Indiana bests Purdue, 72-55

It’s a simple fact that is hard to accept when adversity presents itself, but assuring when success is so quickly found. When the Hoosiers don’t hit their shots to start a game, they fade. When the Hoosiers hit their shots early, they rise.

As the volume of the crowd built Monday night, basket by basket, the Hoosiers only continued to ascend in a 72-55 win over Purdue at Assembly Hall. It was the opposite of 22-point loss against Purdue Jan. 4 at Mackey Arena, the kind of burdensome performance that has been the most common archetype of among the Hoosiers’ seven Big Ten losses.

Earning their third Big Ten win, splitting the season series with their in-state rival, the Hoosiers never relinquished their cushion. Larryn Brooks poured in a game-high 22 points, while Alexis Gassion added 12 points and seven rebounds.

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  1. Nice when for Indiana with a little favorable officiating to assist in maintaining a big lead once IU women established it. Still, a nice win. IU women exceeded Purdue women toughness. Well coached by T. Moren and staff.

  2. Anytime you can beat the dreaded Boilers, it is a great win especially after they blasted us in their place a couple of weeks ago. The game was basically decided by our strong defense and fast start in the first half. Their leading scored Whitney Bays got us for 22 in West Lafayette in the first game and in this one she was held to 6 points with great defense, mainly by Lyndsay Leikem off the bench when Cahill got in early foul trouble on two terrible calls by the officials. Leikem was helped by double team defense every time Bays received the ball in the lane. The 22 point deficit at halftime was to much for Purdue to overcome in the second half. Our defense held Purdue scoreless the first 3:30 seconds of the half allowing us to gain a 9-0 lead. And then we held them scoreless the last 7:24 of the half allowing us the 39-17 halftime lead.

    Larryn Brooks who has struggled shooting the ball this year played very well scoring 22 points and going 3 for 3 from beyond the arc. Alexis Gassion had another strong game with 12 points and 7 rebounds. All in all it was a terrific team effort by the Hoosiers. I was a little disappointed by the crowd of only 2,468, I really thought that for a traditional rival we would have had more in attendance? We now face a pretty good Northwestern team Thursday night in Bloomington, come on out and support these girls. Go Hoosiers!!

  3. Agler gets no playing time?? All these people in foul trouble and 3 players on the bench with warmups on. How do you go from starting to 0 minutes?!

  4. Buss needs to become a better free throw shooter. As good as a player she is 61% from the line won’t cut it and could be a liability at the end of a close game. I know she shot a higher percentage in high school but this isn’t high school anymore.

  5. Hopefully, after this season she will work to be 80% free throw shooter and much better from 3 point line in a high quality shot selection meaning hitting two out of 4 or 5 attempts per game. She seems to be the type to make it happen.

  6. Maa-aan! Lots of thoughtful comments on this women’s Bkb thread. Hoosier Fan 041931…Easy!…in men’s basketball they call it ‘Coach’s Decision’ and those in disagreement are generally expected to ‘take the pain’. Are you the kid’s aunt?

    IUHoosier1992-on Buss…are you firing her? “…won’t cut it…” Think that’s in the Head Coach’s job description and entitlements.

    Lord…one week adventure into Wbkb and I’m running back into Mbkb!

  7. Hoosierfan, you have done it again. IU’s women win a game over their biggest rival and all you can comment on is a players lack of playing time. A true fan would be happy for a strugggling team and possibly comment on the actual game but no, same old stuff. Blast the coach about her decisions in the game and don’t even give the girls an “atta girl!” So typical of a constant whiner. So pathetic. Give the kids a little credit for fighting through a terrific win against a hated rival, something that doesn’t happen very often. Tsar TsuG is right.

  8. MikeC just curious why she had so many people in foul trouble that she wouldn’t take off the floor? Then you have players trying harder not to foul out rather than playing the game. This teams performance dramatically falters in the second half of almost every game. Just because you won a rivalry game doesn’t mean there wont still be critisism. Versyp and moren are cut from the same cloth. They don’t like shooters and have no use for them so that game will always be a toss up. Good luck against northwestern ladies i hope you can stay sane until the end of this season 😉

  9. Hoosierfan, love our enter action, it’s like arguing with my wife, I can never win those either 🙂 I was at the game, when players picked up their 2nd fouls in the first half, she took them out and they didn’t return until the 2nd half which she has not done in the last 3 games? Don’t know what you are referring to in this regard in Monday’s game? As usual you completely missed my point in post #8, I said why can’t you give the team a little credit when they do win a game like a “real” fan usually does? Instead, it is simply in your nature to continually critisize whom ever your whipping boy “so to speak” is. I feel like most true fans would give credit to the team when they do win a game. especially against their biggest rival. Do you realize how hard it has been for us to beat those people for so many years? Don’t worry, be happy:-)

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