Indiana comes up short against Nebraska, 67-64

A last-second 3-point heave by Tyra Buss missed and the Hoosiers came up short against No. 21 Nebraska 67-64.

Indiana did not have any timeouts left after Nebraska’s Natalie Romeo hit two free throws with 12 seconds left. The Hoosiers’ offense sputtered on the final possession, forcing Buss to throw up a wild scoop shot with time expiring.

But the Hoosiers (14-13, 4-12) were hurt by their lack of post depth, with Cornhuskers forward Emily Cady scoring a game-high 22 points and pulling down 12 rebounds.

Brooks scored a team-high 17 points, hitting 5-of-7 from 3-point range, which included a trey with 17 seconds left to bring the Hoosiers within one. Jess Walter came off the bench and added 16. Amanda Cahill, who had a steal and a layup with 28 seconds left to pull the Hoosiers within four, was one rebound away from a double-double, at 13 points and nine rebounds.


  1. blau,

    i know it’s just women’s basketball but the first time a person is mentioned in a story, use their first AND last name. thereafter it is acceptable to refer to that person by only their last name.


  2. I watched the game. Both teams played well. Cady is a really good player. NE deserves their #21 rank. IU was very well prepared, the women played hard for the entire game. The Coach’s game plan and in game adjustments were good. The substitutions and use of personnel was good. IU just needs some height (next year’s recruits) and for Tyra Buss to get her 3-point shot to an elite level. The program looks good if everyone stays and works hard in the off-season! Why so many negative posts?

  3. I would be satisfied if buss got her 3pt shot to a mediocre level, lets not get ahead of ourselves with “elite” her ft% is also mysteriously way worse than her high school stats. The line didn’t move, so why did she get worse coming into college? And i’m disappointed again another close game lost..when are we gonna win one of these close games??

  4. Hoosierfan, have you looked at the Big 10 standings lately? When we play teams that are better than us, we usually lose. It would seem that a person of your obvious intelecual ability would realize that, or am I giving you to much credit? This is not rocket science. Most usually, in the world of athletic competition, the better team wins. I would have thought that even you would know that?

  5. This is an assumption based on what I observed regarding t.b. She has a much bigger body than h.s. as freshman. She is smart and athletic. Therefore, I think she will be one of the most improved players as her career evolves due to her work ethic.

  6. One other thing Hoosierfan, only a few high school players come into division 1 basketball in a major conference and come even marginally close to their high school statistics. After all, the competition is much better than anything they have played against in high school. There are very few Kelsey Mitchels running around tearing up college basketball their freshman season. As t suggests, she will be just fine once she returns for her sophomore season as a veteran player. None of the freshmen this year has improved on their high school stats.

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