keen on freshman ineligibility, lots of IU fans expected at Northwestern and bracket projections, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star notes.

On the 30th anniversary of Bob Knight’s chair toss, the IU bench and the Indiana program was never the same writes one of the witnesses to history at Assemblyl Hall that day, L. Jon Wertheim of SI.com.

IU baseball reliever Thomas Belcher is embracing his role out of the bullpen, Michael Hughes of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Indiana women’s basketball freshman guard Jess Walter’s outgoing personality has been joined by increased playing time for the Hoosiers, Brody Miller of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

A Collin Hartman special today, “Up In The Air” by 30 Seconds To Mars.


  1. I might not be the target audience for that SI article, but I’ve reached peak “Bobby Knight was a Complicated Guy – Compare and Contrast” stories. This story has been told since day one and played out over 30 years, culminating in 2000 when he got canned with the grace and honor of a B-52 carpet bombing the Mall of America Parking lot with Chevy Suburbans. And now refuses to even acknowledge the place.

    We get it. Basketball genius. Tough guy. Narcissist. Temper. Honor. Perfection. Brilliant. A-hole. Fishing/golf/hunting. Explosive. Winner. Intransigent.

    Not a poorly written article, but how many times can you tell the same story. Maybe get Bill Murray?

  2. So, if IU ends at 22 & 9, the predicted RPI will be 28.
    If IU ends with a record of 19 & 12, the predicted RPI will be 63.

    In other words, with a record of 19 &12, our RPI changes to….RIP….?

  3. We need more Bob Knight and less Double Down. He has nothing to say (other than defending Crean for example do you know why we lost to Purdue? Assembly Hall was apathetic. That was the reason according to Double Dumb) yet he continues to post. His freedom. Let him post. But the idiot now wants the blog to only reflect his point of view. That’s the sick predisposition of all narcissistic minds that have invaded this blog and defend Crean’s incompetence vehemently. Such ferocity (or as their leader Chet would spell it: veracity). Ugh.

  4. テレビ番組表の記録, wifi extender frys, medications com, ibuypower order stages, mattress bed bugs….f? Love the new highly inventive screen names now replacing a ‘Sea of Harvard’ on the comment sidebar.

    Did you hear that, Jeremy? In addition to the new contributors above that easily get through your impenetrable “appropriate family-friendly comment” and moderation wall now serving as a welcome sign at the ‘Hoosier Scoop Spam Landfill and Depository Spam Email Waste Site’ for all emptied trash bins drifting in cyberspace as Ms. Google’s 30-day-cycle of a released cyber-womb lining of a spam uterus, you have also been forewarned to allow Double Down to post….Meanwhile, I’ll do everything possible to make the site more family friendly by adding a zillion more posts to the Scoop sidebar in hopes to impregnate the Ms. Google Spam….

  5. I’m pretty good with Double Down, personally. Good grief, all he did was state the obvious.

    Maybe SI could now explain to us why Jerry Sandusky was a bad man.

  6. I can only assume all the “junk” names in the sidebar is the result of your ingenious idea to bring the “Google Questionnaire” onto your every Scoop thread to practice “safe and protected reading” your stories…..You asked for it…Now you’ll just have to do like Bobby told Connie Chung….Lay back and enjoy it with Ms. Google….

  7. I liked Bobby..He was a release for all my similar sinister and dark thoughts…I always wanted to tell the Establishment media “eff you.” I always wanted Connie Chung to enjoy it…..I always wanted to kick slow white guys in the shin that had to be on a Hoosier roster to appease the local homeys….I always wanted to throw donkey crap where it belongs: Purdue.. I always wanted to sarcastically dumb down basketball so the average Neanderthal that makes millions by serving as an executive for ESPN could understand…..

    Banners? Banners are good….But they were much more fun when Bobby showed appropriateness where the Establishment sun don’t shine. Bob was like the Clint Eastwood of college hoops….And when they tried to pick his brain or “one-up” him, it was “go ahead, make my day”…..for journalists of East and West that would soon ‘know their limitations.”

  8. We did it, Jeremy!!!! Junk names gone! But don’t bother me right now… I’m currently a bit busy with Ms. Google Spam….

  9. Hey, don’t get me wrong. Liking Bobby was some sort of Indiana meth. I did it. You did it. Hell, we ALL did it.

    But I’m older now, with rounded off edges, and I think we all can agree that it wasn’t all good.

  10. On that note. I’m with Roy Williams being appalled at UNC fans for not standing up and cheering when the Tar Heels started a game with the 4 Corners Offense. For God’s sake, everybody on the bench stood up and flashed 4 fingers. The fans sat on their hands. What does a guy have to do?

    A thought occurred that, following RMK’s demise and game might start with the coach throwing a chair on the court. Two hours later I received a notice that this was the anniversary of that piece of basketball folklore.

    It was a joke. OK?

  11. I’m for better reading comprehension, personally. If you can find me defending Tom Crean, please by all means, do so. My defense and admiration of Coach Knight is deep and well documented. But if stationary front, the IP hiding wonder boy, could understand the point of the argument, it was that this is the same story written about BK that has been written a million times and zero insight has been added to it since it was first written. For that reason, I find it boring.

    On to your other fallacy, when did I defend Crean against Purdue? That’s rich. IU stunk. And it stunk losing in the same way we’ve lost all of our games this year. Many of those reasons go back to the head coach. But the crowd also stunk. Never in my years did I see empty seats at AH. I simply asked people who were there if the photos I saw people taking on social media were true (of which, I did not get an answer). If you took away from it that I said that was the reason we stunk, well, I now understand the mindset and intelligence of the average, IP changing coward. Even your insults are unimaginative, puddin’.

    Harv, give this fella a lesson on how to craft an insult. I’d like to get back into one of our fun wars again, but I just find myself nodding my head in agreement with most of what you say recently. Darn it. Time for that brain scan I’ve been putting off. 😉

  12. And you are probably on some kind of ‘list’ now DD. I mean mention of Mall of America and B-52 (long live the B-52) and carpet bombing. May be quite a few ‘lists’.

  13. Like I said…Currently busy telling Ms. Google spam that I enjoying saying her name….She’s very demanding on keeping concentration/arousal level.

  14. B-52s or A-10s? I can’t pick. Love the Warthogs too.

    South, did you see that they recently reactivated “Ghost Rider” out of the boneyard in Tucson to replace one that caught fire a year ago? Took a few months, but they got her up and running again and she’s back in active duty.

  15. Chet, nice. A-6Es, and all sorts of their other variants, are all over that boneyard in Tucson.

    Navy boy, huh? Very cool.

  16. South, I guess it is time for me to book that cheap flight to Russia now.

    Dang it. Now I’m on another list.

  17. Yeah. I was very wise. I passed on a full ride from the Air Force because there’s no way I’d ever go into the military.

    After a brief foray into the world of retail management I found myself into Pensacola getting screamed at by an impressive man in a Smokey Bear hat. So I paid for my education on my own dime. Very clever if I do say so myself..

    It all worked itself out.

  18. Very nicely done. I’m sure after learning to land on an aircraft carrier, most problems in life seem small in comparison.

  19. I was very fortunate. I benefited a great deal without the excessive amounts of pain so many endured. I’m a poster child for the military.

    There’s a world of conflict in there.

  20. Irregardless of using redundancy to its full capacity, I will not kneel down to your over exaggerated snidely regular routine to protest against the same exact small speck of suggestions and careful scrutiny as in your continual constipated attempts a most minute critical fashion to descend downward to your level of anal analysis no matter the end result …..I understand your level of misfit obsession with every loose brushstroke in your paint-by-number, needy, tightly wound, world esquires you to turn every van Gogh into a Thomas Kincaid, but could you occasionally brain screw someone else in your grammar whorehouse for a while? I simply don’t paint for your approval..Get over yourself…Forgive yourself for the lack of creativity that drives you to be a bitch on on a grammar unicycle…


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