Indiana falls on the road at Iowa, 81-64

The Hoosiers knew, as a team, it would be tough to match the No. 13 Iowa Hawkeyes.

It didn’t help that, when an 81-64 defeat played out Sunday at Carver-Hawkeye Arena, that Indiana head coach Teri Moren could point to only a few players that seemed ready for a 40-minute ball game.

Freshman Jess Walter led the Hoosiers with 18 points, hitting all five of her attempts from 3. Alexis Gassion added 15 points, 10 rebounds and five assists. But 16 turnovers hindered the Hoosier offense.

“It’s going to take more than three people showing up and playing for 40 minutes,” Moren said. “You aren’t going to beat a team as good as Iowa with only three of your players showing up.”

Neither Indiana (14-11, 4-10 Big Ten) or Iowa produced at a high rate offensively to start Sunday’s game.. But when the Hawkeyes caught fire, the Hoosiers couldn’t keep up .

The Hoosiers held a one-point lead midway through the first half, because the Hawkeyes were 4-of-17 from the field up to that point. But the Hawkeyes finished the game with a 49.2 percent success rate on their shot attempts, outscoring IU by nine points in the first half and eight points in the second.

Iowa (21-4, 12-2) also benefited from a 36-27 advantage on the boards, including 13 offensive rebounds that led to 21 second-chance points. IU’s 16 turnovers also led to transition buckets for the Hawkeyes, who had four players in double figures scoring; they were led by Melissa Dixon with 15 points, and Ally Disterhoft finished with 13 points.

“We knew going into this thing that turning it over would allow them to get out and run in transition, which is one of their strengths,” Moren said.

IU’s primary ballhandlers struggled with the ball. Larryn Brooks and Tyra Buss each had five turnovers, and reserve guard Karlee McBride had four. Those three guards also combined to score only 16 points.

Jenn Anderson produced two points in 16 minutes of play, and Amanda Cahill scored 10 points and pulled down five rebounds, but she was limited to 16 minutes, as well, because of foul trouble. Cahill fouled out in the second half.


  1. This result was to be expected when you play the #13 team in the nation at their place. Iowa is one of the best 3 point shooting teams in the nation and is extremely balanced with 4 straters in double figures on the season. They shot 49% from the floor and out rebounded us 36-27. They turned our 17 turnovers into 21 points which in the end was more than we could overcome. Amanda Cahill only played 16 minutes eventually fouling out with about 5 minutes to go in the game. Our two leading scorers on the season Tyra Buss and Larryn Brooks only combined for 10 points tonight further hampering our ability to keep up with the Hawkeyes. Alexis Gassion had a tremendous game with 15 points 10 rebounds and 5 assists. Jesse Walter continued her strong play off the bench with 18 points in 24 minutes of play. Wednesday night we travel to Michigan to play a pretty good Wolverine team that lost a tough game Saturday to Northwestern at the buzzer. I am sure they will be fired up after that defeat to play us. This is a game that if we shoot well, we might be able to steal on the road? Go Hoosiers!!

  2. Turnovers were out of control. Buss got all 5 of her turnovers in the first half i believe and her playing time was cut short. The problem is, McBride came in for her and had just as many turnovers. With such a guard heavy team, we should have good ball handlers somewhere no? Of course, buss usually gets more turnovers than steals, but who’s counting? At the beginning of the year moren said she could start any combination of her players and have a successful team. When the starters aren’t cutting it we need to focus on our STRONG bench!

  3. Let me get this straight Hoosierfan, I assume you are suggesting we bench Buss for someone else? Here are the up to date stats, Buss has 64 turnovers in 25 games, that is 2.6 per game. She leads the team with 57 steals which is 2.3 per game. She has 22 more steals than Cahilll which is second on the team. I see that Brooks has 71 turnovers which is a 2.8 average and is leading the team. So basically what you are saying is that we should bench our two leading scorers in order to correct the turnover situation? So the coach made that statement at the beginning of the year. Anyone knows that as the year goes on with any young team you adjust your thinking on what you see on the court, that only makes sense. Lets take a look at the STRONG bench in this game: Walter played 24 minutes and lead the team in scoring with 18 points and 1 turnover. McBride played 17 minutes and scored 6 points with 4 turnovers. Agler played 10 minutes with 3 points and no turnovers. Now I know where you are going with the last girl, the obvious reason Agler’s minutes have been reduced is probably the fact that she has the lowest field goal percentage on the team which is 19% which astonished me when I looked it up. She is also shooting 21% from behind the arc. Both percentages are the lowest on the team. That fact really jumps out at me and would help explain her reduced minutes when you see how well for the most part Walter and McBride have been playing lately. BTW, McBride and Walter both last night got more minutes than two starters. You may jump all over Buss last night for her turnover problem in the game but, I would point out to you that in our last 3 games, Brooks had 6 turnovers against Ohio St., 5 against Northwestern and 5 more last night against Iowa. I suppose she should be benched? Just sayin……??

  4. I expected it to be even worse at #13 Iowa but I wasnt expecting the poor play of some players. Moren seems to be willing to throw all her players under the buss except 3 , to me it goes back in the coaches lap if they were not ready to play. Buss cannot be sat down unless injured she gives too much even when having turnovers. But the so called veteran Brooks playing like less than a freshman could and should be benched if she is gonna play this inconsistant might as well be on the bench. She will have one good game then two bad ones and I mean really bad. But Anderson getting only two points and if IM not mistaken was at the free throw line ,,, what kind of twilight zone was she in. She better get the led out cause when the recruits come in next year she will be lucky to see the floor if she continues that kind of play. But the thing that irked me the most was the lack of ability to get stops when they had a chance to get back in the game.

  5. Steve W. good to see more people on this post concerning women’s basketball. I can’t say that I disagree with what you say but, lets do remember one thing about last night’s game, we played on the road at the # 13 ranked team in the country. This is a team that is in 2nd place in the conference and has only lost 4 games total all year long. I have seen then play at least 5 times this year and they are one of the hardest teams in the country to defend with their outstanding shooters.They spread the floor like our men’s team does and they can really lite it up! They average 79 points a game which is # 2 in the conference behind Maryland’s 82. It is understandable that they are incredibly tough to defend if you have seen them play.

    Your comment about Brooks is spot on, she has been terribly inconsistent this year on a team that desperately needs her leadership! One of the things that this team lacks is having a leader on the floor, coach Moren has referred to that several times this year. Since we are so young and not having a junior or senior on the floor to provide that leadership we really struggle in games against the better conference teams. And again, as I have stated before, although we do have talented players, most of the teams in our conference are more talented than we are. It is a simple fact. Next year, with an added year of experience and some much needed athleticism and height added to the roster assuming Hoosierfan is incorrect and all the sophomores don’t transfer, we will be a much better team suited to competing against the more talented teams in the conference. Go Hoosiers!!

  6. T. Moren is a very good coach. It is not her fault she did not inherent an experienced junior and senior team with a lot of 4 and 5 star players. T. Moren has a team of 3 star with not a lot of experience. Is L. B. a little bit of a me player that is causing her inconsistent play. Buss will be future leader point guard of team because she will work hard throughout her career. This is evidence by her being really pretty slender in high school to already balking up for her freshman year in college. Maybe IU can run a 6’1″ guard with Buss next year.

  7. Iowa has been declared one of the top twenty teams in the country by the NCAA tournament seeding folks.
    With no IU seniors or juniors playing in the game, the result was to be expected.
    The next two games have now become he two most important games of the year.

  8. Defensive of buss, then insulting brooks in the same breath. You people confuse me. MikeC thinks that’s stats are EVERYTHING.While they are important, brooks is going to have her hands on the ball a lot more than buss, so naturally brooks should have more turnovers. The problems with combing stats is that buss almost always gets put in at the end of the game when the starters have all been taken out and gains most of her stats there. Usually doubles her points and steals while McBride desperately does the same thing. Usually, like i said, the game is already decided at this point. I guess you need to watch the game more closely, esp at the end. Brooks is a leader and you all have agreed to throw her under the buss (irony) tyra has reached her peak and hopefully you all realize she probably is nowhere near best player on this team not even the best freshman. For all the records she got in high school her team couldn’t even win easy games against horrible teams. That says something about a player. Have a good day. Go Hoosiers!

  9. As usual, I knew Hoosierfan would jump in with both feet. Oh, how much I enjoy our little interchanges on this site. First of all, nobody proclaimed that Buss was the best player on the team. Second, Buss and Brooks play basically identical minutes. Both handle the ball about the same amount of time. I do agree with one statement you made, yes, YOU should watch the game more closely! You were the one that threw Buss under the bus in post # 2 about turnovers while ignoring the same amount of turnovers by Brooks in that game, my God, Brooks has 16 turnovers in her last 3 games and yet you didn’t mention that. So, according to you Buss plays at the end of the game and apparently Brooks doesn’t? Seems like you should be watching the game more closely.
    And one more thing my friend, your last statement concerning Buss’s high school career is so bogus it is hilarious! You need to go on line and research her team’s record while she was there, they lost very few games while she was there including being undeafeated her senior year going into state tournament play. And making a statement that a girl has reached her peak during her freshman year is laughable. As stated a couple of weeks ago by another poster,here I am wrestling with the pig again, his words, not mine:-)

  10. MikeC i think everyone makes it into the first round of the state tournament.. BTW in Illinois “regional” Is the same as sectional in indiana. And please watch the end of the games mike and see how much buss does after the game is basically over. Same with McBride but no one seems as defensive about her!

  11. Also, i know a lot of good teams that tried to put mt. Carmel on their schedule but couldn’t. Difficulty of schedule always skews stats, MikeC, and that’s why you can’t count on numbers alone.

  12. Hoosierfan, your statement was her team couldn’t win games against bad teams? Her team lost 2 games her junior year and 1 game her senior year. Hmmmm, not bad. Mount Carmel is a small scholar plainly in the small school class in Ilinois, not her fault how her schedule is made up. She plays against the teams her school dictates. And yes, I am aware of the regional and sectional designation in Illinois. You seem to think you are the only one who is knowledgable about certain things?
    You do realize that you started all of this by whinnying about Buss’s tour overs and yet have not addressed Brook’s poor ball handling other than saying she handles the ball more than Buss which is simply not true.
    And about McBride, she has had a terrific year to date coming off the bench and has almost always produced scoring when others have been lacking. She has lead us in scoring in I think 2 games this year.
    BTW, did you see where Moren basically guarantteed a win at Michigan?

  13. The conversation about IU women basketball does not change the future that Buss will continue to develop her game and become a floor general leader for IU and T. Moren is an excellent coach and IU women basketball will demonstrate that. This is not saying Buss will be the best player on team but will definitely be in the mix as a main contributor.

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