IU and Purdue to meet once in 2016, at Assembly Hall

Yogi Ferrell is happy to get Purdue at home on Thursday.

Ferrell would be fine if he didn’t have to return to Mackey Arena ever again.

While discussing Purdue’s first visit to Assembly Hall in two years, an IU official noted that Ferrell would not be going back to West Lafayette next season.

“Never going back,” Ferrell said with a laugh.

That means a locked home-and-home series for Indiana and Purdue won’t be in the cards next year. The in-state rivals will meet only once in 2016, a meeting that will obviously come at Assembly Hall in Bloomington. The Big Ten is expected to release its home/away schedule pairings — not dates and times — on Thursday.

“Maybe they get to feel a little bit of the hate that we feel there,” Ferrell said. “We have the fans behind our backs so we’re glad we have that.”

The two programs met only once in 2014, when IU traveled to Mackey Arena. The Hoosiers and Boilermakers play twice this season, including Thursday’s game at Assembly Hall.

Count IU coach Tom Crean as an advocate for protecting the home-and-home series.

“It’s a big deal,” Crean said. “I would hope it would, but I also understand they have a lot of checks and balances they have to work through in this league as it continues to expand. But this is one of the best rivalries in college sports.”


  1. This bums me out. I agree with Crean, IU/Purdue should ALWAYS play home and home every year. Delany just puzzles me sometimes.

    Does anyone know if Duke/UNC has been protected with ACC expansion? I did a quick Google search and nothing came up.

  2. It’s his twin sister…She’s an algebra teacher.. She coaches Jerry Sandusky’s prison guard football team….They rarely practice…There’s a movie coming out called the “The Longest Shower.”

  3. Harvard, #5 five was very funny. Now that’s one of the best posts you’ve ever made on the Scoop. Bravo, sir.

  4. Duke and UNC continue their home and home series with the second meeting wrapping up the regular season. There has been nothing out of the ACC to indicate there are any plans to change.

    Coach K’s record against UNC is 40-40.

  5. Don’t blame Crean for us playing second fiddle to a Big East tournament at Madison Square….Man cannot live on a Midwest Big 10 diet of hoops alone…..We had to bring in teams from the East to build legitimacy back to the slumping Big 10 We are now Purdue…We’re simply the ugly bitches to bring to the Madison Square party before the cute girls of the East become the headliner tournament on Selection Sunday…

    Look at your Big 10 commissioner(Debrainy removed) from NC if you’re looking for a reason we’re now Purdue bitches…Now you know why they wanted Knight out…Knight would have given his middle finger to such changes…Crean and Painter have no real coaching resume to exercise any power… Get used to Indiana schools being second fiddle to the pandering of East Coast desires for a very long time.

  6. And here’s how you fix it in a heartbeat:

    Do away with the needless Big 10 tournament….In a couple years it’s going to be second fiddle to the Big East tournament anyway(forcing Big 10 schools to play a week before Selection Sunday when all eyes are watching college hoops)…The trend of treating the Big 10 tournament like chopped liver will continue… Get rid of the Big 10 tournament and we can easily squeeze in enough games to keep the home and home series going….These tournaments are overkill….They’ve always been overkill…They are unneeded strain on players that need rest…They are redundancy beyond redundancy to play the same damn teams you’ve looked at all season…..There would be no need for “balancing acts” and bowing to the Big East for the use of Madison Square….Simply do away with the conference tournament…..The conference tournaments reward nothing….Now our players will have to travel to NYC a play in front of lackluster crowds that you’d never see in Indy(the heart of hoops in the heart of the Midwest)…

    I really don’t care if we only play Purdue once…We’ll likely get them again in some irrelevant form at Madsion Square as the second fiddle act to the Big East….That’s merely crying over a residual tear of far greater harm already done to the wonderful mystique of Indiana basketball by the new power players from the East Establishment that have been doing their utmost to placing layer upon layer of irrelevance upon our doorstep….It started with Crean. He built it, and now they have come…Meanwhile, the irony….as Brad Stevens is needed to coach the Boston Celtics..

    I honestly think IU would be wise to leave the Big 10. Become a mid-major…It’s what they’re turning us into anyway.

  7. Never gonna happen. There’s too much money in conference tournaments.

    Teams can play either 29 regular season games or 27 regular season games plus no more than four games in one multi-team tournament for a maximum of 31 games. Conference and other postseason tournaments do not count against the limit.

    RMK would have known better than to give his ‘middle finger’ to anyone unless he could cough up a few million dollars to pass around…every year.

  8. Yeah, you’re right, Chet…It will never happen…Nor will the UK vs. IU border rivalry game never happen again…All I heard all night was that the Duke vs. UNC game is “the greatest rivalry game in all of college basketball.” Purdue vs. Indiana is a great in-state rivalry, but it can’t match the prestige of 2 elite teams going at each other..

    It’s really quite criminal that the UK vs. Indiana game couldn’t get done….A ton of money left on the table with the loss of that historic rivalry game…Lucas Oil would have be a great place to play the game…It helps Indianapolis a ton to host games that get national attention…Losing the Big 10 tournament and losing the chance to host a UK vs IU game puts a big hurt on Indy….Put’s a big hurt on jobs too. Puts a big hurt on restaurants….Bloomington cannot stay relevant in isolation anymore….It was a big mistake to not agree to a “neutral site” against UK. It could have been done….It should have been done.

  9. Hardfaart let me try again: it’s a sign of how irrelevant Indiana has become after eight years of Crean. Where is your rivalry? The sad thing is that there’s currently more Indiana in Purdue than in your “new and improved Hoosier program”. But maybe being swept by Purdue is a sign of a “new and improved” rivalry? And Purduenker giving you props for an attempt at a joke below the belt (never your specialty) is a sign of a “new and improved” Hardfaart. Enjoy.

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