Indiana struggles in loss to Michigan, 68-52

Falling behind by 15 points nearly six minutes into the second half, Indiana head coach Teri Moren subbed in an entirely new lineup.

Out were starters Jenn Anderson, Amanda Cahill, Larryn Brooks, Alexis Gassion and Tyra Buss. In came Maura Muensterman, Jess Walter, Karlee McBride, Taylor Agler and Lyndsay Leikem.

In the next two minutes, the Wolverines lead expanded to 21. There was nothing the Hoosiers could do to turn the tide in a 68-52 victory at Crisler Arena, as Michigan continued to shoot it well, and IU did not.

The Hoosiers (14-12, 4-11 Big Ten) fell to 0-7 on the road in conference play.

“It continues to be disappointing but a lot of our mistakes, unfortunately, are some of the ones we continue to make,” Moren said. “We have to decide moving forward if we are going to continue to keep doing what we are doing and getting the same result or if we are all willing to look at each other, and look at ourselves, and be willing to change.”

The Wolverines (15-11, 7-8) carried a made-shot streak of eight into the second half, pushing that to 10 before they finally missed. Michigan’s hot shooting was juxtaposed with IU’s poor rate of success — the Wolverines hit 55.8 percent of their shots, compared with a 35.1 percent clip for the Hoosiers.

Larryn Brooks led IU with 14 points, but no other Hoosier hit double figures. On the defensive end, IU’s strategy of doubling Wolverines forward Cyesha Goree was successful in limiting her to four points, but the Hoosiers were not able to rotate out and get to the open shooter. That helped three Wolverines get into double digits, including freshman guard Katelynn Flaherty, who finished with a game-high 21 points.

“I thought defensively we did not come close to executing our game plan,” Moren said. “I thought we went in to it with the right one, to beat a good Michigan team at home. But didn’t have the focus, didn’t have the edge or toughness to execute what we wanted to do.”

Moren has said on several occasions that the Hoosiers are better when they find early shooting success. IU shot out to a 6-0 lead in the first half, but Moren’s theory didn’t necessarily guard the Hoosiers against falling flat later in the game. Heading out to a 17-11 lead at the 11:43 mark, Michigan went on an 8-o run to overtake IU.

The Hoosiers kept it close, with Brooks spotting an open Anderson for a layup before Agler’s 3 made it 29-26 with 2:30 to go. But the Wolverines went on another run to head into the locker room with a 35-26 lead.

Despite the Wolverines’ turnover issues — they finished with 18 on the night — their hot shooting and dominance on the boards rebuffed IU. They pulled down 41 rebounds and had almost as many offensive rebounds, 12, as the Hoosiers had total, 18.

The Wolverine took a 60-35 lead with nine minutes remaining after the Hoosiers went scoreless for 6 minutes and 33 seconds.


  1. Season taking its toll on young lady Hoosiers. Not easy on road. It will be interesting 2 years down the road. Next year a goal 2 or 3 road wins in big ten plus 2 or 3 more home wins and 5 or 6 more total wins overall. No miracles, just some solid maturity, leadership, and improvement.

  2. I was hoping to see the Lady Hoosiers get a much needed win last night and I believe Coach Moren guaranteed a win just like she did with Penn State. That definately didn’t happen. What we saw appeared to be a coaching staff that didn’t or couldn’t execute the plan. If you haven’t take a look at Coach Starkey’s comments on the Jon Blau Twitter account. Although they inherited a team Miller recruited there is talent that isn’t being used to the fullest. Too bad they didn’t give Brandi Poole the opportunity to coach the team this year and then search for a new coach if needed.

  3. L, pardon me but, it’s not the coaches’ that are responsible to execute the plan, it’s the players. The players play the game, the coach’s draw up a plan and give it to the players and the players are to “execute” said plan. Obviously this didn’t happen.
    This team is still very young and short on athlete’s and size. As I stated earlier, there is a definite lack of floor leadership to go along with this. L, one thing I will agree with is your mention of coach Poole. When Miller “resigned”, I posted several posts hoping that the administration would keep Poole and Eckert on the coaching staff with her as the head coach. We don’t know if this was ever considered? Poole is now at Texas Tech as an assistant. I assume that the two assistants were never considered in any aspect? I still have no problem with coach Moren, I believe that anyone hired must be given a chance to succeed at their craft for a couple of years before shown the door.
    I go along with t thinking that another year of maturity and added athletes and height will help tremendously in the future.
    About the game, obviously, Michigan shooting over 55% from the field and outrebounding us 41-18 was very instrumental in the loss. For us only having one player in double figures (Brooks 14) was also a detriment in our approach to success. We only shot 35% from the floor. One positive if there was one was the team only committing 8 turnovers which has been a problem lately. Our next game Saturday will be very tough with a really good Nebraska team coming in. Go Hoosiers!!

  4. The team lacks size in the post. Coach Miller cited this would be a problem during his presentation at Huber Farms for the 2014-15 season.

  5. MikeC doesn’t believe in bad coaching, L, he only believe every word that comes out of moren’s mouth. I like how Muensterman and agler aren’t good enough to play, then suddenly they get tossed in the game right at the beginning of the second half in a big10 game? They could be helpful, but not when coach uses them to teach her starters a “lesson” you also can bang your head against the wall knowing Brian agler offered to coach this team this season while the school looked for a replacement coach that would be good for this team. Now, instead we rushed and chose a coach that wants to rip this program apart and start over (YET AGAIN) Moren may be a good coach (although i personally don’t think so since she has a terrible relationship with this team) but she was not the right choice to lead this team. Instead of working with the players we have she will whine about what she’s lacking and i hate a glass half empty person.

  6. Beg your pardon, The problem here is not the kids fault they are still young adults finding their way thrown into a high pressure business and unfortunately forced to follow poor management. I say business because coaches investing in players as young adults who need guidance has long left d1 college basketball. They are simply commodities now. Mike C don’t follow blindly.
    I have some insight and the fact is Moran came here with selfish intentions and the fact the she continues to lie and not accept any responsibility is a continued disaster. She always blames the kids for not buying into HER program or she blames it on the fact that she does not have the right players (big or athletic enough? good enough last year). Theses players were much better last year and should be a lot better with the added talent this year.
    A few of the lies and the turning point mistake.
    She never contacted the kids when she got hired meeting most of them only when they showed up at the gym a month later. You can watch youtube for yourself and look at her facial expression when she tells everyone that she has been in contact with all of the players bold face lie.
    . Watch you tube again and she talks about how they are going to keep the offense that the core group was familiar with…threw it out day one.
    To everyone’s horror players included she hugged all of the players on a team that just beat hers. Talk about losing respect of the kids wow.
    She benches punishes classifies disregards and worst of all destroys the confidence of good kids some of which helped turned this program around last year. If no one has any confidence in you its hard to be positive and productive you start believing that you are second rate and it reflects on the floor.
    To be successful you have to play a mix of unselfish kids who are more concerned about the win than stats. When is the last time she played more kids who make the extra pass than the kids who try and drive all the time and get theirs. Of course its to late now the extra pass kids have no confidence. They will not win any more games this year kids will transfer and next year she will blame someone or something else. Saddest of all she has no personal relationship with the kids. sad

  7. And MikeC, buss was on the floor about half of the time brooks was last night and also in the game before this..can we admit that larryn has handled the ball more in the last two games???

  8. The next time I talk to Fred Glass, I will asked him to set up an advisory committee for the internet experts to advise the athletic department.

  9. Wow! What a group of pretend I know it all’s. Facts: 1) more B1G wins this year than last; 2) very limited size this year, much less than last year; 3) good recruits coming in next season to add needed height; 4) very good freshman and sophomore classes playing now; 5) the problems and issues for this season’s team are 100% the fault of Miller DNS his actions and no one else’s; 6) if all the kids stay and work hard in the off-season, next year should be the turn-around season all Indiana fans hope for.

  10. BeatPurdue, first of all, we were 5-11 in the conference last year and we have won 4 so far this year, so that is not quite correct. Your point # 2 is correct, I have pointed this out several times this year but, certain people don’t want to address that? They seem to think that a much smaller team this year should be better than last years? Point # 3 is correct, more size and athleticism coming in next year including 6’2′ Liz Stratman who will make a huge difference. Point 4 is correct. I don’t even know how to address point #5 since the Miller situation is still a mystery that there seems to be no answer to although we have all heard the rumors? Point # 6, I believe is true although I do believe that a couple of players may transfer simply because they are not getting the playing time they might think they deserve.
    Now, according to Hoosierfan around midseason, basically all of the sophomores will go elsewhere? And he also stated that Stratman will not return, we will see?
    Hoosierfan, Brooks played 32 minutes last night to 22 for Buss. The game before against Iowa Brooks played 36 and Buss played 29. Two games does not make a season. After all, Brooks is a sophomore and should play more minutes than a freshman although not the two to one that you seem to imply? I am sure the coaching staff coming into the season was hoping that Brooks would supply the leadership on this young team but, that apparently has not happened. Brook’s turnovers (16) in the three games leading up to last night’s game imply that she is certainly not capable at this point in time of leading this team. In your post you state that our coach is apparently not working with the team in practice? Again, I am amazed how you come up with all this information? BTW, I have never heard of a University al any level hire a coach for a season just to run the team for a full year until they can find another coach? Yes, on occasion teams put an interim coach in place for a month or so until they attain a hire. Brian Agler does have a REAL job you know with the WNBA?
    I think, probably our best move would be for you to coach this team since you seem to know so much about the enter workings of the program…… ?

  11. T. Moren is a very good coach. Buss will be future leader point guard of team because she will work hard and demonstrate required leadership and play that will fit additions and experience next year and the 2 years after that to follow. Enough said.

  12. I was upset watching the Iowa team because they were playing just like we are supposed to play. And they do it successfully. They keep up with more athletic teams by using multiple guards subbing in for each other in order to come with 100% intensity every moment they are in the game. I hope moren watched those Iowa tapes reaaalll gooood.

  13. Mike C, thanks for the correction on B1G wins. I watched the game against NE # 20 today and thought that our 5th win was possible. I saw a well prepared team, with limited size and much youth, with little experience, play with heart and teamwork and almost pull off the upset. I felt good about the IU Women’s BB program.

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